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2018 Exhibitor Exhibit # Logo & Website Link Description
Aaron Equipment Company 605 Leading provider of new, used, & reconditioned process equipment and asset services for chemical, plastics, pharma, food, mining, and related industries
ACETO Corporation 206
MR Hampton
Aceto Corp. 50h International sourcing, marketing, sales & distribution company specializing in Human Health, Pharma Ingredients and Performance Chemicals (Specialty Chemicals & Agricultural Performance products)
Acme-Hardesty Oleochemicals 615 One of the largest value-added resellers of oleochemicals in America, providing a full line of high-quality products for small companies up through multi-nationals
ADM – Archer Daniels Midland L-03 ADM Evolution Chemicals provides customers with a robust portfolio of sustainable, bio-based alternatives to petroleum-based chemicals, producing high-quality renewable chemicals for a range of industries
Admix Mt-59 Premier manufacturer of innovative stainless steel mixing technologies, offering customized high-performance mixing systems, for the mixing, blending, and particle size reduction needs of various markets
Aether Industries 404 Leading contract manufacturer for the agro and specialty chemicals markets, focusing on cutting edge chemistry and technology in state-of-art CRAMS and large scale manufacturing facilities
AGC Chemicals Americas  964 With expertise in fluorine chemistry, AGC is uniquely positioned as a global leader in agrochemical intermediates, offering a variety of fluorinated building blocks and technologies
AgraForm 119 AgraForm 2 St. Louis-based contract manufacturer offering process formulation, packaging, & other services to agriculture companies who develop chemical products that improve the quality of our lives
Albemarle Corporation 602
MR Battery
Leading specialty chemical company providing innovative chemistry solutions for agrochemical, pharmaceutical, and industrial chemical markets globally
ALTIVIA 214 North America’s largest merchant supplier of phosgene-based intermediates for agro, pharma, polymer, and fine chemical applications
AlzChem, LLC 401 Manufacturer of specialty chemicals providing both established and new products, with applications in nutrition, renewable energy, fine chemicals, agriculture, and metallurgy
American Custom Drying 201 American Custom Drying(ACD), a national leader in custom powder processing, provides effective spray drying and blending solutions to the food and technical industries
American International Container (AIC) 606 Leading provider of material handling and packaging solutions for the specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, flavor and fragrance, food and beverage and cosmetic industries
Amindon Inc. L-29 Provider of R&D services to the specialty chemicals industry, offering a one-step process to enable successful new product development, design new chemical compounds and solve chemistry problems
Amsyn, Inc. 414 Leading distributor of high quality specialty chemicals, plus offering custom synthesis capabilities and technical expertise in lab scale, pilot plant, or multi-ton commercial quantities
Andritz Separation 820 Leading global supplier of centrifuges, filters, filter presses, and dryers for the chemical industry. Test equipment is available for every product line.
Archroma 220 Archroma 150w Global color and specialty chemicals company committed to innovation and world-class quality, offering specialized solutions for Textiles, Packaging & Paper, and Coatings, Adhesives & Sealants
Arkema, Inc. 514 World-class producer of specialty, industrial and polymer chemicals including acrylic monomers, emulsion systems, fluorochemicals, functional additives, hydrogen peroxide, and thiochemicals
Ascend Performance Materials 511 Ascend Performance 150w Premium global provider of high-quality chemicals, fibers and plastics found in thousands of commercial end uses, including carpet, tires, apparel, as well as agricultural, animal feed and personal care products
Athlon Solutions 613 ????????????????????? Athlon Solutions maintains two manufacturing locations in the US offering a wide range of custom chemical manufacturing capabilities, experience, and knowledge
Augusta Fiberglass 307 Nation’s leading custom manufacturer of Industrial Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Tanks, Industrial Process Equipment, Stack & Stack Liners & Pipe, Duct and Hoods
Austin Chemical 421
MR Ansonborough
Contract research & manufacturing (global), grams – commercial, Green polypropane diol, unique PCDs, ketones, coating enhancement, coating and polymer reaction solutions, polymer reactions monitoring
AVEKA 939 Contract manufacturing and research & development company specializing in particle processing solutions from lab to full-scale, including drying, milling, screening, blending and particle characterization
Azelis Americas 810 Leading specialty chemical distributor in the U.S. and Canada, providing broad range of specialty chemicals and services to the CASE (Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers) industries for over 60 years
AZO Inc. L-17 Provider of innovative material handling and pneumatic conveying systems, plus mixer feeding, screeners & bulk containers for the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and plastic industries
BANJO Corporation 973 Banjo Corp Manufacturing and engineering leader of high performance liquid handling products, components, and systems for a wide range of applications, including agrochemical and industrial chemical uses
Bartlo Packaging 947 Specialty, Fine and Agro Chemical contract packager of powders, liquids and granules, specializing in Form, Fill and Seal unit dosing in water soluble and other heat-sealable films
Baze Chemical 505 Baze Chemical Chemical manufacturer providing solutions for the O&G, mining, and other industries, specializing in drilling and production chemicals, surfactants and custom alkoxylated derivatives
Benco Chemical Ltd. 114 Specialist chemical importer and distributor supplying sodium hydrosulfite, dicyandiamide, amines and a wide range of key industrial chemicals warehoused throughout the Midwest, South and New England
Berndorf / SBS Steel Belt Systems L-04 Leading manufacturer of stainless steel belt systems used for continuous chemical processing; our steel belts are known for high dynamic strength, perfect flatness and tracking, and high corrosion resistance
BIAZZI 818 Leading provider of engineering and technologies for catalytic gas-liquid reactions (Hydrogenation). Delivers modular plants with scale up process guarantees, for all areas of the chemical industry
Biddle Sawyer Corp. 981 New York City-based, trusted chemical distributor delivering high-quality, low-cost products to global customers in Life Sciences, Performance Chemicals, Colors and Custom Manufacturing
Black Forest Container Systems 113 Leading North American provider of stainless steel containers, intermediate bulk containers, and more, serving the Agricultural, Pharma, Cosmetic, Food & Beverage and other Specialty Chemical Industries
Bonar Plastics/Snyder Industries 108 Bonar Leading manufacturer of material handling container solutions, including insulated containers for temperature sensitive applications and portable liquid containers for various chemical and food applications
Boulder Scientific Company L-06 Internationally recognized chemical manufacturer, specializing in organometallics and other specialty chemicals used in a wide range of applications, including agriculture, electronics, and pharmaceuticals
B&P Littleford
614 Technology-leading developer and manufacturer of extraction and separation equipment, compounding systems & process solutions for various chemical applications
BPS Inc. 947 Specialty, Fine and Agro Chemical contract packager of powders, liquids and granules, specializing in Form, Fill and Seal unit dosing in water soluble and other heat-sealable films
Briar Chemicals (UKTI) 911 Briar Chemicals Provider of custom synthesis, formulation and packing solutions to world-leading companies in the crop protection, fine and specialty chemical sectors, utilizing a broad asset and technology base
Buhler, Inc. 106 Buhler is a global expert in wet-milling technology, supplier of best-in-class media mills and complete wet-processing lines
Buss ChemTech AG 522 Leading process technology developer and engineering provider for gas-liquid reactions as well as supplier of modular Phosgene Generators for the specialty, fine, agro and API chemical industries
BWAY Corporation 102 BWAY is a leading North American supplier of general line metal and rigid plastic containers for the agrochemical and specialty chemical industries
CABB  316 Manufacturer of intermediates and actives for the agro, pharma and performance chemical industries, with expertise in chlorination, sulfonation, and continuous processes
CalaChem (UKTI) 213 CalaChem is a large scale contract and toll manufacturing organisation with a proud track record of manufacturing Agrochemical Actives and Speciality Chemicals under exclusive arrangements
Capital Resin Corporation 931 Specialty, custom, and toll manufacturer of industrial resins, catalysts, intermediates, and additives for agriculture, coatings, adhesives, and other industrial chemical markets
CCL Label 506 Providing the agrochemical industry with unique labeling solutions, including expanded content labels, counterfeit brand protection, product delivery systems, and drum labels
CCR Containers 314 CCR Provider of a diverse fleet of rental containers, including DOT, ASME, IMDG and U-Stamp stainless steel totes, IBCs tanks and Portable Pressure vessels for various specialty chemicals and industries
Centauri Technologies 708 Custom toll manufacturer combining unique capabilities of vapor and liquid phase fixed bed reactors, and offering high vacuum batch and continuous distillations at a single site
Charkit Chemical 313 charkit_header Chemical distributor founded in 1982, offering a wide range of products to the specialty chemical, flavor & fragrance, personal care, food, pharma, imaging, water and metal treatment industries, among others
Charles River (WIL Research) 612 Global contract research organization (CRO) offering discovery support services, product safety toxicological research, metabolism, analytical chemistry, and formulation services
ChemDesign 800 Dedicated to the highest standards in specialty, custom, and toll chemical manufacturing for agrochemicals, consumer, energy, plastics, and other industrial chemical markets
Chemformation 912 Chemical information system used by chemical industry professionals to quickly find information on chemical products, covering industries including Food, Oil & Gas, Paints, and Personal Care, among others
Chemicals Incorporated 216 Provider of custom manufacturing, R&D and Pilot Plant services for Process Development and Scale-up, featuring multistep synthesis and in-house construction of processing units
Chemical Week Magazine TBD Chemical Week is the world’s leading source of news and analysis for key professionals concerned with the chemical, petrochemical, specialty chemical and related industries
ChemOrganics  304 Premier custom manufacturer of fine & specialty chemicals, offering combination of process development expertise with bench, pilot, & commercial scale production
ChemPacific Corporation 503
MR Edmunds
Leader in specialty chemical, bulk chemical, intermediate, and API production, with core competency expertise in organic chemistry and scale-up technology
ChemQuest Chemicals 509 ChemQuest Houston-based custom blender and processor, specializing in Toll Manufacturing, Private-Label Shipping, Last Step Synthesis, Ammonium Hydroxide (Aqua Ammonia) and Inorganic Compounding
Chemsolv, Inc. 968 Offering Chemical Distribution, Solvents, Specialty and Basic Chemicals, Sales & Marketing, Solvent Distillation, with 5 locations serving markets throughout the USA. Member of NACD
Chevron Phillips Chemical 701 Global specialty chemical manufacturing leader, offering a range of sulfur and hydrocarbon-based products for raw materials, intermediates and various end-use applications
Chromatech Incorporated L-10 Offering a range of colorants for various industries including crop protection, fertilizers, non-woven textiles, soaps & detergents, dyes, paint, food, drugs, cosmetics, plus many other applications
CJB Industries 607 Supplier of chemical manufacturing for agro and industrial market customers, including toll and contract formulation, processing, filling and packaging of liquid and solid products
Clean Harbors Environmental 608
MR Riley (W)
North America’s leader in environmental and hazardous waste management, including transportation and disposal, emergency response, and other industrial services
Comi Polaris Systems 215 Joint venture between Comi Condor and Polaris Group based in Charlotte, NC, capitalizing on their strong reputation as leading global suppliers of separation technologies
Complex Quimica 915 Custom chemical manufacturer founded in 1958 with two manufacturing sites in Monterrey, Mexico serving industries such as oilfield, petrochemical, agriculture, mining, rubber, among others
Connect Chemicals L-25 Global leader in sourcing, distribution, manufacturing and custom development of specialty chemicals, serving a range of industries including HI&I, Paints, Coatings, Cosmetics, Plastics, and Water Treatment
Contract Chemicals 971 Contract Chemicals Independent manufacturer of fine organic chemicals, with applications covering the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, detergent, photographic, personal care, and food & fragrance industries, among others
Corbion Purac 954 Corbion Purac Global market leader in lactic acid and derivatives, offering biochemical solutions for Agrochemicals, Electronics, Polymer Additives, and other specialty and industrial chemical applications
Corning SAS 103 Corning’s Advanced-Flow™ reactors enable the continuous processing of chemicals with a smaller footprint than conventional batch reactors, and the conversion of batch to continuous processes
CPJ Technologies, Inc. 957 Custom manufacturer of specialty chemical products with value added R&D and technical support, geared to serve customers’ most simple to complex needs
Custom Chemical Services 955 Leading Houston-based distributor of specialty oilfield chemicals, specializing in liquid blending, contract labeling & packaging, export container services, and international shipping
Custom Milling & Consulting  715 Contract wet milling/mixing equipment and services, using media mill technology for agrochem, pharma, cosmetics, inks, coatings, and other specialty chemical markets
Custom Synthesis 953 Specialty chemical manufacturer of custom blends and reacted intermediates that support the textile, metal, paper, cosmetic, auto, and many other industrial markets
Cymer LLC 921 Custom chemical manufacturer with the technology, equipment, expertise, and schedule flexibility to meet requirements for existing or developmental projects
DanChem Technologies & Innovations (DTI) 507 Worldwide custom manufacturer of fine & specialty chemicals for polymers, agriculture, adhesives, pharma, and more. DTI highly values long-term partnerships
Datacor, Inc. L-22 Trusted business management software solutions provider since 1981 among chemical manufacturers, with extensive chemical industry expertise in ERP and CRM solutions for all aspects of your business
Datamyne 620 Provide in-depth import and export data to help chemical professionals monitor their competitors’ trade, get the best deals from suppliers, and gain real-time market insights
Dishman USA 412 Significant expertise in the manufacture of Quats and other fine chemicals for use in phase transfer catalysts, personal care ingredients, pharma intermediates, and disinfectants
DyStar 803 Solution provider offering the global textile and leather industries a complete range of colorants and chemicals, plus toll manufacturing for the specialty chemical and other industries
Eastman Chemical Company 805 Eastman Providing specialty intermediates for the Agro Chemicals industry, for the production of Pesticides as synthesis intermediates, neutralizing agents, catalysts, and solvents that enhance crop protection
Eden Custom Processing 968 NC-based toll processor with expertise in a variety of solvents, offering our main Hastelloy Thin Film Evaporator and 65 theoretical stage SS high vacuum FC Evaporator & Fractionation unit
Edwards 405 Leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated vacuum products and abatement systems used in a range of industrial processes, including pharma and chemical
Eisenmann Corporation L-27 eisenmann Provider of high-quality plants, processes and services, including systems for surface finishing, air pollution control, anaerobic digestion and process & high-temperature technologies
EKATO Corporation 966 EKATO Leading developer and manufacturer of industrial agitators, reactors, mechanical seals, plus vacuum process mixers and dryers, serving many specialty and industrial chemical markets for over 80 years
Elan Technology L-12 Largest independent toll spray drying company in the US, supporting small volume as well as large-scale production, offering the chemical industry a range of storage, mixing, packaging, and atomization options
Elcan Industries 409 Elcan_150w Provider of toll processing services, with excellent screening capabilities for chemicals, powdered metals, foods, plastics, minerals, oil drilling muds, coating systems, among others
Elkem Silicones L-14 Manufacturer of a wide range of silicone products and state-of-the-art applications, serving diverse markets, from energy to cosmetics, via electronics, healthcare, paper and textile coating, personal care and more
Elkhart Plastics L-19 One of the largest rotational molding companies, manufacturing several thousand tanks and IBC’s each month for use in agriculture, chemical and a variety of other applications
Elm Press, Inc. L-13 Diversified commercial printing company, offering marketing, distribution and graphics services, including the design and printing of continuous and sheet-fed labels for the chemical process industry
Equipment Xchange  703 Buyer and seller of surplus processing machinery and equipment for the chemical, food, pharma, plastics, bio-diesel, and related industrial markets
ESIM Chemicals 934 ESIM Leading global provider of high-quality agricultural and crop protection chemicals, intermediates and maleic anhydride tree chemicals, plus custom synthesis of unique compounds for multiple industries
Ethox Chemicals 953 Specialty chemical products and custom manufacturing for the agrochemical, coatings, cosmetic, lubricant, oilfield, paper, polymers, textile, water treatment, and related markets
Evonik Catalysts 501
MR Longborough
Evonik Catalysts Leading international provider of catalyst products and custom technologies, serving the Industrial & Petrochemicals, Life Sciences & Fine Chemicals, and Polyolefins markets
Federal Equipment  Company
403 Provider of quality used equipment, outstanding service, and competitive prices, serving the processing equipment and other manufacturing industries
Ferrum, Inc. 520 Ferrum World-leading manufacturer of high-performance scraper and pusher centrifuges, serving well-known producers from the chemical, fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries
Fine Organics Ltd. (UKTI) 115 Fine Organics UK-based manufacturer of high quality fine chemicals, operating within three main market segments: Intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Crop Protection, and Specialities
FLEXIM Americas Corporation 100 Leader in ultrasonic flow measurement technology, offering flow metering solutions for the roughest and most hazardous applications in the chemical industry and oil & gas sectors
Flottweg Separation Technology 707 One of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial centrifuges, serving multiple industries including chemicals, petrochemicals, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, and biofuels
FMC Corporation 109 Leading world-wide specialty chemical company whose chemistries advance the manufacture of hundreds of essential products used in agriculture, fine chemicals, and many other markets
FujiFilm Wako Chemicals USA 930 International specialty chemicals manufacturer specializing in azo-type radical initiators, inhibitors, and acidic/alkaline wafer cleaning solutions, plus custom manufacturing services
FutureFuel Chemical 704 World-class supplier of custom manufacturing performance chemicals, and bio-fuels for the agrochemical, industrial, consumer, and bio-products markets
GEA Group 933 Leading provider of centrifuges, dryers, evaporators and crystallizers. Experience includes production of fertilizers, polymer solutions, bio-insecticides, bio-based chemicals and catalyst recovery.
Gelest, Inc. 203 Gelest Materials science technology innovator, manufacturer, and supplier of commercial and research quantities of over 3,000 organosilicon compounds, silicones, and metal-organic compounds worldwide
GFS Chemicals 962 GFS1 ISO 9001:2008 certified US manufacturer of specialty organics, high purity inorganics and analytical reagents, serving customers worldwide from R&D through scale up and full scale production since 1928
Global Safety Management 910 Leading provider of regulatory compliance solutions for safety data sheet authoring, management and translation, with expertise in helping manufacturers, distributors and end users stay compliant
Greif 208 World leader in industrial packaging products and services, including steel, plastic, fibre, flexible and corrugated containers, plus blending and filling services for a wide range of industries
Haviland Products Company 917 Contract manufacturer serving many Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries with formulation services, blending, filling, tabletting, pouching, capping, labeling, and kit fullfillment
Hodogaya Chemical (U.S.A.), Inc. 961 High-quality chemical manufacturer with core expertise in organic synthesis and polymer chemistry, serving various markets such as functional colorants and polymers, basic chemicals, and agro-science
Hydrite Chemical  609 Leading US provider of chemicals and related services, offering expertise in distribution, food ingredients, organic processing, liquid sulfur salts, water treatment, and foam control
IHS Markit
963 Leading source of critical maritime and trade insight, enabling companies to manage complex global supply chains, find competitive advantages, and identify new business opportunities and potential security risks
InChem Corp. 510 For 35+ years, world’s leading manufacturer of phenoxy resins, used to enhance performance in industrial markets such as coatings, inks, plastics, adhesives, electronics, and others
Indo Amines Americas 949 Worldwide manufacturer, developer and supplier of Fine and Specialty Chemicals, used in various industries like Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals, Fertilizers, Petrochemicals, Pesticides, and Dyes
Inline Filling Systems 937 Inline Filling Systems manufactures Complete Liquid Packaging Systems: Filling Machines, Capping Machines, and Labelers, with an unconditional performance guarantee and five-year limited warranty
Innovative Chemical Technologies MT-53 ICT Chemical Rapidly growing global chemical company offering an extensive range of surface modification technologies including specialty polymers and surfactants, plus custom chemical manufacturing services
International Process Plants 813 IPP2 Global provider of used process plants and equipment, serving the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, refining, paper, plastic, power generation, and other industrial industries
Iofina Chemical 942 Technology-based manufacturer of iodine, chlorine, and fluorine-based products for use in agriculture, cleaning, coatings, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and other specialty chemical uses
IsleChem, LLC 972 IsleChem Manufacturer of performance products, plus contract R&D and analytical services, with demanding quality requirements required by the pharma, agricultural, medical, automotive and electronics industries
IsoSciences, LLC 720 Custom synthesized isotopically labeled intermediates and final drug substances for pharmaceuticals, diagnostic labs, medical research, and other R&D uses
Ivanhoe Industries 312 Leading manufacturer of antifoams, emulsifiers, esters, and other process aids for many industrial applications, with expertise in food processing, fermentation, waste water, and metal working
Iwaki America L-01 Manufacturer of fluid handling systems and solutions, including non-metallic magnetic drive centrifugal pumps, air operated double diaphragm pumps, plus high purity and chemical metering pumps
Jarchem Industries 705 Manufacturer of exceptional raw materials with core competencies in nature-based surfactants; alcohols, acids, and diols; monomers and polymers; acetates and other salts; plus custom processing capabilities
Jet Pulverizer 513 Providing state-of-the-art jet pulverizing milling systems and equipment, plus toll processing services for Chemical, Pharma, Food, Cosmetic, and other Materials Processing applications
JULABO USA 413 Julabo Leading developer of sophisticated temperature control technology, serving industries worldwide whenever temperature accuracy and immediate reaction to temperature changes are required
Kenway Composites L-18 Custom composite fabrication for a range of process piping, header systems, duct piping, tanks, cover systems, field linings, installations, repairs, and other chemical industry applications
Kingchem Life Science 516
King Charles
American owned and operated, Kingchem offers wide ranging chemical capabilities to the Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical, Specialty Chemical and Nutraceutical industries
MR Fenwick (W)
Premier North American custom industrial chemical company that has been fulfilling the toll manufacturing demands of the world’s leading chemical companies for over 35 years
Kodak Solvent Recovery Services MT-51 Tolling and recycling services that reclaim solvents from material waste and by-product streams (esp. high water alcohol), producing the highest-purity solvents to manufacturing grade specifications
Kodak Specialty Chemicals 710 Kodak makes over 500 distinct molecules from kilograms to tons. Our 88 reactors offer flexible and specialized capabilities, ranging from pilot scale to 1,000 gallons.
Kuraray | MonoSol 975 Leading specialty chemical company, offering water-soluble film technologies with applications for Ag Chem, Detergents, Cosmetics and Personal Care, Food Manufacturing, Transfer Printing and many more
Lacamas Laboratories L-21 Custom manufacturer of high quality pharmaceutical intermediates and specialty chemicals for the global market under cGMP guidelines, with expertise in process development and scale-up
Lamberti Synthesis USA 416 Specialty chemical manufacturer offering custom chemistry solutions for multiple industrial markets including Agrochemical, Coatings, Cosmetics, Oil, Paint, Paper, & Textile
La Mesta 928 lamesta-logo-header Technology driven custom manufacturer offering services from process development to industrial manufacture, for Agrochemicals, Cosmetics, Flavors & Fragrances, Photographic, and others
Lintech International L-05 Leading specialty chemical distributor of resins, monomers, additives, pigments and performance minerals, partnering with world-class suppliers and serving a wide variety of markets since 1983
Lonza, Inc.  515 Worldwide leading supplier of state-of-the-art products and services to the life science industries, including agrochemicals, personal care, and other industrial specialty markets
Louisiana Chemical Equipment  807 North America’s premier buyer and seller of used process equipment & complete plants for relocation throughout the world, plus appraisal and other services
Magnablend – Univar 308 Leader in oilfield chemicals, custom specialty blending, manufacturing, and packaging, and other custom formulation services for the agricultural, oil & gas, mining, and water treatment industries
Manufacturers Chemicals 601 Full service chemical and toll manufacturer supplying a wide variety of industries with liquid and powder blending capabilities, plus our range of chemical reactions
MaschioPack North America 956 MachioPack logo Atlanta-based manufacturer of innovative, high quality composite Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s) designed to meet the packaging requirements of the AGRO Chemical market
McGean 802 Privately-held leading supplier of specialty chemicals and batch custom manufacturing, serving the surface finishing, oil, adhesives, plastics, personal care, and other markets
Menardi Filters L-08 Leader in the manufacture of air and liquid filtration products and systems since 1913, serving the Paints, Pigments & Coatings, Pulp & Paper, Pharmaceutical and other Specialty Chemical industries
Metallix Refining 411 Recycler and refiner of scrap materials containing gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium for reuse in the specialty chemical, medical, electronics, and many other industries
MFG Chemical 415 Georgia-based, privately-held toll and custom manufacturer with 3 production sites and a tech center, offering a variety of chemistries and reactor capacities to a wide range of clients
Micro Chem Company 408 Agrochemicals toll manufacturer specializing in herbicide formulation, wet milling, finishing, remixing, packaging, and repackaging. A “Solutions Partner” for quality and flexibility.
Mid-Atlantic Technology, Resrch. & Innov. Ctr. (MATRIC) 974 MATRIC CRO experienced in process development and scale-up for clients in the chemical or green technology industries who need a faster route to a market-ready process or product
Milliken & Company 716
MR Screening
Manufacturer of innovative and custom specialty chemical additives, colorants and functionally modified Silicones & Silanes, that improve performance & productivity for various industries
Milliken | SiVance, LLC 714 Supplier of reactive silicone-based intermediates and fine chemicals, offering highly-flexible custom manufacturing capabilities with confidential support, plus expertise in handling hazardous materials in bulk
Monomer-Polymer & Dajac Labs 720 Manufacturer of specialty monomers, polymers, and copolymers for coatings, adhesives, resins, water treatment, plus many other consumer and industrial markets
Monument Chemical 305 Family-owned company with chemical production facilities in the US and Europe, offering custom manufacturing services and a line of specialty products and specialty fuels
MOZEL/EMCO Chemical Distributors 936 America’s premier contract blending and packaging provider, specializing in the filling of liquids with a focus on flammable and corrosive products, including isocyanates and solvents
MPD Chemicals  720 US-based specialty chemical manufacturer with expertise in complex organic synthesis, monomers & polymers, organosilicon chemistries and isotope labeling
MSU Bioeconomy Institute 407 Provides Specialty Chemical and Fermentation proof of concept, scale-up and production services, with Chemical Reaction Capacity up to 4,000 L and Fermentation Capacity up to 3,800 L
Munson Machinery 815 Munson Since 1823, world leader of pace-setting manufacturing technology in mixers, blenders, and size reduction equipment for bulk solid materials, and also for liquid/solid separation
MXD Process 409 Comprehensive manufacturer and supplier of innovative industrial process equipment for coatings, paints, chemicals, sealants, and adhesives including mixers, stainless steel tanks, controls, and systems
Nation Ford Chemical Company 702 nfc-4color-w-tag-150-x-26-px One of America’s most respected custom and toll chemical manufacturers, specializing in a variety of specialty organic intermediates, polymers and colorants for a broad range of customers worldwide
Net@Work 104 Premier ERP and business management solutions consultant specializing in the chemical industry, offering process-specific advanced manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, CRM & other products
NETZSCH Premier Technologies 302 The leading global manufacturer of wet and dry milling, dispersing, and classifying equipment for agrochemical applications
Nexeo Solutions L-24 Lab Services division provides product testing services for a range of chemical applications, specializing in analytical and quality control testing, and product performance evaluation
Norquay Technology 720 Over 30 years of advanced material manufacturing for high performance applications from lab-scale to commercial-scale. As an ISO-9001 certified company, Norquay produces the quality product you need.
Nova Molecular Technologies 814 Texas manufacturer offering custom distillation and hydrogenation processing, and a portfolio of self-marketed specialty chemicals serving various applications for many Fortune 500 firms
Oakwood Chemical 311 Chemical Manufacturer and supplier. 200,000 chemical database, 40,000 compounds in stock, 150,000 containers ready to ship from our Estill, South Carolina Facility
OC Specialties L-28 OCSPL is an emerging specialty chemical company focused on providing customized solutions based on innovative research to service the Crop Science, Life Science and Fine Chemical Industries
OctoChem  965 Worldwide Leader serving the Chemical and Biotech Industries in all phases of Sample Fulfillment related services including Logistics Support, Documentation, Reporting and Distribution
Omnium 816 Omnium150w Loyal partner in the manufacturing of crop protection and plant nutrition products, offering advanced custom-formulation and packaging for Herbicides, Insecticides/Fungicides, Adjuvants and Micronutrients
Optima Chemical 315 Specialty chemical, custom, & toll manufacturing for a wide range of industrial and consumer markets, with unique organometallic chemistry capabilities
ORG CHEM Group 211 Technology based company providing custom toll distillation services in market segments that include agricultural chemicals, petrochemicals, industrial chemicals, and polymeric materials
Ortec, Inc. 604 Leading polymer technology, medical material, and custom chemical synthesis manufacturer, offering innovative and timely solutions from small scale to full product commercialization
Pak Technologies 204 Midwest US’s largest comprehensive chemical blending, packaging and distribution company, operating nationally and internationally serving a wide range of industrial and specialty chemical accounts
Palm Commodities International 303 Palm Int'l Manufacturer, distributor & provider of chemical tolling services to multiple industries and markets worldwide, including coatings, dyes, electronics, adhesives, catalysts, mining, among others
Paul O. Abbe 605 For over 100 years, Paul O. Abbe has custom designed and manufactured Ball Mills, Ribbon Blenders and Rota-Cone Vacuum Dryers for virtually every process industry
Peel Plastic Products 920 For over 30 years, a recognized leader in flexible packaging solutions and process innovation, with products customized to provide solutions that are unique, industry relevant and brand specific
Penn A Kem 611 Pennakem develops and manufactures a line of fine and specialty chemicals for a wide range of industries including the pharmaceutical, agricultural, and petrochemical markets
Perry Videx 610 Offering one of the world’s most extensive inventories of used process equipment, serving the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, plastics, pulp and paper industries
PharmAgra Labs 711 Provider of high-quality custom synthesis and contract research services necessary for the agrochemical and pharma markets to accelerate internal research and development programs
PHT International  951
MR Cannonborough
Versatile supplier and manufacturer of fine and specialty chemicals including high purity intermediates for the agrochemical, pharma, industrial, and consumables markets
Pilot Chemical L-07 Global specialty chemical company providing high quality products to a wide range of industries. Core technologies include Sulfonation, Quats, and a number of specialty operations
PMC Organometallix MT-55 World’s leading innovation driven manufacturer and developer of organometallic catalysts, stabilizers and specialty chemicals, with expertise in high quality Grignard reagents and specialty phosphines
Polaquimia S.A.  944 Established in 1955, this family-owned Mexican company manufactures specialty chemicals and provides contract manufacturing for a wide range of industries, including formulated herbicides
Powder Processing & Technology 712 PPT provides process development and custom powder processing services for the leaders in ceramics & inorganic materials technology, from the laboratory to commercialization
Praxair, Inc. 801 Leading Fortune 300 industrial gas company in North & South America – produces, sells, and distributes atmospheric, process and specialty gases, and high performance surface coatings
Premier Logistics Solutions L-02 Full service third party logistics company based in Charleston, SC, offering a comprehensive range of services including warehousing, distribution, fulfillment, packaging and transportation
Pressure Chemical 611 Specialty chemical manufacturer providing process development, piloting, custom chemical and toll manufacturing services to companies using chemicals and materials in their products
Procedyne L-20 Engineering and equipment manufacturer specializing in fluid bed calciners, catalyst activators, and advanced thermal cleaning equipment, plus batch or continuous chemical toll processing services
Qi-Chem North America 958 Qi-Chem Rapidly growing full service custom synthesis and toll manufacturer of pharmaceutical and agricultural intermediates, electronic chemicals and other specialty chemical products
Q Products & Services 938 Developer of passive temperature protection products for multiple industries, including patented insulating systems that reduce costs for transporting temperature sensitive materials
RB Products 117 RB Products Houston-based, privately held company specializing in the processing, trading and distribution of specialty chemicals, petrochemicals, and oil-related products for a wide array of end-use market segments
Readco Kurimoto 110 Supplier of continuous mixers to the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries for the continuous production of products, plus dry powder blending equipment also used in cosmetics and pigments
Reliance Label Solutions L-15 Leader in value-engineered solutions for harsh environment container labeling, providing the industrial and petrochemical markets with film label substrates, adhesives and topcoats for every application
REO Logistics 406 Provider of custom blending, screening, drying, packaging, and classifying of engineering resins and compounded materials for the plastics, agro, and chemical industries
Rianlon Americas 112 Rianlon specializes in the service of providing polymer additives and the related complete solutions for the global polymer materials industry. Our products cover antioxidants and light stabilizers
Robatel, Inc. 420 Providing a full line of cGMP centrifuges, from laboratory to industrial production scale, designed for the requirements of the chemical, fine chemical, and pharmaceutical industries
Robinson Brothers 809 Offering expertise in custom synthesis and contract manufacturing. Core competences include amination, oxidation, high pressure hydrogenation, thiolation, bromination, dehydrogenation, among others
Rohner, Inc. 969 Custom synthesis partner for development, scale-up and manufacturing of complex molecules of fine chemicals and APIs, serving a variety of markets with expertise in highly-differentiated chemistries
Royal Chemical Company 504 Contract manufacturer and toll blender offering extensive liquid and dry manufacturing capabilities, serving a range of chemical industries, including Agro, I&I, and Oil & Gas
RSA Corp. 105 RSA Corp Custom manufacturer of fine organic chemicals, reagents, and active pharmaceutical ingredients on a bench to semi-works scale, featuring FDA-inspected operations under cGMP and GLP guidelines
Saltigo GmbH  402 Providing custom synthesis and manufacturing services covering the full product life cycle for customers in the agrochemical, fine chemical, and pharmaceutical markets
Sandvik Process Systems L-16 Offering a comprehensive range of steel belt-based systems for processing and conveying of chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals, plus supply and integration of preparation and handling/storage systems
SantoLubes Manufacturing 811 Experienced provider of custom manufacturing services, with capabilities including high temperature, high vacuum, pressure reactions, distillations, and spray drying
Schirm USA Inc. 923 Schirm_logo Offering an extensive range of production services for the fine, specialty and agrochemical industries, including synthesis, formulation, packaging, and raw materials sourcing
Schwartz Chemical 706 Formulator and manufacturer of coatings and adhesives, offering contract manufacturing expertise in various chemistries, including environmental and UV-cure technologies
Seatex Ltd. 603 Seatex Provider of turn-key chemical compounding, toll manufacturing and private label packaging services, with expertise in liquid, powder, and solids, serving the Oilfield, Food, Laundry, and other industrial markets
Sigmund Lindner GmbH 926 Sigmund Lindner Leading global manufacturer of high quality technical glass and ceramic beads as grinding media for wet milling applications, serving the chemical and related industrial process industries
Sikich 320
MR Riley(Th)
A Solution Partners company, offering a suite of powerful business software applications designed specifically for the needs of Chemical Manufacturers, including ERP and CRM tools
Silar Laboratories 720 Manufacturer of commercial and custom silicon-based materials and organic monomers for coatings, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, and various other specialty chemical uses
Sinova Specialties 819 Global supplier of specialty chemicals and chemical intermediates, serving the agricultural, catalytic, energy, and performance chemical markets through custom synthesis and R&D
Skolnik Industries 310 Skolnik Manufacturer of a wide range of Carbon and Stainless Steel Drums including: Nitric Drums, Process and Seamless Drums. All containers tested for compliance to UN and DOT requirements
SkyBitz Tank Monitoring 914 Provider of remote monitoring and analytics for storing liquids and compressed gases, helping the petroleum, chemical, water and agriculture industries optimize their operating efficiency with wireless tank monitoring
Sofix Corporation 922 Subsidiary of NAGASE & CO., LTD, an organic synthesis specialty chemical manufacturer producing color formers for the thermal paper industry, and now offering toll and contract manufacturing services
616 Delivering value with a broad range of inorganic, organic, and specialty fluorides, used as building blocks and intermediates in agriculture, electronics, pharma, & other chemical markets
Southern Fasteners & Supply 210 Fastener distributor with over 30 years’ experience supplying quality fasteners and MRO supplies to the oil/gas, chemical and general industries through its customized inventory programs and 24/7 services
South Hampton Resources 202 Leading North American supplier of ultra-pure light hydrocarbons and custom chemical manufacturing services; known for quality, agility, responsiveness and cost-effectiveness
Speciality Chemicals Magazine TBD For over 30 years, SCM has exclusively served the global fine, custom, and specialty chemical industries, and remains the sister magazine to the Chemspec portfolio of events
StarChem  927 Specialty chemical and toll manufacturer offering a variety of reaction chemistries and processing technologies for the textile, pulp/paper, food/beverage, and other chemical markets
State Contract Manufacturing 985 State Contract Specialty chemical contract manufacturer with expertise in chemical blending, pilot batching, and dry powder blending in large and small production runs, plus primary and secondary packaging services
Steri Technologies 521 Steri makes it easy with versatile, well-designed filtration equipment and what we call customer-ized configurations engineered precisely to your needs and specifications
Suntton 116 Quality chemical manufacturer with plants in China, producing Raw Materials, Intermediates and Ingredients for the Agro, Pharma, Coatings, Electronics and other Industrial markets globally
Swan Chemical 209 Swan Chemical Major independent manufacturer of performance and specialty chemicals, offering kilogram to multi-ton quantities, with offices and warehousing in the UK, USA and China and a global network of distributors
Synalloy Chemicals 601
MR Fenwick (Th)
Specializing in reactions, particle size reduction, homogenization, formulation. Providing contract manufacturing & product development solutions to specialty chemical companies since 1919
Tatva Chintan USA L-11 Global specialty chemical manufacturer offering Quaternary Ammonium (QUATS), Phosphonium & Pyridinium Salts, Electrolyte Chemicals, Hydroxides, Methylating Agents, and other specialty chemicals
TCI America 950 Leading worldwide manufacturer of specialty organic chemicals offering more than 60 years of synthesis experience, and multi-purpose plants that provide 27,000+ products plus custom synthesis services
TEMA Systems 306 TEMA Manufacturer of continuous liquid and solid separating centrifuges for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Coal, Petroleum, Pulp & Paper, Mineral, and other industrial markets
Tetramer L-26 Tetramer Materials science company focusing on the development of new, market-driven materials, with expertise in chemical synthesis, design, analytics, and scale-up, plus nanocomposites processing
Texas Molecular 502 Deer Park, TX-based permitted hazardous waste disposal company, providing responsible and safe treatment of, and disposal solutions for industrial hazardous aqueous waste and wastewaters
Texmark Chemicals 806 Texas-based petrochemical company and 2nd-largest US producer of dicyclopentadiene, offering DCPD and related specialty derivatives, resin intermediates, and contract processing
The Chemical Company 709 Global supplier and distributor of a diverse range of chemical products, providing our clients with the highest quality and efficient service in the chemical industry for over 25 years
Third Coast Terminals 967 third-coast-international_50h Global network of affiliated companies providing contract manufacturing, terminal services, and sales and marketing solutions to the chemical industry
Tiarco Chemical 508 Dalton, GA & Greenville, SC-based specialty chemical manufacturer offering top-quality additives for the custom manufacturing, water treatment, oil & gas, and other industrial markets
TMC Industries 309 Specializes in custom distillation services using high vacuum molecular distillation as an intermediate or final step in the processing of natural oils, waxes, and specialty chemicals
Toray International America 205
MR Belmond Boardroom
Worldwide chemical industry supplier fusing expertise in organic and polymer chemistries and biotechnology to serve various markets, including fibers, textiles, plastics and chemicals
Tosoh USA 804 Leading international manufacturer of building block chemicals with expertise in fluorine, bromine, and iodine; applications include agro, pharma, paint, and other industrial end uses
Trecora Chemical  202 Manufacturer of specialty wax and polymer products, plus tolling services including synthesis, distillation, forming, and packaging for the specialty & industrial chemical markets
Umicore Precious Metals Chemistry 713 Manufacturer of precious metal-based high value chemicals and active intermediates for fine and agro chemicals, flavors & fragrances, performance materials and polymers, and other end-use markets
Vacuubrand, Inc. 212 Vacuubrand offers the most comprehensive family of products, including vacuum pumps, gauges and controllers, for generating, measuring and regulating rough and fine vacuum applications in the laboratory
VanDeMark Chemical, Inc. 918 North America’s leading producer of phosgene, and supplier of custom and specialty chemicals for the agrochem, pharmaceutical, polymer and other industrial end-use markets
Vantage Performance Materials 101 Manufacturer of oleochemical derivatives, vegetable oils, plus custom manufacturing for various industrial chemical markets, using our esterification, alkoxylation & blending expertise
Veolia North America 120 World’s leading provider of environmental solutions, offering the most complete range of energy, water, and waste solutions to meet the challenges of businesses and industries
Vertellus 621
MR Harleston
Leading global supplier of pyridine & pyridine derivatives, specialty polymers, and specialty chemicals for the life science and industrial chemical markets
Viakem, S.A. de C.V. 960 Viakem 50h Mexican company with over 70 years of experience in the fine chemicals international market. VIAKEM provides custom and contract manufacturing solutions for global companies
Volunteer Pastilles 952 Volunteer Pastilles Forming premium pastilles is what we do – providing safe, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective pastillating service to customers in a spirit of partnership and constant improvement
VTA GmbH & Co. 321 Manufacturer of equipment & turnkey production plants for wiped film and short-path distillation, plus offering European-based toll distillation operations to international American companies
Wacker Chemical Corp. L-09 Wacker develops market-oriented solutions and technologies, and manufactures products for a wide variety of applications and industries, both here in the Americas and around the globe
Ward/Kraft, Inc. 983 Kansas-based print manufacturer specializing in the production of forms, labels and plastic products, with innovative document solutions for various markets including chemical distribution and manufacturing
Wego Chemical Group 512 Wego Chemical Top 50 global distributor of chemicals, with operations in leading markets around the world, representing world-class producers, such as Handan PERIC, a leading producer of triflic acid and its derivatives
Western States Machine Company L-23 US-based centrifuge manufacturer (machines used for solid/liquid separation), offering vertical, tubular, lab/pilot scale centrifuges for the fine and agricultural chemical and pharmaceutical markets
WeylChem 301
MR Jenkins
Custom and fine chemical manufacturer of building blocks, intermediates, and actives for the agro, pharma, polymer, personal care and specialties markets