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Specialty & Agro Chemicals America features suppliers and buyers involved with the technologies, innovations, and process solutions that have applications specifically for the agrochemical and specialty chemical markets. “Specialty and Agro” covers a diverse range of chemical end-uses that include:

  • Adhesives | Sealants | Resins
  • Agriculture | Crop Protection
  • Biofuels | Biodiesel
  • Coatings | Paints
  • Cosmetics | Personal Care
  • Electronics
  • Flavors | Fragrances
  • Food | Beverage
  • Mining | Mineral Processing
  • Oilfield | Fuels | Lubricants
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Photographic | Film
  • Plastics | Composites
  • Polymers | Monomers
  • Pulp | Paper
  • Soaps | Detergents
  • Textiles | Dyes | Inks
  • Water Treatment

Exhibitors at Chemicals America represent companies offering America-based operations for:

  • Specialty and Fine Chemical Manufacturing
  • Agrochemical Actives, Intermediates, and Inerts
  • Custom Chemical and Toll Manufacturing
  • Chemical Toll Processing and Formulation Services
  • Chemical Packaging Materials & Services
  • Chemical Research & Development Services
  • Chemical Process Equipment, Containers, & Technology
  • Chemical Distribution, Logistics, and Supply Chain Services

Buyers and other participants will consist of purchasing, sourcing, R&D, engineering, and process management personnel from the range of specialty and agrochemical end user markets noted above.

Final 2016 Attendee List (1,501 Registrants as of September 9):

Company Name State First Name Last Name Job Title Register Date
3V Sigma SC Brian Quinn Business Unit Manager 08/24/16
3V Sigma SC Jeffrey Stevens Vice President 08/24/16
A Brite Company TX Dan Dunigan Vice President / Market Development 07/05/16
A Brite Company TX Pat Vonasek Technical Business Director 07/05/16
Aaron Equipment Company IL Erik Eichert Buyer 10/21/15
Aaron Equipment Company IL Anthony Tufano Sales 10/21/15
Aastrid Life Sciences Pvt Ltd Ravi Jagtap Managing Director 07/06/16
AbbVie IL Michelle Calhoun Director Sales and Marketing 11/25/15
AbbVie IL Jeff Tremain Sales Manager 11/25/15
ABC Compounding GA Steve Walker President 06/29/16
ABC Compounding Co., Inc. GA Myra Hager Vice President and CFO 06/29/16
ABITEC Corporation IL David Gregg Business Development Manager 05/18/16
Access Technologies Steve Savastano VP of Business Development 09/08/16
Accron LP TX Brad Marks Project Manager 05/23/16
Aceto Corporation NY Scott Herrington Senior Account Manager 07/28/16
Aceto Corporation NY Keith Wilkinson Vice President SC 08/22/16
Achiewell, LLC PA Jose Lorenzo Marketing Manager 08/31/16
Achiewell, LLC PA Anna Turner Business Director 08/03/16
Acme-Hardesty PA Dean Bostic National Sales Manager 10/20/15
Acme-Hardesty PA Steven Chaffin Regional Sales Manager 10/20/15
Acme-Hardesty PA Wulan Gerile Buyer 09/01/16
ADAMA NC Meghann Ackerman Oram Procurement Analyst 08/12/16
ADAMA US NC Roy Chen Formulation Team Lead 08/11/16
Addison Capital Partners FL Brian Miller Partner 08/02/16
Addivant Mike Jones Global Shared Site and Tolling Manager 08/25/16
Addivant CT Rob Orent Engineering Project Manager 08/24/16
Addivant USA LLC CT George Grudev Dir. of Strategic Sourcing 08/24/16
Adesis, Inc. DE Nick Baratta Business Development Associate 08/08/16
Adesis, Inc. DE Paul Defina Sr. Business Development Manager 03/08/16
Adesis, Inc. DE Ving Lee CSO 08/08/16
Adesis, Inc. DE Jeff Zheng Business Development Manager 08/29/16
Adjuvants Unlimited TN Jennifer Jordan-Bear 09/07/16
Adjuvants Unlimited TN Jason Rader Business Development Manager 08/30/16
ADM IL David Rice Account Manager 08/16/16
Advance Research Chemicals OK Clare Ziegler Customer Service Specialist 05/06/16
Advance Research Chemicals (ARC) OK Mat Cleveland Sales Manager 10/21/15
Advance Research Chemicals (ARC) OK Dr. Dayal Meshri President & CEO 05/06/16
Advanced Marketing International, Inc. NC Bryn Haas Marketing Manager 08/25/16
Advinus Therapeutics Ltd Vidya Sagar Kalikivaya Deputy Manager 07/27/16
Advinus Therapeutics Ltd Priya Sankaranarayanan DGM 07/27/16
Aether Industries Limited Rohan Desai Director 11/23/15
Aether Industries Limited MI Ray Roach Business Development Leader, Americas 06/21/16
AGC Chemicals Americas PA Nobuaki Mori x 09/07/16
AGC Chemicals Americas PA Taku Sakai x 09/07/16
AGC Chemicals Americas PA Jie Zhang Business Manager 12/02/15
AgMarketResults, LLC SC Carmine Sesa President 08/11/16
AgraForm MO Doug Baskett Plant Manager 08/10/16
AgraForm MO Ron Cunningham Business Development 10/20/15
AgraForm MO Bill McVeagh Principle Engineer 08/11/16
Agri Trading MN Matt Beeler Sales 08/10/16
Agri Trading MN Dan Menk Sales 08/10/16
AgroFresh Inc PA Jeff Baranchok Project Eng Manager 08/16/16
AgroFresh Inc PA Eric Lieberman Operations Leader 08/16/16
Air Products PA Matt Aldag Business Manager – Americas 07/26/16
Air Products GA Joanna James Applications Engineer 08/19/16
Air Products PA Bob Stevens Manager New Technology Platforms 07/26/16
Air Products & Chemicals NC Steve Minter Specialty Additives Account Manager 06/30/16
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. PA George Grossmann Operations Mgr, Custom Manufacturing 06/20/16
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. PA Sarah Hammond Sourcing Manager, Custom Manufacturing 07/06/16
Akron Dispersions OH Jim Finn President 07/27/16
Akron Dispersions OH Joe Giustino Sales Manager 07/27/16
Akron Dispersions OH Skeet Swafford Production Manager 08/25/16
Albemarle NC Mike Carroll Procurement 06/27/16
Albemarle NC Thad White Manager Procurement 06/28/16
Albemarle Corporation LA Julianne Audiffred Business Manager 06/08/16
Albemarle Corporation NC Mark Cheplen Sales Manager 08/12/16
Albemarle Corporation LA John Coe Sr. Business Development Manager, Mid-Atlantic 08/09/16
Albemarle Corporation LA Scott Martin President, Fine Chemistry Services 06/08/16
Albemarle Corporation LA Matt McGucken Sales Manager 06/13/16
Albemarle. LA Gary Hess Sales 10/20/15
Albemarle. LA Ryan Yoder Research & Technology Mgr. 06/03/16
Alchem Chemical GA Lance Fentress VP 08/17/16
Alexium Inc SC John Blackburn Manager, Operations 08/15/16
AllChem Industries FL Brian Milan Sales Director 08/23/16
AllChem Industries FL Jim Wakim Regional Sales Manager 08/18/16
Allnex GA Andy Bethmann Procurement Manager 08/01/16
ALTIVIA Specialty Chemicals TX Louis Huey Chief Operating Officer 01/14/16
ALTIVIA Specialty Chemicals TX Chuck Kreutzberger Manager – Commercial Development 01/14/16
ALTIVIA Specialty Chemicals TX Dave Pearson Business Manager 01/14/16
ALTIVIA Specialty Chemicals TX John Tharp Purchasing Manager 07/19/16
AlzChem AG Juergen Sans VP-Innovation Mgt. 05/24/16
AlzChem AG Georg Weichselbaumer Vice President Chemicals and Applications 05/20/16
AlzChem LLC GA Cathy Luo Technical Sales Manager 05/23/16
AlzChem LLC GA ALAN MICK CEO 10/27/15
AMCHEM, Inc TX Craig Abernathy 09/07/16
AMCHEM, Inc TX Adrian Mel 09/07/16
AMCHEM, Inc TX Joel Melendez 09/07/16
American Chemical Society DC Robert Moss Manager Corporate & Foundation Gifts 06/27/16
American Chemistry Council DC Kevin Swift Chief Economist & Managing Director 06/16/16
American Custom Drying NJ Adam Cabot CEO 10/20/15
American Custom Drying NJ Marty Dansbury VP, Business Development 10/20/15
American Custom Drying NJ Leslie Grant-Smith Technical Sales Rep 10/20/15
American International Container NJ Daniel Bourneuf President 10/22/15
AMETECH LLC Raj Pazhianur President 09/08/16
Amsyn Inc CT Richard Murphy Account Manager 06/30/16
Amsyn Inc. CT Thomas Castrovinci President 09/08/16
Amsyn Inc. CT Susan Orr VP 11/05/15
Amvac Chemeical AL John Rizzi VP Manufacturing 01/28/16
Amvac Chemical ID Dennis Achey Facility Manager 07/21/16
Analytical And Regulatory Chemistry, Inc. SC Robert Hodge President 08/17/16
An-Cor Industrial Plastics NY Patrick Conway Sales Engineer 08/29/16
ANDRITZ Separation Inc. KY Steve Jacoby Regional Sales Manager 12/02/15
ANDRITZ Separation Inc. KY Steve Ungar Product Specialist 08/03/16
AOC TN Nick Morris Manager 09/07/16
Applied Catalysts Lee Mitchell President 09/08/16
Applied Catalysts GA Scott Plageman Business Development Manager 08/31/16
Applied Catalysts/ Applied Ceramics SC Bob Gulotty Technical Manager, Catalysts 08/16/16
Applied Material Solutions NC Mitch Rozen Service, Support, & Sales Manager -SE 06/20/16
Applied Material Solutions, Inc. GA Robert Brown Regional Manager 06/30/16
ARC Dwight Glover Co-Founder & CEO 09/07/16
ARC Products Inc. TX Chuck Davis Technical Sales Rep. AG 08/08/16
Archer Daniels Midland IL Derrick Rawson Manager 08/15/16
Archer Daniels Midland IL Heidi Wirey Sales Manager 08/15/16
Archroma SC Sara Comer Process Chemist 09/07/16
Archroma SC Sam Dowdy Plant Assistant 09/07/16
Archroma NC Alan Headden CoProducer Business Manager 01/12/16
Archroma SC Chad Perry Head of Safety, Health & Environmental North America 09/07/16
Archroma SC Jack Smith Sr. Process Chemist 07/05/16
Archroma US Inc. NC Ruben Cuadrado Sourcing Manager 04/28/16
Archroma US Inc. NC Debra Pound Head of Procurement NORAM 04/28/16
Arichem LLC AL Dave Minchin Executive Vice President 04/06/16
Arkema PA Arlette Brown Strategic Sourcing Manager 08/17/16
Arkema Inc. OH Brian Harrington Senior Account Mgr. 08/17/16
Arkema Inc. Fluorochemicals PA Bob Syvret Research Fellow 06/27/16
Arkema Inc., Sartomer Business Unit PA Kurt Soring Tolling Manager 08/30/16
Arysta LifeScience NC Mike Bacic Process Engineering Manager 08/12/16
Arysta LifeScience NC Don Brandt Global Supply Chain Manager 06/02/16
Arysta LifeScience NC Brian Burkhardt Regional Head of Procurement 07/22/16
Arysta LifeScience NC Rich Dombkowski Director – Manufacturing, Quality & Engineering 08/15/16
Arysta LifeScience NC Cameron Gibb Global AI Technology 07/18/16
Arysta LifeScience NC Chris Larson Global Operations and Process Technology 02/16/16
Arysta LifeScience NC Daniel Sanchez Global Supply Chain Manager 08/01/16
Arysta LifeScience NC Robin Thomas Toll Site Manager 08/24/16
Ascend Performance Materials TX Maria Field Business Analyst & Marketing Manager – Specialty Chemicals 07/01/16
Ascend Performance Materials TX Jamie Haseltine Business Development Manager – Specialty Chemicals 08/15/16
Ascend Performance Materials TX Finlay Morrison Vice President, Specialty Chemicals 08/01/16
Ascend Performance Materials TX Joe Parker Technology Director – Specialty Chemicals 08/12/16
Ascend Performance Materials TX Jeff Petersen Business Development Manager – Specialty Chemicals 01/12/16
Ascend Performance Materials TX Prasad Taranekar Market Applications Specialist – Specialty Chemicals 07/18/16
Ascend Performance Materials TX Ben Vaughn Business Development Manager – Specialty Chemicals 07/18/16
Ascend Performance Materials TX Mindy Wells Sr. Manager, Direct Materials 08/01/16
Ashland OH Thom Johnson Market Manager – Specialty Resins 10/20/15
Ashland OH Deb Kovacs Tolling Procurement Manager 05/30/16
Ashland DE Sandy Lutz Global Quality Manager Supply Base 08/31/16
Ashland DE Frank McDonough Tolling Manager 06/20/16
Ashland NC Vince Nacrelli Key Account Manager 07/01/16
Ashland OH Dan Shaughnessy NA Sales Director 07/01/16
Ashland OH Bill Widger Business Development Manager 03/15/16
Ashland Inc. OH Paul Flood Global Business Director 07/26/16
Ashland Performance Materials TN Michael Stevens Principal Scientist 09/01/16
Ashland Specialty Ingredients OH Don Joseph Toll Manufacturing Mgr. 08/01/16
Ashland Specialty Ingredients KY Robert Partin Tolling Manager 05/16/16
Ashland, inc. OH Julie Santinelli Account Manager 04/19/16
Ashland, inc. OH Bill Widger Business Development Manager 04/19/16
Athlon Solutions TX Sandra Cox Strategic Sourcing Manager 06/21/16
Athlon Solutions TX David Fortune Business Development Director 06/21/16
Athlon Solutions TX Larry Ito VP Sales & Contract Manufacturing 11/04/15
Athlon Solutions TX Rhonda Warzecha Marketing 11/04/15
ATI OR Scott Coffin Process Improvement Manager 08/19/16
ATI OR Jim Kumm Program Manager 08/17/16
ATI Specialty Alloys & Components OR Paul Mckern Specialty Chemicals Supervisor 08/25/16
Augusta Fiberglass SC Rick Carter Inside Sales 08/12/16
Augusta Fiberglass SC Craig Winningham Principal Manager 12/07/15
Austin Chemical Company, Inc IL Maurice Baillargeon Business Development Director 06/28/16
Austin Chemical Company, Inc. IL Samuel Ponticelli Chairman and CEO 10/20/15
AVOCA Samuel Tynch Director of Operations 09/08/16
B&P Process Equipment MI Alan Malott Product Manager, Mixing Products 08/18/16
B&P Process Equipment/B&P Littleford Day MI Randy Zajac Global Product Manager 11/17/15
B&S GROUP BV Andre Sijrier M.D. 02/08/16
BANJO Corporation IN Scott McDonald Sales Manager 02/19/16
Bartlo Packaging NJ Allen Bartlo President 10/22/15
Bartlo Packaging NJ Larry Byrd Business Development Manager 10/22/15
BASF NC Bill Henry Manufacturing Supervisor 08/26/16
BASF NC Mark Kearns Technology Management 07/28/16
BASF corp NJ Rolf Jansen Procurement Manager 07/21/16
BASF Corp. NJ Michael Stadelmaier Procurement Manager 12/11/15
BASF Corporation NC Matt Caswell Global Sourcing Manager 08/02/16
BASF Corporation SC Richard Clayton Account Manager 07/22/16
BASF Corporation NC Ron Eva Global Sourcing Manager 06/24/16
BASF Corporation NJ Yoong Kim Procurement Manager 08/21/16
BASF Corporation SC Gary Lancos Account Manager 08/29/16
BASF Corporation NJ Nish Sanghvi Procurement Mgr -Contract Mfg 08/01/16
BASF SE Ingo Sagasser Director 04/27/16
Bayer NC Kathleen Dixon Strategic Sourcer 07/01/16
Bayer Crop Science NC Ryan Kurtz Procurement Specialist 08/18/16
Bayer Crop Science MO Everett Melvin Contract Manufacturing 02/03/16
Bayer Crop Science MO Jason Miller Contract Manufacturing 02/03/16
Bayer Crop Science MO Brian Wood Head of Contract Manufacturing 02/03/16
Bayer Crop Science MO Mike Wyman Contract Manufacturing 02/03/16
Bayer CropScience NC Mark Hilbrands Senior Global Sourcer 07/28/16
Baze Chemical TX Janna Baze Marketing Coordinator 11/30/15
Baze Chemical TX Jeremy Baze Sales 07/26/16
Baze Chemical TX Travis Thibodeaux Supply Chain Manager 08/25/16
Benco Chemical NC Peter Norman Vice President 08/31/16
Bericap North America ON Lynne Brophy Director of Sales 08/30/16
BHS Sonthofen NC Garrett Bergquist Process & Application Engineer 06/30/16
Biazzi S.A. Alan Stout Representative of Biazzi SE 08/31/16
Biazzi S.A. Bruno Tettamanti VP Marketing and Sales 10/20/15
Biddle Sawyer NY Lee DeWitt VP Business Development 08/01/16
Biddle Sawyer NY Anthony Nigro Director 08/02/16
Biddle Sawyer Corporation NY Jon Hupert Vice President 08/02/16
BioBased Technologies GA Russ Brewer National Sales Manager 06/29/16
Bionomic Industries NJ George Watts Sales Manager 09/02/16
Biovectra PE Wilf Meschwitz Associate Director, Strategic Sourcing 06/30/16
Black Forest SC Jeff Mazzola VP of Sales 09/07/16
Blackwell Mineral Group SC Dan Blackwell President 09/08/16
BMO Harris IL Matthew Anderson Senior Vice President 06/28/16
Boaz Partners GA Michele Baxley Search Executive 06/30/16
Boaz Partners GA Wes Washington Managing Director 06/30/16
Bonar Plastics/Snyder Industries NE Joel Carter Territory Sales Mgr. 04/20/16
Bonar Plastics/Snyder Industries NE Mike Melymuk Direstor of Sales & Mktg 02/12/16
Boron Molecular NC Ken Sullivan Director of Sales and Marketing 09/01/16
BoroPharm MI Todd Zahn CEO 09/07/16
Borregaard NY Pete Demchko Director 08/21/16
Borregaard, LignoTech NC Jim Williams North American Sales Manager-AgChem 08/15/16
Bosch MN Jason Belz Account Manager 08/10/16
Bosch Packaging MN Nick Bade Regional Sales Manager 08/10/16
Bosch Packaging MN Simon Cashmore Business Development Manager 09/07/16
Boulder Scientific Company CO Scott Birmingham CEO 08/09/16
Boulder Scientific Company CO Colin Eckerling Sales Account Manager 08/09/16
Boulder Scientific Company CO David Morita Director of Business Development 08/09/16
Brenntag KY Jim Devillez Sr. Business Manager Custom Chemical Services 08/18/16
BRENNTAG MIDSOUTH NC Carl Easterling ACES 08/31/16
Brenntag Mid-South, Inc. SC Rick Amos Materials Coordinator 07/28/16
Briar Chemicals Ltd (UKTI) Susan Brench Head of Commercial 02/19/16
Buchiglas USA NY Chris Karrer Business Development Manager 11/06/15
Buchiglas USA NY Tim Osborne Sales Engineer 11/05/15
Buhler Inc NJ Steffen Pilotek Business Development Manager 02/09/16
Bulk Chemical Services, LLC. GA Harry Colley Dir. of Sales and Marketing 08/30/16
Burns & McDonnell MS Christopher Yows Business Development Manager 06/02/16
Busch LLC Thomas Grommersch Regional Sales Manager 09/08/16
Business Development Counsel Larry McCoy Principal Consultant 09/07/16
Buss ChemTech AG Thomas M Blocher Business Manager 02/26/16
Buss ChemTech AG Michael Taylor Representative 08/04/16
C&EN NY John Day Account Manager 08/12/16
C&EN DC Stephanie Holland Manager, Advertising Sales & Marketing 08/12/16
C. Steinweg (Houston – TX) Inc TX Alex Baron 09/07/16
CABB Matthias Beinhoff Key Account Manager Exclusives 06/28/16
CABB John Chapman Regional Director,  United States & Canada 10/23/15
CABB AG Andreas Veit Commercial Director Exclusives 06/28/16
CABOT GA Stephanie Anderson Regional Sales Manager 09/07/16
Cadence Chemical Corporation CT Jennifer Hensel Inside Sales Representative 05/27/16
Cadence Chemical Corporation CT John Wilson President 05/27/16
CalaChem Russell Clarke Head of Commercial 01/27/16
CalaChem Jon West Commercial & Supply Chain Manager 01/27/16
CALS Corp. MI David Byun Director 06/28/16
Candence Bank TX Bill Bobbora Managing Director 08/29/16
Capital Resin Corp. OH Jamie Bull Corporate Vice President 10/20/15
Capital Resin Corp. OH Jerry Prochko Director of Sales & Marketing 01/14/16
Capital Resin Corporation OH Mike Kelty President 08/05/16
CAPITAL RESIN CORPORATION OH Mark Morehart Business Development 07/25/16
Capital Resin Corporation OH Ed Toplikar Director R&D / QA 08/01/16
Cargill GA John Eubanks Technical Manager 08/15/16
cargo logistics network NC David Sitton 09/07/16
Carousel Specialty Products Carl Mitchell 09/08/16
Carpenter Co VA Steve Warren Principal Scientist 08/25/16
Carpenter Co. VA Brad Beauchamp Vice President – Chemicals 08/25/16
Carrington Engineering Sales NC Will Johns Vice President 07/20/16
Carus IL Ken Pisarczyk Fellow 07/28/16
CCL Label TN Jim Balentine National Accounts Manager 10/21/15
CCL Label TN David Buck National Accounts Manager 10/21/15
CCL Label TN David Tiebel National Accounts Manager 10/21/15
CCR Containers TX Anna Nguyen Regional Manager 02/11/16
Cekal Specialties, inc NC Dallas Crotts Presindent 09/01/16
CellMark Chemicals CT Karlten Wong Director 07/18/16
Cellmark USA CT Andrew DeRosa Senior Product Manager 07/18/16
Celta Chemical MO Patrick Riordan VP Sales and Marketing 08/30/16
CENTAURI Technologies, LP TX Kyle Killebrew ———– 10/20/15
CENTAURI Technologies, LP TX Russ King Sales & Marketing 10/20/15
CENTAURI Technologies, LP TX Sam Lane Business Development & Technology 10/20/15
Century Global LLC PA Ben Jones President 06/28/16
CFS Enterprises, Inc NC Mike Taylorson Owner 06/15/16
Charkit Chemical Corporation CT Craig Demling Sales Executive 08/16/16
Charkit Chemical Corporation CT Kristen DePersia Sales Executive 08/16/16
Charkit Chemical Corporation DE Charles Hinnant President 11/02/15
Charkit Chemical Corporation CT Mike Lyons Vice President 08/16/16
Charkit Chemical Corporation CT Sean Maggert Sales Executive 08/16/16
Charkit Chemical Corporation CT Terence Owens Vice President, Sales 08/08/16
Charkit Chemical Corporation CT Panos Yannopoulos Vice President 08/16/16
Charles River OH Gardner Clemons Sr. Manager Lab Sciences 08/11/16
Charles River OH Andrew Delfos Senior Account Manager 11/24/15
Charles River OH Brad Haynes Senior Director, Business Development 11/24/15
Charter Brokerage LLC NY Michelle Forte VP 08/28/16
Chatttem Chemicals-Sun Pharma TN Mike Campbell Business Manager 08/30/16
Chayse Chem Inc. PA Dan Slick President 08/23/16
ChayseChem Inc. PA Chris Klumph Vice President – Business Development 06/20/16
Chem International SC Morgan Washick President 09/07/16
Chemada Fine Chemicals Tal Guber Regional Sales & Marketing Manager 06/29/16
ChemDesign WI BRYON LEGGETT VP Business Development 04/25/16
CHEMDESIGN PRODUCTS WI Rae Johnson VP Marketing & Sales 04/25/16
Chemet Umesh Sanghvi Managing Partner 12/29/15
Chemformation TX Paul Broome VP 06/28/16
Chemical Dynamics KS Debbie Altham President 08/11/16
Chemical Dynamics KS Stacie Broadway Client Care Practice Manager 12/01/15
Chemical Dynamics KS Rob Dowsett CTO 08/11/16
Chemical Dynamics KS Melissa Templeton Functional Consultant 08/22/16
Chemical Industries Association Ian Cranshaw Head of International Trade 08/02/16
Chemical Management Solutions NY Peter Murin CEO 06/30/16
Chemical Process Consulting LLC VA Wayne Smith CEO 08/08/16
Chemical Services Group OH Matt Dailey President 05/12/16
Chemical Solvents, Inc. OH Tim McNeilly Technical Director 07/01/16
Chemical Solvents, Inc. OH Terri Shimensky Marketing Manager 06/24/16
ChemicalInfo TX Michael Chin National Sales Manager 07/01/16
ChemicalInfo TX Erica Duncan Senior National Sales Manager 01/05/16
ChemicalInfo TX JP Mack National Sales Manager 07/01/16
Chemicals Incorporated TX Charles Castley Commercial Vice President 12/03/15
Chemicals Incorporated TX Havisha Karihaloo Director of Marketing 03/08/16
Chemicals Incorporated TX Ritesh Moza COO 03/03/16
Chemistry World IL Tom Scanlan Regional Sales Mgr. 08/12/16
Chemol NC Dave Grillo General Manager 08/31/16
ChemOrganics TX David Swallow President 10/21/15
ChemOrganics TX Sachin Tipnis Vice President 10/21/15
ChemPacific Corporation MD Tamara DiIorio Sales Manager 11/04/15
ChemPacific Corporation MD Tony Liang COO 08/11/16
ChemPacific Corporation MD Christine McRandal Sales Manager 06/29/16
ChemPacific Corporation MD George Rightmyer Sales Manager 07/11/16
ChemPacific Corporation MD Maureen Zhang Sales Manager 07/01/16
ChemQuest Chemicals TX John Fries Sales Manager 02/11/16
ChemQuest Chemicals TX Clay Pace President & CEO 02/11/16
Chemsolv Inc VA Glenn Austin CEO 09/01/16
ChemStation OH Bruce Phillippi Director of Research & Mfg 08/29/16
Chemstone Inc. SC Georgianna Welch Director of Operations 05/27/16
Chemtex Laboratories NC Dave Bilbro Vice President 07/22/16
CHEMTREC VA Kevin Bryan Sales Manager 08/12/16
Chemtura AR Jon Sperry Global Asset Manager 08/02/16
Chemtura (Great Lakes Solutions) GA Justin Musarra Business Development 08/05/16
Chemtura Corp. KY Linda Chaney Global Key Account Manager 08/03/16
Chemtura, Great Lakes Solutions CO Paul Emery Regional Account Manager 08/08/16
Chevron TX Andrew Stephens Account Manager 04/19/16
Chevron Oronite TX Kathleen Long Account Manager 05/31/16
Chevron Oronite Company CA Brad Parry Components Specialist 08/10/16
Chevron Phillips TX Timothy Burrell Solvents and Fine Chemicals Account Manager 08/09/16
Chevron Phillips Chemical TX Stephen Landry Business Manager 08/11/16
Chevron Phillips Chemical Co LP OK Jason Kreider Research Team Lead 08/09/16
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP TX Dennis Pogar Americas Sales Manager, Commercial 11/09/15
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP TX Jerry Smith Mercaptans Account Manager 08/09/16
Chromatech Inc MI Dan Tibor Sales 07/18/16
Chromatech Inc. MI Monica Levin Technical Sales Rep 07/15/16
Chromatech Incorporated MI Matt Butler Sales Manager 07/22/16
CJB Applied Technologies GA Jimmy LeFiles Technical Manager 06/27/16
CJB Industries GA Randall Walton Chief Financial Officer 07/16/16
CJB Industries, Inc GA Chris Beem Manufacturing Technical Manager 08/31/16
CJB Industries, Inc. GA Clinton Beeland President & CEO 11/04/15
CJB Industries, Inc. GA Jeana Beeland Vice President Human Resources 11/04/15
CJB Industries, Inc. GA Marcie Dennard Executive/Marketing Assistant 11/04/15
CJB Industries, Inc. GA Chuck Glover Sales Manager 11/04/15
CJB Industries, Inc. GA Ron Levin Manager of Market Development 11/04/15
Clariant NC Bob Condon Business Manager 06/02/16
Clariant NC Crystal Lawrence National Account Manager 11/09/15
Clariant Corporation NC Daniel Nantz Procurement Manager 08/19/16
Clean Harbors MA Vic Belenchia SVP Vertical Sales, Chemical 10/21/15
Clean Harbors SC Keith Brown Technical Sales Expert, Recycling Services 07/13/16
Clean Harbors MA Paul DeVeau VP LOB Sales – Solvent/Recyling, Environmental Sales US 10/21/15
Clean Harbors MA Carly Freeman Technical Sales Expert, Recycling Services 07/13/16
Clean Harbors MA Jeffrey Welch Key Account Manager, Chemical 07/25/16
Clement Industries, LLC NC Jeff Henderson VP Sales 08/23/16
CMC Letco Industries LLC MO Joe Bartlett Operations Manager 06/29/16
CMC-Letco MO Gary Harrell Regional Sales Manager 06/29/16
CMO Enterprises Inc TX John Waleyko National Accounts Manager 08/03/16
Colonial Chemical TN Andy Sun Business Manager 09/07/16
Colonial Chemical Solutions GA Jeremy Detwiler Vice President 08/16/16
Colonial Chemical Solutions NC Kevin Eichorn Regional Sales Manager 08/05/16
Colonial Chemical Solutions GA Rob Roberts Sales 08/10/16
Colonial Chemical Solutions GA Rob Roberts EVP 08/30/16
Colonial Chemical Solutions, Inc. GA Stan Stanton Sales 08/21/16
Columbiana Boiler Company OH Chuck Moore Product Manager 08/30/16
Columbiana Boiler Company OH Michael Sherwin President 08/30/16
Comi Polaris Systems, Inc. NC Doug Bartus Director of Sales and Marketing 11/03/15
Comi Polaris Systems, Inc. NC Claudio Carpano CEO 08/18/16
Comi Polaris Systems, Inc. NC Nishant Lodha Project Engineering Manager 08/18/16
Complex Quimica Maria Elena Amezaga R&D 06/30/16
Complex Quimica Raul Jasso Director 06/30/16
Complex Quimica S.A. de C.V. Jorge Hinojosa Project Manager 10/26/15
Complex Quimica S.A. de C.V. Marco Martinez Project Leader 10/26/15
Concepts West WV Gregg Frazier Chief Operating Officer 12/11/15
Concepts West WV Kathleen Frazier Sales 09/07/16
Conchemco, Ltd. TX Tommy Mrazek President 08/19/16
Conchemco, Ltd. TX Rich Olson Vice President 08/26/16
Connect Chemicals USA GA Richard Gardner Executive Vice President 08/31/16
Consolidated Container Company GA Janis Cibulskis Sr. Marketing Manager 06/30/16
Consultant NY Bill Knab Consultant 06/30/16
Continental Consultants SC Tom Smith President 09/07/16
Contract Chemicals Ltd. Tony Bastock Chairman 07/29/16
Contract Chemicals Ltd. John Melia Managing Director 02/16/16
Contract Manufacturing Connections LLC DE Nick Porro Consultant 08/30/16
Copeq Trading Co. TX Victor Yrizar O’Farrill 09/07/16
Corbion Purac KS Frederik Feddes Industry Director Chemical Specialties 04/22/16
CORBION PURAC KS KEITH HENRY Market Development Mgr 04/22/16
Corbion Purac IL Ed Ludwig Director of Sales, Biochemicals 04/22/16
Covalent Chemical NC Glenn Howell Account Manager 08/16/16
Covalent Chemical NC Matthew Rowe Business Development 06/01/16
CP Sales MI Thomas Gwin Sr. Sales Account 09/07/16
CPC Logistics/Driver Sourcing WI Jeffrey Hart VP 08/08/16
CPJ Technologies Bob Chatham Vice President 09/08/16
CPJ Technologies, Inc. SC Phil Patrick Chairman 12/01/15
CPJ Technologies, Inc. SC Remy Samuel Marketing Manager 12/01/15
CPJ Technologies, Inc. SC Philip Simer Development Chemist 12/01/15
Crison Chemistry IL Jorge Chaquinga Partner 06/30/16
Crison Chemistry IL Thomas Daly Partner 06/30/16
Croda Inc DE Alec Simpson Sales Manager 05/27/16
Croda Inc. DE Rick Hanson Managing Director 08/30/16
Custom Chemical Services LLC TX Margaret Roff President 10/20/15
Custom Chemical Services LLC TX Ken Weems General Manager 08/11/16
Custom Granular Inc WI Jeremiah Buss Vice President 10/22/15
Custom Granular Inc WI Ruth Diaz Chemist/ Project Manager 10/21/15
Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. PA George Murphy National Sales Manager 11/09/15
Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. PA John Sneeringer General Manager 11/09/15
CXI/Texmark Chemicals TX Raji Kannan Technical Manager 11/30/15
CXI/Texmark Chemicals TX Becky Rosas VP Tecnology 10/22/15
CXI/Texmark Chemicals TX Eric Spore VP Sales 10/22/15
Cymer TN Bud LaMonica Technical Director 08/16/16
Cymer TN Joan Roller Business Development Manager 11/16/15
Cytec Solvay TX Warren Bailey Engineer 08/24/16
Cytec Solvay SC Kelly Caris Engineer 08/23/16
D&P REED, INC VA Doug Reed Sales Management 09/08/16
D. H. Griffin Used Equipment NC Jason Fornes Sales Manager 10/29/15
D. H. Griffin Used Equipment NC Jordan Fornes Sales Associate 08/25/16
Damco TX Brian Andrusin Senior Director 08/29/16
Damco/Maersk Group GA Joseph Kikly Senior Business Development 08/29/16
DanChem Technologies & Innovations (DTI) VA Paul Bacon CEO 08/19/16
DanChem Technologies & Innovations (DTI) VA Jim Combes Director, Technology 08/19/16
DanChem Technologies & Innovations (DTI) VA Rob Costella Director, Sales 10/20/15
DanChem Technologies & Innovations (DTI) VA Steve Deutsch Director, Sales 10/20/15
Datacor, Inc. NJ Sean O’Donnell President 06/06/16
Datamyne FL Natalia Cabrera Business Development Manager 11/06/15
Datamyne FL Craig Hirschey Senior Account Executive 11/06/15
Datamyne FL Mary Jo Negron Business Development Manager 11/06/15
Day & Zimmermann SC Ryan Donald Director of Plant Services 05/23/16
Day & Zimmermann SC Jen Henikman Business Development Specialist 05/23/16
Day & Zimmermann SC Steve Streblow Business Development Director 05/23/16
Day&Zimmerman SC Timothy Trott Director, Business Development 09/07/16
Deacom, Inc PA Patrick Braun Sr. Sales Executive 08/02/16
Deepwater Chemicals OK Satoshi Katayama Sales rep 08/26/16
Deepwater Chemicals, Inc. OK Pamela Curry Sales Manager 08/22/16
DeForest Enterprises, Inc. FL Jeff Edwards President 06/21/16
Department for International Trade GA James Forde BDA 09/01/16
Digital Specialty Chemicals ON Zsolt Bencze Sales Director 08/01/16
Dishman USA Inc NJ Bhavesh Oza Director of Finance 10/20/15
Dishman USA Inc NJ Jaymee Tran Sales Manager 10/20/15
DJK-Energy Houston Inc TX DJ Ramakrishnan President 07/10/16
DKSH North America Inc. NJ Casey Cordon Sr. Business Manager 06/24/16
Dottikon ES America PA Ivo Hubacek Director Technologies Development 08/23/16
Dottikon ES America, Inc PA Susan Palus Business Development Manager 10/20/15
Dow AgroSciences IN Brad Frazier Global Sr. Strategic Sourcing Manager 06/29/16
Dow AgroSciences IN Abraham Gonzalez DAS America External Manufacturing Production Leader 05/31/16
Dow AgroSciences MI Ed Herron Sourcing Manager 08/01/16
Dow AgroSciences MI Bryan Kriz External Manufacturing Director 07/19/16
Dow AgroSciences IN Dan Manston Procurement 08/11/16
Dow Agrosciences IN Tim Mateja Strategic Business Supply Project Leader 08/10/16
Dow AgroSciences IN Andy Wurtz Operations Leader 07/12/16
Dow Chemical PA Keith Edwards External Manufacturing Project Manager 06/30/16
Dow Chemical GA Aleksandr Gamble Account Manager 02/04/16
Dow Chemical MI Tim Plum Project Manager 06/30/16
Dow Chemical Company MI Mark Srebinski POPG Sales Director 02/05/16
DPV Produtos Quimicos Ltda. Rodrigo Barbosa Commercial Director 08/29/16
DPV Produtos Quimicos Ltda. Alexandre Hernandes Industrial Director 08/29/16
Dr. Acharya Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Anand Acharya Director 08/30/16
DR. JOSE POLAK S.A. DE C.V. Gian Luca Farini Export Sales Manager 08/24/16
DraCool USA OH Nick Cordray Southeast Regional Sales Manager 09/01/16
DraCool USA OH Chris Harris Central Regional Sales Manager 09/01/16
DraCool USA OH Dan O’Rourke Midwest Regional Sales Manager 09/01/16
DraCool USA OH Rick Ross Vice President of Operations 09/01/16
DrM Inc NJ Rick Gill Product Manager 08/15/16
DrM Inc. NJ Jeff Steinberg Product Manager 11/11/15
Drug Discovery Alliances, Inc. NC Deborah Minor President 08/28/16
DuPont DE Brittany Corey Raw Material Buyer 07/19/16
DuPont DE Michael Hoagland Global Sourcing Manager 08/26/16
DuPont DE Suneet Ranganath Global Sourcing Manager, Crop Protection/Seed Treatment 09/02/16
Dynamit Nobel GmbH ES/NOVASEP Emilia Schmid SBDM/Market Director 08/16/16
Dynovel PA Justin Shemonsky Commercial Development Manager 08/30/16
Dystar NC Curtis Ramsey Sales Manager 07/20/16
DyStar LP NC Marc Bumgarner Site Manager, Reidsville & Dalton 10/29/15
DyStar LP NC Billy Gardner Senior Account Representative 10/21/15
East West Bank NY Syed Murtaza VP – Trade Finance 07/07/16
EASTMAN CHEMICAL PA WERNER GURTNER Account Rep, Chem Intermediates, North America 05/23/16
Eastman Chemical Company PA Arsalan Ahmed Market Manager 03/01/16
Eastman Chemical Company FL Victor Fernandez Sustainability Strategies Manager 08/30/16
Eastman Chemical Company TN Shelly Gentle Account Representative 05/04/16
Eastman Chemical Company TN Jim Ponasik Technology Manager 06/27/16
Eastman Chemical Company PA David Watson Business Unit Director 03/01/16
ECMA LLC NY Jane McDermott Owner 06/10/16
ECMA LLC NY Mary McDermott Intern 06/10/16
Eco Agro Resources FL Greg Stake Operations Manager 05/19/16
Eco-Drip Irrigation TX Miles Moudy Fertilizer Manufacturing Manager 06/30/16
Edgewater Capital Partners OH Ryan Meany Managing Partner 08/02/16
Edgewater Capital Partners OH Pete Ostergard Principal 08/02/16
Edwards Vacuum NY Bob Campbell Market Sector Manager 10/20/15
Edwards Vacuum NY Tracy Mosshart Sales Manager 08/12/16
EHF Capital NC Steve Hall Managing Partner 04/25/16
EigenChem Technologies Inc. FL George Nikonov Vice President & CTO 06/19/16
EigenChem Technologies Inc. FL Alexander Oliferenko President & CSO 06/19/16
Eisenmann TX Fabian Solberg Sales Manager 08/19/16
EISENMANN CORP. IL Mughis Naqvi Sales Manager CPI 08/30/16
EKATO Corporation NJ Ken Bosiers Technical Engineer 08/10/16
Ekato Corporation NJ Martin Gass Territory Manager 08/19/16
EKATO Corporation NJ Justin Lightner Regional Sales Manager 02/25/16
EKATO Rühr- und Mischtechnik GmbH Daniel Mueller Manager Business Development 08/29/16
Elcan Industries NY Bob Grotto President 10/29/15
Elcan Industries Inc. NY Greg Riter Director of Sales and Engineering 08/02/16
Elementis Specialties NJ Jim Holderman Director of Purchasing and Contract Manufacturing 01/28/16
Elementis Specialties NJ Rich Jobbins Technical Manager 01/28/16
Elevance IL Robin Weitkamp COO 08/15/16
Emerald Kalama Chemical WA Dan Seal Process Development Manager 08/24/16
Encore Container SC Byron Jones Retrieval / Sales Representative 01/29/16
Encore Container SC Ashley Maroney Sales Manager 01/29/16
Encore Plastics NC Brendan Zetts National Sales Manager 08/05/16
Enerfab Process Solutions OH Steve Zoller Director 06/30/16
Environmental Fluids USA AZ Bryan Esner Product Manager 08/30/16
Enviro-Safe Resource Recovery WI Jeff Vilione President 01/12/16
EPP Sarah Farr Business Development Executive 06/29/16
EPP David Tredgett General Manager 02/08/16
EPSON Garry Lang Channel Manager 09/08/16
Equipment Xchange LLC NJ Jack DeStefano Partner 10/20/15
EQUIPMENT XCHANGE LLC NJ Scott Tarzy Partner 06/30/16
ESIM Chemicals Matthias Helms Innovation Manager 04/26/16
ESIM Chemicals Hans Hiebl Innovation Manager 06/28/16
ESIM Chemicals Sabine Hoetzendorfer Marketing Coordinator 07/12/16
ESIM Chemicals Robert Lichtenberger Business Manager Specialties 04/26/16
Ethox Chemicals NC Will Davis Sales 06/06/16
Ethox Chemicals Rick Wilson 09/08/16
Ethox Chemicals, LLC SC Chuck Hinton President 10/20/15
Ethox Chemicals, LLC SC Chip Palmer VP Technical 10/20/15
Ethox Chemicals, LLC SC Brad Swillen Account Manager 10/20/15
Ethox Chemicals, LLC SC Kurt Waldthausen Account Manager 10/20/15
Ethox Chemicals, LLC SC Chris Welch VP of Sales 10/20/15
Ethox Chemicals, LLC NC Rede Wilson Sales 08/04/16
Evans, Witt and Partner LLC NC Chris Evans Managing Partner 12/15/15
Everchem Specialty Chemicals PA David Patten GM 08/17/16
Evonik Corp. NJ Carlos Araujo Marketing Manager 05/31/16
Evonik Corp. NJ Sumedh Phatak Technical Sales Manager 05/31/16
Evonik Corporation NJ Terri Bright Hettinger Sales Manager 08/11/16
Evonik Corporation NJ Cristal Cortez Catalyst Sales Representative 06/02/16
Evonik Corporation NJ Takuma Hara Business Development Manager 11/05/15
Evonik Corporation GA Chris Landmesser Sales Manager 08/22/16
Evonik Jayhawk Fine Chemicals KS Jeff Cassidy Business Development 10/20/15
Evonik Jayhawk Fine Chemicals KS Jeff Dimmit V.P.of Technology 05/27/16
Evonik Jayhawk Fine Chemicals KS Jay Hendren Supply Chain Manager 02/29/16
Evonik Performance Materials Stefanie Reitz Marketing Manager 08/08/16
Evonik Performance Materials GmbH Kirsten Alting Product Manager 08/02/16
Evonik Performance Materials GmbH Thomas Sauer Vice President Custom Manufacturing Agro 06/14/16
Exacta Chemical Co. NC Warren Preston President 07/21/16
Exacto WI Jay Houle Senior Account Manager 09/07/16
Excalibur Lipid Technology, Inc TN Tom Breuer Technical Consultant 08/23/16
Excalibur Lipid Technology, Inc TN J.R. Foreman Director of Sales 08/23/16
Exim-Indis Inc. ME Bob Byron VP Business Development 08/11/16
Explore! OH Andrew Bell R&D Management 08/16/16
ExxonMobil TX Eric Bruchas Procurement Manager 08/18/16
ExxonMobil TX Andrew Tsang Procurement Specialist 08/16/16
ExxonMobil Chemical NJ Vaseem Firdaus Global 3P Mfg Mgr 07/22/16
ExxonMobil Chemical Co. TX Ellen Brandes Sr. Account Representative 08/08/16
F2 Chemicals Ltd Helen McNamee Commercial Manager 05/12/16
F2 Chemicals Ltd Andy Penman Managing Director 05/12/16
Fanwood Chemical, Inc. NJ Jim DeLisi Chief 11/06/15
FCI Technology NC Richard Barnhardt Vice President -General Manager 06/03/16
Federal Equipment Company OH Justin Kadis Business Development 12/02/15
Federal Equipment Company OH David Winger VP 12/02/15
Ferrum NC John Corcoran Sales 09/07/16
Ferrum Inc. TX Patrick D. Bartel Area Sales Manager 03/08/16
Fike Corporation MO Clint Andrews Product Manager – Pressure Relief 06/30/16
Fine Organics Ltd Nigel Parkinson Technical Director 01/28/16
Fine Organics Ltd Simon Rowell Commercial Director 01/28/16
First Continental International NJ Jeff Appleton Senior Marketing Manager 08/05/16
First Continental International CO Taylor Bliszcz Sales 08/15/16
First Continental International, Inc NJ Jeff Furbish Marketing Associate 09/07/16
First Continental International, Inc NJ Michael Valenti Sr Marketing Manager 09/07/16
Fives Proabd Loïc GUILLOU Technology Manager 09/01/16
Fives Proabd Benjamin ULMANN Business Development 09/01/16
Flexim AL Frank Flow Analytical Product Manager 11/04/15
FLEXIM NY Bert Loving Sales 06/30/16
Florachem Chris Gallagher Account Manager 09/09/16
Florida Chemical Supply, Inc FL Marc Maseman President 08/29/16
Flotek Industries TX Eric Klumb Global Supply Chain 05/16/16
Flottweg Separation Technology, Inc. KY Lee Betkowski Chemical & Pharm Industry Manager 10/29/15
Flottweg Separation Technology, Inc. KY Oliver Willmann Regional Sales Mgr.-Chemical, Pharm & Food 10/29/15
FMC NC Corey McCollom Commercial Support Specialist 08/08/16
FMC Corp PA Mike Chlada North America Tolling Manager 08/10/16
FMC Corp. PA Nikolaj Larsen Category Manager 02/04/16
FMC Corporation PA Leonard McMullen Director Global Procurement, Category Management 08/03/16
FMC Corporation NC Scott Meiere Applications Development Mgr 06/30/16
FMC Corporation NC Samantha Tucci Commercial Support Assistant 10/20/15
Formulations Consulting PA Bill Geigle Formulations Research Scientist 08/18/16
Fort Dearborn Company IL Chad Pfeifer Account Manager 06/06/16
Fres-co System USA, Inc. PA Kristen Weir Sales Representative 12/02/15
Fres-co System USA, Inc. PA Rick Zieg Business Development Manager 12/02/15
FRP Services & Co (America) Inc NY Stephanie Gray Vice President Sales & Marketing 08/30/16
Fujifilm Finechemicals Co Katsumi Kobayashi Operations Manager 09/07/16
FUJIFILM Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc. SC Hugo Perez Purchasing Specialist 07/15/16
FUJIFILM Manufacturing USA IL Dennis Loane Product Development Manager 08/16/16
FUJIFILM Manufacturing USA Inc SC Jeanette Greenlee Manager, Greenwood Research Laboratory 06/29/16
Fujifilm Manufacturing USA, Inc. SC Dhirendra Kumar Lead Chemist 06/16/16
FUJIFILM Manufacturing USA, Inc. — Hunt Chemicals Subsidiary NJ Murray Karten Purchasing Manager 08/05/16
Future Transfer ON John Lansink General Manager 09/07/16
Futurefuel Chemical Co. AR Gary McChesney Chief Technology Officer 12/01/15
Futurefuel Chemical Co. AR Andrew Skinner Director 07/01/16
Futurefuel Chemical Co. AR Cameron Young Chemical Sales Executive 07/01/16
Futurefuel Chemical Co. AR Max Zoellin Market Development Exec 12/01/15
Gabriel Performance Products OH Omadee Curry Technical Sales 08/16/16
Gabriel Performance Products OH Jeff Gates VP Sales & Marketing 10/20/15
Gabriel Performance Products OH Kristie Hammontree Sales Account Manager 07/26/16
Garrco Products Inc. IN John Garr II 09/08/16
Gaylord Chemical LA Jonathan Bryant Director of Sales & Market Development 06/30/16
Gaylord Chemical Company LA Bob Strub Director Market Development 08/23/16
GE Water & Process Technologies PA GLENN MICHALIS GLOBAL TOLLING LEADER 08/05/16
GEA Group NJ Sean Eicher Market Manager 11/30/15
GEA Group Tore Hartmann Technical Manager 07/13/16
GEA Group NJ Mike Rohr Sales Engineer 11/30/15
GEA Group MD Nzinga Turner-Linton Sales Engineer 07/05/16
Gelest, Inc PA Jeffrey DePinto Product Manager 09/07/16
Gelest, Inc PA Sean Nichols Global Sourcing & Procurement Mgr. 03/03/16
Gelest, Inc PA Craig Smith Sales Manager 08/15/16
GemChem, Inc. GA Bill Clark President 06/09/16
GenNx360 Capital Partners NY Pratik Rajeevan Associate 06/30/16
GenNx360 Capital Partners NY Craig Stafford Advisor 06/30/16
Gentex MI Edward Lenoir Buyer Chemical 08/23/16
GEO Specialty Chemicals John Rizol Global Sales Manager 09/08/16
Geo. Pfau’s Sons Co., Inc. IN Brian Miller Vice President Sales 08/01/16
Georgetown County SC Brian Tucker Economic Developer 08/02/16
Georgia-Pacific Chemicals GA Xiaoming Lu Process Engineer 07/29/16
GFS Chemicals OH Mike Froman General Manager, Specialty Organics 10/23/15
GFS Chemicals, Inc. OH Robert Kramer Sales and Business Development Manager, Specialty Inorganics 10/23/15
Gilmore Marketing & Development, Inc TN Roger Gilmore 09/07/16
Glatfelter OH John Stolarz Sr. Product Mgr. – Microencapsulation 04/19/16
Global Pharma Sourcing PA John Budzinski Managing Director 08/23/16
Global Pharma Sourcing PA Phil Ma Managibg Director 08/23/16
Global Pharma Sourcing PA Christina Malin Sales Manager 08/23/16
Global Phosphorus Solutions (GPS) OH Tim Johnson Sales Manager 06/08/16
Global Phosphorus Solutions Inc. VA Kurt Johnson Marketing Manager 06/08/16
Global-Pak, Inc. GA Nate Gotschall Senior Sales Representative 07/19/16
Gowan Company, L.L.C. AZ Monica Castro Global Procurement Manager 06/23/16
Gowan Company, L.L.C. AZ Rene Cochran Process Dev. Chemist/Strategic Sourcing Specialist 06/23/16
Gowan Company, L.L.C. AZ Guadalupe Roa Purchasing Agent 06/23/16
Gowan Milling AZ Jarod Harvick Operations Manager 04/19/16
Gowan Milling AZ Curtis Priest Plant Manager 04/19/16
Grace Matthews Inc WI Andy Hinz Director 04/19/16
Grace Matthews Inc WI Kevin Yttre Managing Director 04/19/16
Green Ways Consulting PA Jerry Green President 06/16/16
Greif OH Cheryl Caudill Marketing Communications & Brand Manager 12/16/15
Greif Inc OH Jeff Yandle Commercial Account Manager 12/16/15
H P I MO JOHN GARVEY VP Business Development 08/12/16
H&H Products NC Jerry Hartman President 09/07/16
Hallstar IL Scott Wilson Account Manager 09/07/16
Halocarbon Products Corp. GA Derek Brown Supply Chain Director 02/17/16
Halocarbon Products Corp. GA Ron Epstein Sales Director 02/17/16
Haltermann Carless Daniel Jeffery Senior Vice President 04/29/16
Haltermann Carless Deutschland GmbH J. Albrecht Spangenberg Senior Vice President 06/16/16
Haltermann Carless UK Ltd. Jeff Price Vice President 06/20/16
Hampford Research CT Mike Wyrostek Director Sales&Marketing 08/10/16
Harcros Chemicals NC Joanne Carroll Account Manager 06/23/16
Harcros Chemicals NC Sid Lively District Manager 06/21/16
Harcros Chemicals Inc KS Kyle Boudreaux Commercial Director 05/18/16
Harcros Chemicals, Inc. TX Matt Shipp Market Manager – Agriculture 06/21/16
Harcros Specialties GA Dennis Whipple General Manager 08/31/16
Harrell Industries,Inc. SC Rick Pugh President 08/12/16
Harris Williams & Co. VA John Lautemann Vice President 08/01/16
Haviland Products Company MI Ken Daly Senior Account Manager 12/03/15
Haviland Products Company MI Donna Dykstra Buyer 12/03/15
Haviland Products Company MI Mark Siegrist Account Manager 12/03/15
Heatec, Inc. TN Thomas Morris Business Development Engineer 02/02/16
Helena Industries, Inc. TN Philip Berryman VP of Operations 06/02/16
Helena Industries, Inc. TN Dan Dancy Procurement 06/02/16
Helena Industries, Inc. TN Stace Doonan Director of Sales & Procurement 06/02/16
Helena Industries, Inc. TN Phil Hollis President/CEO 06/02/16
Helm US NJ Shane Lorah Regional Sales Manager 08/03/16
Helm US NJ Rob Medlock Sales Manager 08/01/16
Hengdian Group NJ Nick Kosarych BD Head North America 08/24/16
Hengdian Group Victor Li Sales manager 08/24/16
Hengdian Group Ada Ye sales manager 08/24/16
Heraeus Chemicals CA Ken Nikaido Americas Head of Sales: Process Chemistry 01/13/16
Heraeus Chemicals Americas CA Peter Kettler Head of Innovation Americas 08/15/16
Heraeus Metals New York LLC NY Miguel Perez-Santalla Sale and Marketing Manager 08/18/16
Hexion OH Jackie Todd Marketing 09/02/16
HF International WA David Feng Sales Manager 06/30/16
Higgins Consulting NY William Higgins owner 08/31/16
Hodogaya Chemical (U.S.A.), Inc. NY Ryosuke Nishigaki Executive Vice President 08/05/16
Hodogaya Chemical (U.S.A.), Inc. NY Yuichi Takagi Marketing Specialist 08/05/16
Honeywell IL Mark Staniulis Tolling Manager 08/19/16
Howard Industries OH Josh Basinger President 06/26/16
Howard Industries OH Cynthia Peterson Chief Executive Officer 06/26/16
Hoyer Global TX Chris Lavan Regional Sales Manager 08/02/16
Huntsman TX Peter Matey Senior Account Manager 09/07/16
Hydrite Chemical Co. WI Jeff Diercks National Corporate Account Manager 10/20/15
Hydrite Chemical Co. WI Jason Kundinger Manager of Technology – Organics 08/05/16
Hydrite Chemical Co. WI Daniel Wojciechowicz Corporate Account Manager 08/08/16
Hydrite Chemical Co. WI Joshua Wolfe Key Account Manager – Graphic Arts 10/20/15
HydroGEOPHYSICS AZ Brian Cubbage Geophysicist 07/26/16
i-CHESS Chemicals Christopher Bluemel Director 08/30/16
i-CHESS Chemicals Sushmita Datta CEO 08/30/16
ICL Industrial Products & Chemada Fine Chemicals NJ Yves Garcia North America Sales Manager 06/29/16
ICL Industrial Products B.V. Vincent Elferink Marketing and New Business Development Director 06/29/16
Ihara Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Shunsuke Ido Assistant Manager 08/31/16
IHS TX Susan Beury Account Manager 06/29/16
IHS Chemical Week NY Joseph Mennella Head of Global Advertising Sales 06/28/16
IHS Global Inc. FL Carlos B Thimann REgional Channel Manager 07/02/16
IHS Maritime & Trade NJ Andy Aguero Solutions Account Advisor 12/15/15
IHS Maritime & Trade NJ Aliet Martinez Director- Consulting Services & Solutions 12/14/15
Imerys Ceramics SC Julie Johnson Account Manager 09/08/16
InChem Rock Hill, LLC SC Steve Crownshaw President 12/08/15
InChem Rock Hill, LLC SC Mike Crownshaw x 09/07/16
InChem Rock Hill, LLC SC Steve Nichols x 09/07/16
InChem Rock Hill, LLC SC Kaushik Vashee Vice President 12/08/15
InChem Rock Hill, LLC SC Joe Wilson x 09/07/16
India Glycols Ltd TX Dharmesh Mehta Vice President – Business Development 08/01/16
Indo Amines Americas LLC NC Sadanand Memula Director 08/10/16
Indo Amines Americas LLC DE Vijay Palkar Managing Director 10/27/15
Indo Gulf Fertilisers (A Unit of Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited) Rahul Kohli CEO 07/28/16
Indo Gulf Fertilisers (A Unit of Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited) Prashant Puri President 07/13/16
Indorama Ventures Oxyde and Glycols IL Frank Sullivan Sales Mgr. 07/19/16
Indorama Ventures, Oxide & Glycols IL Robb Fisher Account Executive 07/20/16
Industrial Countrols NC Mike Barnwell Account Manager 09/07/16
Industrial Development Agency Mkhetwa Maluleke Senior Industry Development Manager 08/29/16
Industrial Knowledge-A Yokogawa Venture Company IL Gene Sullivan Director of Business Development 07/14/16
INEOS IL David Kopf Sales Manager 06/23/16
INEOS Oligomers TX Julie Antley Account Manager 08/01/16
INEOS Oligomers IL Gary Gudac Technology Sr. Staff Scientist 08/22/16
Infineum Alexandre Nizard Global Category Leader, Toll-Manufacturing 06/21/16
Infineum USA, LP NJ Jamie Lehrian Procurement Category Leader 08/16/16
InformEx PA Paul Pedrow Account Manager 07/29/16
Ingevity SC Thomas Sisson Global Business Manager 07/11/16
Ingevity SC Dan Toeppner Contract Manufacturing Manager 06/14/16
InKemia Green Chemicals, Inc. TX Lauren Zarama CEO 07/07/16
Inmark GA Frank Orvino VP of Sales 04/06/16
Inmark GA Tracy Taylor Packaging Consultant 04/06/16
INNOLEO, LLC FL Adele Savaiano Director, Sales & Mktg 06/22/16
Innovative Chemical Technologies, Inc. GA Jeff Alender CEO 06/29/16
Innovative Chemical Technologies, Inc. GA Win Cooke Sr VP Sales & Marketing 06/29/16
Innovative Chemical Technologies, Inc. GA Royal King Corporate Engineering Director 06/29/16
Innovative Chemical Technologies, Inc. GA Joyce Materniak Sr. Tech Service Associate 04/26/16
Innovative Chemical Technologies, Inc. GA Mark Terry VP of Business Development 06/29/16
Innovative Chemical Technologies, Inc. GA Dan Yinger President 06/24/16
Innovative Resource Management SC Jesse Watson Director of Sales & Marketing 09/01/16
Institute of Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of Moldova Cristina Balan Chemist Coordinator 07/28/16
InterAtlas Chemical Inc. ON Paul Bozek Global Sourcing 08/23/16
InterAtlas Chemical Inc. ON Kevin Lake Account Manager 08/23/16
InterAtlas Chemical Inc. ON Matt McKimm Account Manager 08/23/16
Interchem Corp. NJ Kurt Stalder Director Sales, Business Development 06/29/16
International Process Plants NJ Elisa Lucumi Latin America Sales Manager 06/29/16
International Process Plants NJ Keith West Global Equipment Sales Director 10/22/15
International Specialty Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Inc. NY Miles Hutchings Executive VP 06/30/16
Interoc S.A. Alexander Alvarez Regional Operations Director 08/16/16
Interoc S.A. Fernando De la Puente Chief Operations Officer 08/16/16
Interoc S.A. Miguel Del Campo Marketing and R&D Regional Manager 08/16/16
Interstate Commodities Corp. SC Alan Raynor Vice President 06/29/16
Intrnational Group Inc GA Mike Huntley Business development Manager 08/19/16
INVISTA KS JACK TATMAN Global Director Tolling & Chemical Mfg. 08/10/16
Iofina Chemical KY Tom Becker C.E.O. 10/22/15
Iofina Chemical KY Kurt Jones C.O.O. 10/22/15
Isagro USA, Inc NC Mike Allan President 08/19/16
ISK Biosciences TX Roger McBride VP-Operations & SCM 08/21/16
IsleChem LLC NY Larry Fertel Scientist 03/07/16
IsleChem LLC NY Marty Ruszaj Technical Director- Analytical Services 03/07/16
IsleChem, LLC NY Patrick Canavan President 02/13/16
IsleChem, LLC NY Daniel Canavan Vice President 02/13/16
Itochu Chemicals America NC Mike Kearney Regional Manager 04/05/16
Ivanhoe Industries, Inc. NC Jon Parsley Eastern Regional Manager 08/17/16
Ivanhoe Industries, Inc. PA Jeff Snyder Managing Partner 06/29/16
Iwaki America MA Mark Johnson Business Development Manager 06/20/16
J William Breen, Inc SC Bill Breen President 08/30/16
J. Sinclair and Assoc. Inc. IL Jim Sinclair President 08/16/16
Japan Finechem Company, Inc. Takeaki Fujita Deputy General Manager 09/07/16
Jarchem Industries NJ Cam Murray SE Technical Sales 09/02/16
Jarchem Industries Inc NJ Dennis Boyd VP Sales/Marketing 08/01/16
Jarchem Industries Inc NJ Art Hein VP 10/26/15
Jarchem Industries, Inc. GA Bob Negley Commercial Development Manager 08/02/16
Jet Pulverizer Co. NE Brian List Sales Manager 11/05/15
Jet Pulverizer Co. NJ Dan Rice Owner 08/11/16
John Wiley & Sons Neil Eisberg Editor – C&I 04/20/16
Johnson Matthey NJ Scott Bliss Sales Manager 08/05/16
Johnson Matthey NJ Alan Dyke New Business Development Manager 05/18/16
Johnson Matthey NJ Emir Hubijar Business Development 10/29/15
Johnson Matthey Process Technologies GA Christine Iannelli Senior Buyer 08/08/16
Johnson Matthey Process Technologies GA Chris Runyan Purchasing Manager 08/08/16
JRHess Co., Inc RI Peter Hess President 08/01/16
JULABO USA, inc PA Lisa Sprenger Account Manager 02/11/16
Kadant GranTek Inc. WI Michael Devic Vice President, Sales & Marketing 07/21/16
Kadant GranTek Inc. WI Chris Skibba National Sales Manager 07/21/16
Kao Specialties Americas NC Virginia Tadvick Market Specialist 08/10/16
Kemira SC Katie Staso Process Engineer 04/26/16
Kemira Chemicals SC Phil Wren Production Manager 04/26/16
Kemira Chemicals Inc. SC Tom Dudman Toll manufacturing manager 06/20/16
Kemlink USA TX Steve Capo Vice President, Sales and Marketing 08/23/16
Kenway Corporation ME Alexander Thibodeau Director of Business Development 06/22/16
Kessler Chemical, Inc. PA Barry Kessler CEO 02/12/16
Kessler Chemical, Inc. PA Gary Kessler President 02/12/16
K-I Chemical U.S.A. Inc. NY Tatsuro Yokoyama Manager, Specialty Chemicas 08/18/16
Kinder Morgan SC Marco Gravino Commercial Manager 08/02/16
Kinder Morgan Terminals SC Justin Luther Business Development Analyst 09/01/16
Kingchem NJ Lillian Wu COO 08/15/16
Kingchem Life Science LLC NJ Austin Bishop VP Pharma Int & Fine Chem 10/20/15
Kingchem Life Science LLC NJ Stephen Wang CEO 10/29/15
KISCHEMICALS Gaurav Astik Director 09/08/16
KISCHEMICALS Tibor Meszaros Sales Director 09/08/16
KLW Plastics OH Katie Ionna Sales Manager 07/15/16
KLW Plastics OH Kathleen Jay Marketing Coordinator 11/03/15
KLW Plastics OH Russ Neuman V.P. of Operations & General Manager 07/25/16
KLW Plastics OH John Phillips Director of Quality & New Product Dev. 07/25/16
KMCO LLC TX Will Baker Business Development Manager 11/05/15
KMCO LLC TX Mike De La Cruz Sr. Business Development Manager 07/19/16
KMCO LLC TX John Foley CEO 08/31/16
KMCO LLC TX Chris Houston Business Manager – Oil & Gas 07/19/16
KMX Chemical VA Jerry Union VP Sales 06/22/16
KmX Chemical MD Carol Walston President 08/04/16
Kocide LLC MD Andrew Twarowski Director of Operations 08/05/16
Kodak Solvent Recovery Services NY Paige Lockwood Marketing and Sales Manager Sovlent Recovery 06/21/16
Kodak Solvent Recovery Services NY Tom Rutalis Technical Leader 11/09/15
Kodak Solvent Recovery Services NY John Sherman Business Development 06/30/16
Kodak Specialty Chemicals NY John Harty Director Business Development 11/06/15
Kodak Specialty Chemicals NY Mark Wozniak Project Manager 11/09/15
Kowa American NY Steven Gomich Estern regional sales manager 08/08/16
Kowa American Corp NY Kenji Kikuta Technical Manager 06/20/16
Kowa American Corporation OH Barbara Varone Product/Regulatory Manager 06/20/16
KSOLV L.P TX Mark Slator Techincal Sales 08/18/16
Kuehne-Nagel GA Jody Fordyce Sales Executive 08/22/16
Kuraray America Inc. TX Junichi Fuji Manager 09/02/16
Kwaltech LLC TX Tom Kowalski President 06/30/16
La Mesta Christophe Bardin Commercial Director 10/21/15
La Mesta Massimo Bertoldi Commercial Manager 08/22/16
Labtech MI Corey Bryce CEO 08/27/16
Lacamas Laboratories OR Heather Dorris Purchasing 11/05/15
Lacamas Laboratories OR Elisabeth Gortner Marketing Manager 11/05/15
Lacamas Laboratories OR Dave Houser Director of Marketing 11/05/15
Lamberti SC Tom Chamberlain Senior Account Manager 08/09/16
Lamberti TX Lear Haulsee Business Manager 09/07/16
LAMBERTI SYNTHESIS TN Don Leming US Agro Marketing Manager 11/04/15
Lanxess VA Diane Donovan Account Manager 08/01/16
LANXESS PA Tony Mazzarella Business Manager 08/06/16
Lanxess Karl-Heinz Mueller Global Production Director 08/29/16
Lanxess NC Taylor Sanford Sales Manager 04/19/16
LANXESS Corp PA Joe Egan Director of Sales – PAB /LAB 08/16/16
LANXESS Corporation PA Hans Essenbreis Business Development Manager 11/20/15
LANXESS Corporation PA Carlos Estrada Director 04/19/16
LANXESS Corporation PA Wolfgang Fichtner Head of Regional Business Americas 04/19/16
Lanxess Deutschland GmbH Walter Raffay Tolling Manager 06/07/16
Laviana Pharma Co., Ltd Wenting Chen CEO 08/18/16
Laviana Pharma Co., Ltd Bella Suo BD Manager 08/18/16
Lawter, Inc. FL David Harp Procurement & Logistics Manager, NA 08/24/16
LCI NC Jamie Horton Manager Process Engineering 08/18/16
LCI Corporation NC Ryan Fischer Sales Engineer 02/08/16
LCI Corporation NC Samer Habash Granulation Technical Manager 02/08/16
Lean Engineering Shai Noiman Owner and Principal Engineer 09/07/16
Lee Container Corporation GA David Taylor Vice President Sales 08/25/16
Lee Container Corporation GA Joel Varnedoe Packaging Engineer 08/29/16
Legacy Chemical Corporation LA Gene Rickett Special Materials Director 08/30/16
Lehan Chemical VA Brian LaFontaine President 03/11/16
Lehan Chemical VA Karl LaFontaine Market Development 03/11/16
LeSaint Logistics OH Jeff Hinton Director, Client Solutions 07/28/16
Leschaco Inc. TX Bill Gage Business Development Manager 06/23/16
Leschaco Inc. SC Jessica Marriott Account Executive / Corporate Broker 06/23/16
Levaco Chemicals Ingo Notz CEO 06/17/16
Lianhetech Steven Dai Key Account Manager 04/29/16
Lianhetech Robin Fan Agro BU Head 04/29/16
Lianhetech Ellen Mou Sales Director 04/29/16
LIBERTY SPECIALTY CHEMICALS LLC NC Ritesh Ved president 08/30/16
Lintech International LLC NC Chuck Churn Business Manager 05/02/16
LJB & Associates LLC SC Len Boehm President/Owner 06/29/16
Lockheed Martin MA Matt Millard, PhD Senior Research Scientist 08/30/16
Lockheed Martin TX Max Paganini Subcontracts Management 08/30/16
Lonza NJ Joerg Brachten Sales Director-Performance Intermediates 10/21/15
Lonza Ltd. Michael Helwig Head Global Product Dev. 06/07/16
Lonza Ltd. Maximilian Kuehnle Marketing Manager 07/14/16
Lonza Specialty Ingredients NJ Jan Keller Sales Manager-Agro 10/21/15
Lonza Wood Protections GA Jayesh Patel Sr. Research Chemist 08/19/16
Louisiana Chemical Equipment Co. LA Larry Medford Vice President 10/28/15
Louisiana Chemical Equipment Co. TX Steve Nelson General Manager 10/28/15
Lubrizol Advanced Materials SC Larry Goff New Business Development Manager 08/25/16
LUXI Chemical Group Co, Ltd Sophi Dai Senior Manager 09/07/16
Mack Brooks Speciality Publishing Limited Ellie Bruni Business Development Manager 06/28/16
Magnablend TX Richard Mullins Strategic Account Manager 11/30/15
Magnablend TX Amanda Sutton Sales Manager 11/30/15
Magnakron Corporation NJ Kegan Dunne-Porter Business Development Mgr 07/07/16
Magnakron Corporation FL Ted Maceda VP of Sales 07/07/16
Magnesium Elektron NJ Lindsay Guillebeau Sales Manager 08/04/16
Magnesium Elektron Powders NJ Matt Shufran VP-Sales & Marketing 08/04/16
Magnum International IL Mark Gonzalez Senior Account Executive 08/08/16
Marigold Management Group OH Nuch Palazzolo President 08/08/16
MaschioPack North America GA Peter Brunn Vice President 12/11/15
MaschioPack North America GA Joel Millsap Assistant VP 12/11/15
MaschioPack North America GA Chris Wannemacher Southeast Region Sales Manager 06/06/16
Mason Wells WI Jeff Davidson Director 08/18/16
Mason Wells WI Chris Pummill Vice President 08/18/16
Mastermelt America TN Stevan Curtis National Sales Manager 07/21/16
Mastermelt America LLC TN Bert Lord National Sales Mgr 08/01/16
McGean OH Kelly Bole Account Manager 11/06/15
McGean OH Mara Gliozzi Global Business Manager 11/06/15
McGean OH Denise Kintop Account Manager 11/06/15
McGean OH Bryan Miller Account Manager 11/06/15
McGriff Seibels and Williams AL James kennedy VP 08/31/16
McGriff, Seibels & Williams, Inc. Tice Young Senior VP 09/08/16
McKenzie & Associates MB Lloyd Begin General Manager 09/07/16
Megaloid Laboratories ON Donald Gill Sales Representative 08/11/16
Metallix Refining Inc. NJ Dayron Ortega Precious Metal Buyer 11/09/15
Metallix Refining Inc. NJ Leon Ratliff Precious Metal Buyer 11/09/15
Metalor MA Steve Bones 09/07/16
Metalor Technologies MA Angela Best RSM 05/24/16
Metalor Technologies USA MA Chiranjit Sapre Regional Sales Manager 05/20/16
Metrohm USA NC Karen Kast-Hutcheson Ion Chromatography Representative 04/22/16
Metrohm USA, Inc. FL Zachary Cox Analytical Systems Representative 05/31/16
METSS Corporation OH Frank Lawson Chief Scientist 09/07/16
MFG Chemical GA Keith Arnold President 08/16/16
MFG Chemical SC Jack Drawdy Sales and Business Development Manager 10/29/15
MFG Chemical GA Daniel Sanchez Project Manager 08/16/16
Miami Chemical GA David Colquitt President 08/12/16
Micro Chem Company GA Randy Connell President 11/30/15
Micro Chem Company GA Robert Holcomb EH&S Manager 06/28/16
Micro Chem Company GA Allen Jones Quality Control Manager 06/28/16
Micro Chem Company GA Ray Southerland Operations Manager 06/28/16
Microsoft KS Jesse Alleyne Sr. Industry Market Development Manager – Manufacturing 08/22/16
Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center (MATRIC) WV Jack Dever Chief Technology Officer 08/08/16
Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center (MATRIC) WV Steve Hedrick CEO 08/09/16
Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center (MATRIC) WV Rob Nunley Pilot Plant Manager 08/09/16
Miller Chemical & Fertilizer LLC PA Andy Smith Vive-President, Manufacturing 08/30/16
Miller Chemical and Fertilizer PA Mike Fiery Product Development 08/09/16
Milliken SC Tommy Eubanks Technical Account Manager 08/31/16
Milliken SC Sarah Tweed Account Manager 07/12/16
Milliken & Co. SC Joe Reynolds Global Sourcing Manager 07/28/16
Milliken & Company SC Franklin Fisher Sr, Director (Sourcing) 07/11/16
Milliken & Company SC Cordie Morgan Global Market Manager 10/26/15
Milliken & Company SC Adam Newberry Global Business Development 07/18/16
Milliken & Company SC Jim Spry Business Development 09/07/16
Milliken & Company SC Jim Stavrakas Global Market Manager 09/07/16
Milliken Chemical SC Rick Cahill Account Manager 08/31/16
Milliken Chemical SC Chris Carter Global Product Manager 07/25/16
Milliken Chemical SC Lakessa Wright Sr. Sales Executive 08/15/16
Milliken SiVance SC Mihir Shah Business Development Manager 08/29/16
Mitsubishi International GmbH Naohiro Yoshida Manager 09/07/16
Mitsubishi Intl Food Ingredients, Inc. NJ Hirokazu Yamato Department Manager 09/07/16
MITSUI & CO., LTD Akira Ura Manager 08/24/16
Mitsui & Co., LTD. Hiroyuki Honda General Manager 08/24/16
Mitsui AgriScience Mohamed Salah Ben Hamouda Sales Manager 08/24/16
Molex Group TX Derek Puppa President 06/26/16
Molex Group LLC TX Don Hutton Vice President 06/30/16
MonoSol LLC IN Hitoshi Akabane Head of global marketing 08/01/16
MonoSol, LLC IN Scott Bening Jr Marketing Manager 02/01/16
Monument Chemical IN Matt Kriech Business Excellence Leader 06/17/16
Monument Chemical IN Amanda Muilenburg Commercial Manager 07/27/16
Monument Chemical TX Jeff Weeks Business Development / Technology 12/02/15
Morre-Tec Industries NJ Greg Jobin Marketing 07/26/16
Morre-tec Industries NJ Mike Travers Director, New Product R&D 07/19/16
Mount Vernon Chemicals, LLC NC Randy Smith President 06/10/16
Mozel – a division of EMCO Chemical Distributors TN Travis Barnwell Sales Representative 10/26/15
Mozel Chemical Blending and Packaging IL Randy Schwab VP, Custom Packaging 06/30/16
MPD Chemicals PA Laurent Cartier Business Development Director 08/01/16
MPD Chemicals PA Carrington Smith CEO 10/20/15
MSU Bioeconomy Institute MI Tom Bauer Environmental Compliance Officer 10/23/15
MSU Bioeconomy Institute MI Bill Freckman Director of Operations 10/23/15
Munson Machinery Co., Inc NC John Reinecke Regional Representative 07/01/16
Munson Machinery Co., Inc. NY Darren Woods Sales Manager 12/03/15
Nachurs-Alpine Solutions OH Paul Williams Manager 08/16/16
Nachurs-Alpine Solutions Industrial SC Joe Detyens Sales Manager 08/17/16
Nation Ford Chemical SC Jay Dickson President 10/21/15
Nation Ford Chemical SC Brooke DiDomenico Technical Manager 03/14/16
Nation Ford Chemical SC James Hubbard New Business Development Manager 10/21/15
Nation Ford Chemical SC Phillip McCarter Vice President 10/21/15
National Association of Chemical Distributors VA Roselle Foley Sr. Director, Membership 06/28/16
NatureWorks LLC NE Terence Doll External Manufacturing Manager 08/22/16
NCG Rick Myers Southeast Regional Sales & Sourcing 09/09/16
Nease Chemicals OH Mike Biehle Business Development Manager 08/10/16
Nease Co LLC OH Gordon Geist Director Sales & Marketing 06/10/16
Neilsoft Inc. WI Brad Hill Cadison and Visio P&ID Application Engineer 08/17/16
NETZSCH Premier Technologies, LLC PA Fred Missbach Sales 10/23/15
NETZSCH Premier Technologies, LLC PA Mark Seale South-Central Regional Manager 10/23/15
Neuchem Inc. WA Brian Bundy Business Development Manager 07/04/16
Neuchem Inc. NV Marc Neulight President 01/20/16
New Life Chemical & Equipment, Inc. Tim Northcutt 09/08/16
New Life Chemical & Equipment, Inc. Daniel Ross 09/08/16
Nexchem Solucoes em Quimica Elton Oliveira Managing Director 06/30/16
Nexeo Solutions TX Erin Burke Lab Project Specialist 08/11/16
Nexeo Solutions TX Craig Larner Technical Manager 08/10/16
Nexeo Solutions TX Federico Montaner Business Director – Specialty Chemicals 04/19/16
Niokem, Inc. NC Stephen Cox National Sales Manager 08/23/16
Nippone Refine Co., LTD Hiroshi Hori Division Manager 08/29/16
Nippone Refine Co., LTD Tatsuya Nakatani Marketing Manager 08/29/16
Nissan Chemical TX Bob Griffith Vice President 02/04/16
Norquay Technology PA Bob Heldt President & CEO 11/09/15
Norquay Technology PA John Wetzel Director of Marketing & Sales 11/09/15
Norquay Technology, Inc VA Don Morrison Director of Business Development 06/30/16
Notch Communications Peter Brown CEO 08/01/16
Nova Molecular Technologies, Inc. TX Billy Blackburn Director, Solvents and Distribution 09/07/16
Nova Molecular Technologies, Inc. TX Mike Clumpner Chairman 08/18/16
Nova Molecular Technologies, Inc. TX Mike Hoehner Director Business Development 12/02/15
Nova TX Jim Williams VP sales and marketing 08/24/16
NovaStar, LP TX Todd Horn Sales 08/11/16
NovaStar, LP TX Jerry Morales Sales Manager 11/24/15
NovaStar, LP TX Shannon Scott VP 08/11/16
NovaStar, LP TX John Solansky President 08/11/16
NovaStar, LP TX Matthew Solansky Account Representative 08/15/16
Novomer, Inc. NY Ron Valente Sr VP Manufacturing 08/12/16
Nufarm Americas OH Dave Irmen Director – Industrial Sales 08/23/16
OC SPECIALITIES PVT LTD Manish Shah Managing Director 05/18/16
OctoChem IL Art Burns Solutions Consultant 10/22/15
OctoChem IL John Caffarelli Business Development Mgr. 10/22/15
OctoChem IL Mark Langston President 10/22/15
Odom Industries, Inc. MS Richard James President 08/08/16
OG America, Inc. Masashi Takenaka International Marketing VP 09/08/16
OG CORPORATION Kenji Tanaka Regional Supervisory Manager 09/08/16
Oleon Americas SC Tim Rush General Mgr 07/21/16
Olin TX Dale Green Operations Manager 07/12/16
Olin Corporation TX David Jean R&D Leader 08/22/16
Omnium MO John Alkier Technical Manager 01/12/16
Omnium IA Dale Calendine Plant Manager 01/12/16
Omnium MO Jay Stouppe Director of Manufacturing 06/15/16
Omnium MO Gary Vainio Procurement Manager 01/28/16
Omya, Inc. GA Rex Turner Senior Sales Representative 08/30/16
O’Neal Inc. SC April Emory Business Development Manager 04/27/16
Optima Chemical/Optima Belle GA John Caudill Consultant 08/23/16
Optima Chemical/Optima Belle GA Doug Cochran VP of Business Development 10/20/15
Optima Chemical/Optima Belle GA Kent Smith Process Technology Manager 09/02/16
Optima Chemical/Optima Belle GA Gene WIlliams President 10/20/15
Optima Machinery Corporation WI Michael Schrauth Sales Manager 10/27/15
ORG CHEM Group IN Joseph Chiaroni President 06/25/16
ORG CHEM Group IN Lioba Kloppenburg Process Chemist 01/16/16
ORG CHEM Group IN Eric Mittlefehldt Vice President – Development & Contract Manufacturing 10/24/15
Organic Technologies OH Jack Etheridge VP-Fine Chemicals 02/03/16
Organic Technologies OH Zachary Latynski R&D Chemist 02/03/16
Organic Technologies OH David Wiley President 08/31/16
Ortec, Inc. SC Rodney Garza Marketing 05/27/16
Ortec, Inc. SC Greg Russell Business Development 10/30/15
Ortec, Inc. SC Louie Steed Director of Sales & Marketing 04/21/16
Ortec, Inc. SC Larry Suggs x 09/07/16
OXEA TX Bill Parker North American Sales Director 05/17/16
OXITENO Michelle McKnight Sales Rep 09/08/16
PACE Business Partners NC Jaap SCHUT VP New Business Development 08/26/16
PAK TECHNOLOGIES WI Kevin Schuele President 08/31/16
Palm Commodities International TN Jeff Brassard GM 08/17/16
Palm Commodities International TN Ric Burks Procurement & Supply Manager 11/30/15
Palm Commodities International TN Prakash Mishra Commercial Director 08/17/16
Parchem NY Luigi Magliaro VP of Product Development 04/19/16
Paul Mueller MO Gary Martin Chemical Tank Sales 08/23/16
Paul Mueller Company MO Corey Vance Field Construction Sales Manager 07/19/16
PCC Chemax SC Bo Mebane VP 08/01/16
PCC Chemax SC Randy Snavely President 07/28/16
PEEL PLASTIC PRODUCTS LTD. ON Arnoud Prins Business Development Manager 02/25/16
Pennakem TN Todd Coleman New Business Manager 08/17/16
Pennakem LLC TN Barry Roberts Sales Manager North America 07/13/16
Performanx Specialty Chemicals OH Doug Gels Director of Manufacturing 09/07/16
perstorp Polyols Inc. GA Jeff Sheek Sales Manager Southern U.S. 07/05/16
PharmAgra Labs, Inc. NC Peter Newsome President 10/21/15
Phillips 66 – Specialty Solvents MS Russell Moffett SE Region Sales Manager 02/09/16
Phoenix Chemical GA Jonathan Bagley Purchasing Manager 08/11/16
Phoenix Chemical GA John Bryant President 08/11/16
Phoenix Chemical GA Todd Mull Vice President 08/11/16
PhosphonicS Sophie Purser Business Development Manager 02/09/16
PHT International, Inc. NC Linda Arntzen Vice President of Sales & Marketing 10/22/15
PHT International, Inc. NC Joe Baker Vice President of Business Development 10/22/15
PHT International, Inc. NC Tobias Kuehl Associate Director, Strategic Development 08/12/16
PHT International, Inc. NC Bruce Lipshutz Director 10/22/15
PHT International, Inc. NC Dana Vestal Event Coordinator 08/12/16
PHT International, Inc. NC Mark Witterholt Senior Vice President of Sales 10/22/15
PHT International, Inc. NC Lihong Yu President 10/22/15
Piedmont Chemical Industries Inc. NC Cres Calabrese VP and Chief Human Resources Officer 09/07/16
Pilot Chemical OH Anil Saraf New Business Development Director 07/21/16
Pinnacle Pharma LLC SC Eric Bonam Marketing 08/18/16
Pinova, A division of Symrise GA Christy Sapp Business Development Manager 06/10/16
Pinova, Member of the Symrise Group GA Kerry Thompson Research Scientist 08/05/16
Pioneer International Inc. Feng Chen Vice President 09/08/16
Pipeline Packaging NC Chip Thomas Sales 04/21/16
PipelinePackaging NC Rob Anderson Regional Sales Manager 02/22/16
PipelinePackaging NC Dan McCaffrey Sales 08/25/16
PipelinePackaging NC Jonathan McCarthy Sales 08/25/16
Piramal Pharma Solutions Jeff Slocum Manager Business Development (API Services) 08/25/16
PMC Group NJ Allen Whiteside Business Development Grignards 08/25/16
PMC Organometallix NJ Bryan Haltom Market Development Manager 08/04/16
POLAQUIMIA MARIO Correa Eng 08/31/16
Polar King International IN Dan Parsenow Regional Sales Manager 03/14/16
Polar King International IN Patrick Smith Regional Sales Manager 03/14/16
Polinsky Chemicals NC Alex Polinsky President 06/16/16
Porocel Industries LLC AR David Rosenberg Aluminum Oxide/ Alumina Products Sales 08/24/16
Porocel International, LLC TX Peter Douvry Business Manager – Tolling 08/23/16
PORT CITY WAREHOUSE SC Mikell Thaxton President 04/19/16
Powder Processing & Technology IN Ken Bartelt President 10/23/15
Powder Processing & Technology IN Adam Bonk Business Development Manger, Custom Processing 10/23/15
Powder Processing & Technology IN John Kaziow General Partner 08/26/16
Powder Processing & Technology IN Errol Menke Partner: EJ Vestco Ind. 08/26/16
PPG LA Joel Robbins Technical Service Specialist 09/07/16
PPG NC Brent Tranter Sales Account Manager 08/01/16
Pr2G Brett Schofield 09/07/16
Praxair TX Michael Golla Business Development 04/25/16
Praxair IL Roman Grosman Business Development Directo 07/01/16
Praxair, Inc. PA Al Horn Business Development Manager 06/07/16
Praxair, Inc. CT Walter Renz Associate Director , Business Development 01/11/16
Praxair, Inc. MI Jim Wylie Business Development 07/18/16
Prayon Inc. GA Sibea Lewis Area Sales & Export Manager 08/31/16
Precision Tank IL David Hemming CEO 07/28/16
Precision Tank IL Mike Zeitler VP Operations 07/28/16
Premier Logistics Solutions SC Stewart Bauknight Director of Sales 05/19/16
Premier Logistics Solutions SC Hal Burton President and CEO 05/19/16
Pressure Chemical Co. PA Rebecca Ostrzeniec Sales & Marketing Representative 11/06/15
Pressure Chemical Co. PA Emily Thurston Technical Sales Manager 08/01/16
Procedyne NJ Sholom Babad 09/08/16
Procedyne NJ Thomas Parr President 09/08/16
Procedyne NJ Sam Rothman 09/08/16
Procter and Gamble OH Maggie Del Presto Marketing Manager 06/28/16
Procter and Gamble NY Brian Furlong Account Executive 06/28/16
Procter and Gamble GA George Koehnke Sales Manager 06/28/16
Project Integration SC David Ternberg Project Manager 08/08/16
Project Integration SC Rob Zielinski Portfolio Manaager 08/08/16
Prosyntis Alain Bernard managing director 09/02/16
Pulcra Chemicals SC Brandon Francois Sales 08/11/16
Pulcra Chemicals SC Kay McCoy Technical Sales 08/11/16
Pulcra Chemicals, LLC SC Jeff Carr Managing Director 09/01/16
Qi-Chem Sophie Su President 09/07/16
Qi-Chem Co., Ltd ON Dianping Jiang President 08/14/16
Qi-Chem Co., Ltd ON Young Jin Lee Vice-President 10/30/15
QProducts & Services IL Tom Larocca Account Executive 10/21/15
QProducts & Services IL Jim O’Donnell Director of Sales 10/21/15
Quintessential Technologies Michael Keane Operations Officer 07/25/16
QV Chemicals LLC MO Ajit Shah VP – Business Development 08/12/16
R. Nunez Growth & Innovation, LLC SC Roberto Nunez President 09/07/16
RAA Associates NY Rich Amitrano Business Development 08/15/16
Radchem Products, Inc. IL Amy Krueger Regional Sales Manager 05/19/16
Radchem Products, Inc. IL Alan May Sales Manager 05/19/16
Radchem Products, Inc. IL Bill Radostits President 05/19/16
Radchem Products, Inc. IL Chris Widup Regional Sales Manager 05/19/16
Radchem Products, Inc. IL Herb Wilhelm Regional Sales Manager 05/19/16
Raffles Lease TX Mike Krengle Markting Director 08/08/16
RB Products, Inc. TX Michelle Boatman Executive Manager 06/30/16
RB Products, Inc. TX David Buchanan VP Operations/Business Development 01/19/16
RB Products, Inc. TX Micah Rice Sales 01/19/16
RB Products, Inc. TX Simona Rice Administrative Assistant 06/30/16
RB Products, Inc. TX Ray Rice, Jr President/CEO 06/30/16
RD Industries NE Darwin Rubeck Business Development Director 11/06/15
RD Industries NE Bill Sutton Key Account Sales Executive 08/03/16
Reliance Label Solutions KS Jim Garvic Director of Business Development 04/26/16
Remcon Plastics Inc PA Melissa Mainieri Sales 10/27/15
Remcon Plastics Inc PA Bruce Moore Sales 08/11/16
Research Solutions Group AL Charlie Rose Sales Manager 08/11/16
Resinate Materials Group, Inc MI Adam Emerson Laboratory Director 07/05/16
Resinate Materials Group, Inc MI Kris Weigal Chief Commercial Officer 07/05/16
Ricerca Biosciences OH Michael Contenza Business Manager, Chemical Development 04/27/16
Ricerca Biosciences OH Albert Pacella Director, Business Development 04/27/16
Richman Chemical Inc PA Christopher Kulp Executive Vice President 08/19/16
Richman Chemical Inc. PA Brian Watson Manager 09/07/16
Rieke Metals LLC NE Shannon Bellino Director of Sales 08/17/16
Rierden Chemical & Trading IL Aaron Eckhardt Sales 07/14/16
Rierden Chemical & Trading IL Jonathan Rierden Business Development 07/14/16
Rierden Chemical & Trading IL Joe Rierden Owner 07/14/16
Robatel Inc. MA Greg Cybulski Business Development 10/30/15
Robatel Inc. MA Rob Driscoll Sr. Application Engineer 10/30/15
Robinson Brothers Limited Adrian Hanrahan Managing Director 10/30/15
Robinson Brothers Limited Craige Taylor Sales Manager 10/30/15
Rock Salt Source TX Kellie Battle Business Development 08/24/16
Rohner Inc. NC James Schwindeman Executive Vice President 06/22/16
Row2 Technologies NJ Anand Ramakrishnan Director – Sales & Operations 08/02/16
Royal Adhesives & Sealants GA Candice Holm Sales Representative 05/27/16
Royal Chemical OH Joe Kramer Account Manager 05/12/16
Royal Chemical Company OH Dave DeBord VP Business Development & Strategy 10/20/15
Royal Chemical Company OH Nicholas La Magna VP Sales & Marketing 10/20/15
Royale Pigments & Chemicals, Inc. NJ Lindsay Logue President 06/30/16
RSA Corp CT Jan Anthony President 07/15/16
RSA Corp CT Stephanie Weber Vice President 03/04/16
RT Process OH Ali Kerr General Manager 05/27/16
RTMcDill Consulting LLC TX Richard McDill Principal 04/29/16
Rudolph Business Consutling LLC GA Gaoqiang Li Director of Business Development 07/18/16
S T Laboratories, Inc. RI Tony Thompson President 08/09/16
Sabin Metal Corporation NY Dan Fisher Regional Sales Manager 07/18/16
Sage IL Anders Linden Account Executive 04/20/16
Saint-Gobain ZirPro TX Jeff Girman Sales Manager 08/05/16
Sajjan India Limited NY Tony Uberoi North American Representative 10/23/15
Sajjan India Ltd. NY Elizabeth Lumley Sales Rep 08/10/16
Saltigo Robert Bloodworth Head of Procurement 06/27/16
Saltigo Stefanie Gschwandner Product Manager 06/27/16
Saltigo Wilfried Jaworek Head of Procurement Technical Goods, Services and Outsourcing 06/27/16
Saltigo PA Philipp Omlor Business Development Manager 06/27/16
Saltigo Dirk Sandri Head of Marketing 11/20/15
Saltigo Christoph Schaffrath Head of Marketing Agro 06/27/16
Saltigo Carolin Schuch Business Manager 06/27/16
Sample Express GA Harley Jones VP Marketing 08/29/16
Sandvik Process Systems NJ Tom Smith Regional Sales Manager – Americas 08/11/16
Santolubes SC John Stadalsky Product Development Manager 09/07/16
Santolubes SC Jeter Starnes Vice President 12/10/15
SantoLubes LLC SC George Garrison CEO 08/30/16
Sarchem Laboratories,Inc NJ SAM KUMAR CEO 08/11/16
Sarchem Laboratories,Inc NJ Sara Kumar President 08/11/16
Sasol Chemicals (USA) LLC TX Terence Gilmore Distribution Specialist 09/01/16
Schirm GmbH TX Jesus Morales Plant Manager 08/08/16
Schirm USA Inc TX Ron Jones V.P. Manufacturing 08/08/16
Schirm USA Inc. TX Chad Kern Facility Engineer 11/06/15
Schwartz Chemical Corporation ON Terry Butryn President 12/03/15
Schwartz Chemical Corporation ON Terry Nason x 09/07/16
Scientific Update Claire Francis Director 07/18/16
SCP Resources, Inc. TX Jeff Busche President 08/21/16
Sealion Technology TX Chris Lobue Advisor 08/15/16
Seatex Ltd. TX Kelly Aimes x 09/07/16
Seatex Ltd. TX Timothy Emert Businness Development Manager 03/01/16
Sekisui Vinh Nguyen Project Leader 09/08/16
Sekisui Marty Sweeney Market Development Manager 09/08/16
Sensient Michael Precup Account Manager 09/08/16
SEPPIC, Inc. NJ Bob McKay Sr. Vice President 06/23/16
SePRO Corporation NC Bill Whitford Director of Manufacturing and Logistics 09/01/16
Shamrock NJ Lou Grzybek Global Director of Manufacturing and Engineering 09/07/16
Shamrock NJ Al Pape President 09/07/16
Sharda Cropchem, LTD Ram Bubna Chairman & Managing Director 08/30/16
Sharda Cropchem, LTD Shlomi Iwanir Global Quality Assurance 08/30/16
Sharda Cropchem, LTD Sandeep Larha Purchasing Manager 08/30/16
Sharda Cropchem, LTD Sanjay More Quality Manager 08/30/16
Sharda USA PA Sharon Gunning Director of Supply Chain 08/30/16
Sharda USA LLC NC Roy Carter President 09/07/16
ShayoNano USA Inc TX Mahesh Patel CEO 08/11/16
Shell Global Solutions TX Mike Doll Engineer 08/01/16
Shell Global Solutions US TX Michael Miguez Engineer 06/30/16
Sherwin Williams OH Steve Pizzute Manager 08/11/16
Sherwin-Williams OH Ron McMahon Global External Innovation Manager 08/10/16
Sherwin-Williams Company OH Noel Dichosa Polymer Engineer 08/12/16
Shin-Etsu Silicones of America, Inc. OH Elizabeth Roetger Account Manager 09/08/16
Shorechem, LLC NJ Walt Bortle Sales Manager 06/30/16
Shurtape NC Pete Elafros Manager, External Technologies 09/07/16
Siemens NY Jonas Norinder Account Manager 08/01/16
Sigmund Lindner GmbH Darryl Langlois Regional Manager 02/15/16
Sigmund Lindner GmbH Achim Muller Product Manager Ceramic Beads 09/07/16
Siltech Corporation NC Craig Hughes Regional Sales Manager 08/01/16
Silver Fern Chemical Inc CA Sam King President 08/22/16
Silver Fern Chemical, Inc TX Troy Kinto Regional Sales Manager 08/29/16
Sinochem Lantian Trading Co.,Ltd Chuang Liu Dep. Manager 08/11/16
Sinochem Lantian Trading Co.,Ltd Keqi Lou Sales manager 08/11/16
Sinova Specialties Inc NC Amy Oakes Marketing 08/24/16
Sinova Specialties Limited Johannes Heckmann Sales Director 10/20/15
SiVance LLC FL Tom Heaton Commercial Product Director 07/12/16
SiVance, LLC FL Mark Moderhack Senior Account Executive 07/12/16
SiVance, LLC SC Randy Schneider Sr. Business Development Mgr. 07/12/16
Skolnik Industries IL Josip Petrusic Sales 05/31/16
Skolnik Industries IL Jason Snow Sales 02/08/16
SLI Technologies, Inc. FL Alex Fowlkes VP/Chemist 08/31/16
SMC NJ Stephen Schmidt Business Manager 08/16/16
Snyder Industries, Inc. NE Troy Lauver Regional Sales Manager 05/31/16
Snyder Industries, Inc. NE Mike Melymuk Director Sales & Marketing IBC Sales 05/31/16
SOCMA DC Jenny Gaines Director of Marketing & Sales 01/28/16
SOCMA DC Brittany Mountjoy Manager 08/01/16
SOCMA DC Larry Sloan President & CEO 11/06/15
Sofix Corporation TN Paul Cahill President 08/05/16
SOLVAY TX Dominick Cangiano Marketing 10/28/15
SOLVAY Jean Fabre R&D Manager Fluor Specialities 07/08/16
SOLVAY TX Nicolas Taillardat Marketing 10/26/15
Solvay Corporation OK Perri Catey Strategic Buyer 08/23/16
Solvay USA NJ William Lombardi Manager – Custom Manufacturing 06/29/16
South Hampton Resources TX Ron Franklin VP of Manufacturing 10/23/15
Southern Chemical & Textiles GA Jonathan Faith North American Distribution Manager 06/20/16
Southern Chemical & Textiles GA Joe Santo VP of Sales 06/20/16
Southern Fasteners and Supply NC Mark Cooper Account Manager 01/29/16
Southern Fasteners and Supply SC Toby Sanks Account Manager 01/29/16
Southern Tank Leasing AL Joe Collien Sales Manager 02/18/16
Southern Tank Leasing AL Dave Dittfield Sales Manager 02/18/16
Southern Tank Leasing AL Dan Duke Operations Manager 02/18/16
Southwest Research Institute TX James Oxley Principal Scientist 05/27/16
Southwest Research Institute TX Stephen Warnock Research Engineer 06/21/16
Southwest Research Institute TX Alice Yau Pricipal Scientist 06/13/16
Special Materials Company NY James Love Vice President, Business Development 06/27/16
Special Materials Company NY Michael Norwood Distribution Business Manager 08/01/16
Specialty & Agro Chemicals America PA Tom Leahy Owner 06/16/16
Specialty Polymers Inc SC Steve Reiser VP R&D 02/08/16
Specialty Polymers Inc SC Tom Sennhenn Strategic Business Mgr 02/08/16
Specialty Polymers, Inc SC Darrell Nasser Senior Chemist 05/27/16
Specialty Polymers, Inc. SC Kelly Kane VP Operations 08/11/16
Speichim Processing / Tredi Mexico Matthieu BONTEMS Business Dev Manager 06/23/16
Spirax Sarco SC Reece Barefoot National Oil & Gas Manager 08/10/16
Spirax Sarco SC Neil Davies Market Development Manager 03/01/16
Spirax Sarco, Inc. SC Jahaira Lebron Lebron Marketing Intelligence 03/18/16
Starchem, LLC SC Peter Chetcuti President 08/22/16
StarChem, LLC SC Trevor King VP-Marketing 10/28/15
StarChem, LLC SC Pat Mills Director of Supply Chain 08/22/16
Starpharma David Owen VP, Research 09/01/16
State Contract Manufacturing OH Brian McCue CRO 03/03/16
State Industrial Products OH Keith Clouston VP of Operations 08/25/16
State Industrial Products OH Dashun Golden Production Manager 08/25/16
Stellar Manufacturing IL Benjamin Wodicker Director, Business Development 08/16/16
Stepan AL Stephen Hoke Account Executive 08/09/16
Stepan Company IL Scott Picker Account Executive 08/17/16
Steri Technologies, Inc. NY John Gibbons VP Sales 10/22/15
Stericycle AL Michael Johnson Account Manager 09/07/16
STK Stockton Guy Elitzur 09/07/16
Stockton Chemical Corp. CA Sarah Reiter General Manager, USA 06/16/16
Stockton USA FL Jon Amdursky Public Relations Consultant 06/16/16
Sugino Corp IL Masaru Uchijima Sales Manager 08/23/16
Sugino Corp IL Kiyo Umezawa Business Development Manager 11/06/15
Sumitomo Chemical America NY Angela Lee Manager 06/29/16
Sun Chemical SC Glenn Smith Purchasing Manager 08/12/16
Sun Chemical OH Jean Yoho Purchasing Manager 08/03/16
Sun Chemical Corporation OH Mark Dugan Toll Operations Manager Americas 05/27/16
Sun Chemical Corporation OH Steve Schmidt VP Purchasing-Pigments 05/23/16
Suntton CT Luke Verdet Business Director 11/27/15
Swan Chemical Inc. NJ Tom Porter Commercial Director 01/19/16
Swan Chemical Inc. NJ Chuck Van Fleet President 01/20/16
Synalloy Chemicals TN Kevin Bates VP of Operations 07/18/16
Synalloy Chemicals TN Greg Gibson President 12/17/15
Synalloy Chemicals SC Tony Jones VP Sales 10/23/15
Synalloy Chemicals TN Matt Maretti Account Manager 07/19/16
Synalloy Chemicals SC Jason McCabe Territory Sales Manager 07/29/16
Synergy Products Int. PA Gary Kramzar President 08/19/16
Syngenta NC William (Tex) Baughman Field Supervisor 05/25/16
Syngenta NC Doug Beach Field Supervisor 08/31/16
Syngenta NC Jake Becker Buyer 05/13/16
Syngenta NC Karolyn Cardwell Buyer 06/29/16
Syngenta NC John Davis Manager, Formulation, Fill & Pack North America 05/19/16
Syngenta NC Kevin Gesse Head North America Direct Procurement 04/19/16
Syngenta NC Scott Harding Formulation & Tolling Manager 05/13/16
Syngenta NC Mike Hester Tolling Field Supervisor 04/20/16
Syngenta NC Nikki Purkett Tolling Group Leader 08/31/16
Syngenta NC Dirk Taylordean Field Supervisor 08/25/16
Syngenta Crop Protection LLC NC Kurt Bowdle Field Supervisor, Toll Mfg 08/22/16
Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC NC Steve Rattanavong Procurement Manager 06/29/16
Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC NC Deirdre Smith Procurement Manager 04/25/16
Synquest Labs FL Frank Waters President 08/03/16
Synthetics China NJ Bob Titus Consultant 07/21/16
Tatva Chintan USA MI Curt Koeppe Director of Sales 06/28/16
TCI America OR Corey Smith Bulk Sales Manager 08/01/16
Technologie Inovaweld Inc. QC MICHEL LEVESQUE Vice-President 06/22/16
Technology Sciences Group DC Erin Tesch Vice-President 06/06/16
TEMA Systems Inc. OH Jeff Sullivan Applications Engineer 02/24/16
TEMA Systems, Inc. OH Chad Mendelsohn Sales Manager – Chem. Centrifuges 08/17/16
TEN-E Packaging Services MN Eric Stiltjes Packaging Engineer 03/03/16
TEN-E Packaging Services NC Brent Weber Lab Manager 03/03/16
TensTech, Inc. NC Thomas Theyson Technical Director 05/06/16
Tetramer SC Jeffrey DiMaio COO 04/29/16
Tetramer Technologies SC Debra Tindall Senior Research Scientist 02/23/16
Texas Molecular, LP TX Theresa Garrett Account Manager 10/27/15
Texas Molecular, LP TX Frank Marine President 10/27/15
the CastleO Group NC Steve Oestreicher Principle Consultant 06/30/16
The Chemical Company RI Ray Altenburger VP Business Development 10/21/15
The Chemical Company RI Shel Gelman VP Business Development 06/23/16
The Chemical Company RI Jason Perry VP Marketing and New Ventures Canada 06/15/16
The Chemical Company RI AJ Petrarca Sales Manager 06/06/16
The Context Network IA James Mann Partner 06/16/16
The Dow Chemical Company MI Lisa Quencer Technical Industry Leader 09/07/16
The Elm Press, Inc. CT Vic Losure President 08/20/16
The Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa Ltd Deon Cloete Senior Industry Development Manager 08/29/16
The Lewis Chemical Company GA Kevin King Business Development Director 08/09/16
The Lewis Chemical Company GA Katie Kiser Business Development 08/09/16
The Lewis Chemical Company GA Gregg Lewis CEO 08/09/16
The Lewis Chemical Company GA Diane Lewis CFO 08/09/16
The Lubrizol Corporation OH Brian Cunningham Global Custom Manufacturing Manager 07/06/16
The Meadows Group TX Jeff Sadler Business Development 05/24/16
The Shepherd Chemical Company OH Greg Ramminger Sales Manager-Inorganics 09/01/16
The Shepherd Chemical Company OH Keith Smith International Account Manager 10/29/15
The Sherwin-Williams Co OH Victoria Scarborough Program Director External Innovation 04/19/16
The Unami Group, LLC PA Bill Tuszynski Partner 06/24/16
The Witt Group FL Jerry Witt President 08/30/16
Third Coast International UK Martin Staley Vice President 01/25/16
THIRD COAST Terminals TX Grif Carnes Vice President 01/25/16
Tiarco Chemical SC Sasha Block Operations Manager 07/08/16
Tiarco Chemical GA Jeff Vanderlip Technical Director 11/09/15
TIMAB Magnesia / Van Mannekus & Co. MN Tyler Nessen Business Unit Manager 03/17/16
Timab North America / Van Mannekus & Co MN Xavier Boulard Market Manager 08/09/16
TMC Industries MN David Smith Business Development 11/06/15
Toray Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. Ryoji Ichioka Group Leader 08/28/16
Toray Fine Chemicals Co.,Ltd. TADAO NARUSAWA Director 08/25/16
Toray International America NY Hiroki Ogata Assistant Manager 08/19/16
Toray International America, Inc. NY Keith Dosch US Sales Manager 12/02/15
Toray International America, Inc. NY Kunihiko Shinki General Manager 12/02/15
Toray International, Inc. Masaki Yonekura Sales 08/30/16
TorQuest Partners ON Darin Brock Business Development 08/22/16
TorQuest Partners ON Matthew Chapman Partner 08/22/16
TorQuest Partners DC Andrew Ross Executive 08/24/16
Tosoh USA OH Michael East Business Development Manager 10/27/15
Total Cray Valley PA Bill Frazier Manager – Tolling 03/26/16
Tradebe Environmental Services IN Neil Manny Director, Distillation and Recycling Services 08/02/16
Trecora Chemical TX Larry Birdsell Custom Processing Business Director 10/23/15
Tri Rinse, Inc MO Jennifer Beck Project Manager 07/11/16
Tri Rinse, Inc MO Mark Hudson General Manager 07/11/16
Tri Rinse, Inc MO Clinton Shocklee Business Unit Director, Formulation & Packaging 07/11/16
Tri Rinse, Inc MO Jim Wotruba Sales and Marketing 08/10/16
Tricor Metals OH Steve Beaver Market Manager 06/14/16
Trinity Logistics TX Jaron Clower National Sales Manager 07/28/16
Trinity Logistics MO Wade Evans National Sales Manager 05/19/16
Trinity Logistics TX Daniel Evans Director of Sales 07/28/16
TRINSEO PA Todd Crook Business Director, Latex 08/15/16
Trinseo MI Matthew Ohl Manufacturing Engineer 08/31/16
TROY Corporation NJ Tracy Valeriani Director, Global Sourcing 09/07/16
TROY Corporation NJ Victor Weglowski Director, Process Engineering 09/07/16
Truck Service Inc. NC Brian Conner Sales Manager 02/08/16
Trumont International Komail Thaver Managing Director 08/20/16
U.S. E.P.A. DC Majd El-Zoobi Chemical Engineer 07/18/16
UBM Connect NY Stephen Knowles Event Director 07/29/16
UBM/InformEx NY Jim McManemin Sales Director 07/29/16
UK Dept for International Trade John Moss Chemicals Specialist 08/08/16
Ultrafine Technologies Ltda Pedro Altmann director 06/29/16
Ultrafine Technologies Ltda Moacir Mancilha consultant 06/29/16
Umicore Precious Metals CA Don Zeng Director of Business Development 08/03/16
United Phosphorus SC Robert Ricker Project Manager 08/23/16
United Phosphorus Inc PA Bill Lester Procurement Manager; US 06/20/16
United Phosphorus, Inc. PA Mark Weber Manufacturing Manager 08/22/16
United Soybean Board/Omni Tech International Inc NC Robina Hogan Commerciailzation Manager 08/22/16
Univar NC Jon Pio Sales Manager 08/30/16
Univar IL Mani Ramesh Executive Vice President 04/21/16
Univar USA GA Mike Mazur Sales Manager Southeast USA 08/30/16
Univar USA GA Brooks Packer Account Manager 08/30/16
UPI SC Dennis Dallas Procurement Manager 08/30/16
Vacuubrand, Inc. CT John Kalinowski Sales & Technical Service Representative 11/03/15
Vacuubrand, Inc. CT Scott Leahy Technical Marketing Manager 11/03/15
Valent Biosciences IL Salina Laurie Purchasing Manager 04/25/16
Valent U.S.A. Corporation CA Bob Bryant Manufacturing Engineer 07/25/16
Valent U.S.A. Corporation CA Wade Janssen Manufacturing Engineer 07/25/16
Valent U.S.A. Corporation CA Sue Morris Manager, Purchasing & Production Planning 07/25/16
Valspar MN Gary Cooper Market Intel Analyst 08/30/16
Valspar MN Margie Pierce Global Tolling Manager 07/18/16
Valsynthese Frederic Besancon SEVP, Head of Fine Chemicals 08/23/16
VanDeMark Chemical Inc. NY John Dobrolsky Sales Manager 11/10/15
VanDeMark Chemical Inc. NY Larry Grubb VP Global Sales & Business Development 11/10/15
VanDeMark Chemical Inc. NY Michael Kucharski CEO 08/02/16
Vantage IL Paul Gaines Business Director 07/01/16
Vantage IL Tony Martinez Regional Sales Manager 10/20/15
Vantage IL Neal Von Drasek Regional Sales Manager 10/20/15
Veolia NJ John Nerger Reclaim Product Line Manager 08/22/16
Veolia North America NC Sal Ingaro Account Manager 08/31/16
Veolia North America IL Jim Ostrowski Reclaim Engineer, Product Line Manager 12/04/15
Veolia North America TX Kevin Polkinghorn Key Account Manager, 08/19/16
Verdesian Life Science NC Gabriel Chiriboga Global Procurement Manager 09/01/16
Vertellus NJ Jeff Czarnecki Vice President, Sales 09/07/16
Vertellus IN Jim Keay Business Director 07/27/16
Vertellus IN Mark Lewis Business Director, Fine Chemicals 10/20/15
Vertellus NJ Jeremy Steinfink President, Vertellus Specialty Materials 08/18/16
Vertellus NC Mike Turner director 08/30/16
Vertellus Specialties IN Zachary Sprigler Sales Represtentative 08/15/16
Vertellus Specialties MN Nina Waranica Manager, Sales & Development 08/05/16
Vertellus Specialties Inc. NJ John Doherty Manager, Sales & Bus. Dev. 09/02/16
Vertellus Specialties Materials PA Glenn Carroll Global Market Managerr 08/29/16
Vertellus Specialties, Inc IN Linda Hicks Vice President Global Technology 08/15/16
Viachem Ltd. TX Kyle Einhorn VP Business Development 08/23/16
Viakem S.A. de C.V. Emilio Assam Chief Executive Officer 04/27/16
Viakem S.A. de C.V. Jesús Cantú Fine Chemicals Director 04/27/16
Viakem, S.A. de C.V. Jose Davila Sales & Marketing 01/20/16
Viakem, S.A. de C.V. Hugo Hernandez Commercial Development Manager 01/20/16
Vitusa Products NJ Craig Fish Sales Manager 08/30/16
Vitusa Products NJ Jeff Stallworth Sales Manager 08/30/16
Vivid Data Group, LLC TX Glen Fullerton Project Manager 09/07/16
Vivid Data Group, LLC NC Franz Lorio Project Manager 12/15/15
Volunteer Pastilles LLC TN Dave Cook Director, Sales and Marketing 11/06/15
Volunteer Pastilles LLC TN Steve Cook Owner 11/06/15
Volunteer Pastilles LLC TN David Dobbs Sales 09/08/16
VRC Technologies, Inc. TX Robert Green President 08/18/16
VRC Technologies, Inc. TX Kayla Haddix Vice President 08/18/16
VSP Technologies Ron Kjeldsen Fluid Sealing Specialist 09/08/16
VTA GmbH & Co., KG SC Bob Schavey Buisness Development Engineer 10/20/15
VTA GmbH & Co., KG Oliver Stoll General Manager 07/01/16
Wacker Chemical Company MI Scott Starr Business Dev. Mgr. Americas 08/16/16
Wako Chemicals USA INC VA Jeff Burke Senior Manager 08/11/16
Wako Chemicals USA INC VA Andrew Shin Sales Rep 11/02/15
Walsh & Associates, Inc MO Tom Intagliata Sales 08/03/16
Walsh & Associates, Inc MO Paul Winkelmann Regional Sales Mgr. 08/03/16
Ward/Kraft, Inc. KS Curt Johnson Sales Rep 07/28/16
Waters Corporation MA Kenneth Langley Market Development Manager 06/22/16
Webb Chemical MI John Hill Business Development 03/22/16
Wego Chemical NY Roger Weaving Business Development Panjandrum 07/20/16
Wego Chemical Group NY Alice Hu Global Product Manager 07/20/16
Wego Chemical Group NY Kimberly Morgan Global Product Manager 01/25/16
WeylChem SC Hugh Hennessy Account Manager 08/10/16
Weylchem / Allessa Michael Hassler Business Director 08/08/16
WeylChem International SC Kevin Drost Director of Business and Development 06/17/16
WeylChem International SC Rob Harpum National Sales Director Americas 10/21/15
WeylChem International SC Scott Houlahan Sales Manager 06/17/16
WeylChem International SC Mike McGeary Sales Manager 06/17/16
WeylChem International SC Lori McMichael Customer Service Manager 06/17/16
WeylChem International SC Erika Moseley Customer Satisfaction Manager 06/17/16
WeylChem International SC Gary Pasek Sales Manager 06/17/16
WeylChem International SC Philippe Robin CEO WeylChem US 06/17/16
WeylChem International Frank Wegener President 06/17/16
WeylChem International, Inc. SC Jeff Reynolds Supply Chain Manager 06/29/16
Whitaker Chemicals, LLC SC Alexis Davis Account Manager 08/10/16
Whitaker Chemicals, LLC SC O’dell Zachary President 08/10/16
Willowood USA OR Brian Heinze President & CEO 08/01/16
Willowood USA NE Jeff Thayer Director of Manufacturing 07/07/16
Wood Group SC Nicole Core Business Development Director 02/24/16
Wood Group SC Brian Tiffany Engineering Manager 08/18/16
Worldchem LLC MA Fred George President 04/12/16
WTS, Inc. TN Billy Mitchell Director 08/18/16
Xenon Arc WA David Hemm Director Client Solutions 09/07/16
YH&J LLC PA Yujian You Founder 06/26/16
Yokogawa Corporation of America TX Greg Dearwater Systems Consultant 04/19/16
Yokogawa Corporation of America GA Russ Graybill Director, M&C Marketing 04/19/16
Yokogawa Corporation of America GA Marcus Tennant Technology Strategist 11/13/15
YRC Freight NC Chris Allard Corporate Account Executive 08/16/16
Zaiput Flow Technologies MA Andrea Adamo CEO/Founder 08/02/16
Zschimmer & Schwarz GA Peter Bracke Sales Manager 08/17/16
Zschimmer & Schwarz, Inc. NC Stephen McKnight Sales Manager 04/28/16
Zschimmer& Schwarz INC GA Joe Jaskowiak Sales Manager 09/07/16
Zschimmer-Schwarz GA Lloyd Barringer Jr. Surfactant Sales Manager 08/19/16