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Specialty & Agro Chemicals America features suppliers and buyers involved with the technologies, innovations, and process solutions that have applications specifically for the agrochemical and specialty chemical markets. “Specialty and Agro” covers a diverse range of chemical end-uses that include:

  • Adhesives | Sealants | Resins
  • Agriculture | Crop Protection
  • Biofuels | Biodiesel
  • Coatings | Paints
  • Cosmetics | Personal Care
  • Electronics
  • Flavors | Fragrances
  • Food | Beverage
  • Mining | Mineral Processing
  • Oilfield | Fuels | Lubricants
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Photographic | Film
  • Plastics | Composites
  • Polymers | Monomers
  • Pulp | Paper
  • Soaps | Detergents
  • Textiles | Dyes | Inks
  • Water Treatment

Exhibitors at Chemicals America represent companies offering America-based operations for:

  • Specialty and Fine Chemical Manufacturing
  • Agrochemical Actives, Intermediates, and Inerts
  • Custom Chemical and Toll Manufacturing
  • Chemical Toll Processing and Formulation Services
  • Chemical Packaging Materials & Services
  • Chemical Research & Development Services
  • Chemical Process Equipment, Containers, & Technology
  • Chemical Distribution, Logistics, and Supply Chain Services

Buyers and other participants will consist of purchasing, sourcing, R&D, engineering, and process management personnel from the range of specialty and agrochemical end user markets noted above.

Preliminary 2017 Attendee List (955 Registrants as of July 14):

Company Name State First Name Last Name Job Title
A Brite Company TX Dan Dunigan VP Market Development
Aaron Equipment Company IL Erik Eichert Buyer
Aaron Equipment Company IL Anthony Tufano Sales
ABITEC Corporation IL David Gregg Business Development Director
Access Chemicals & Services, LLC. TX Rick Lane Consultant
Access Chemicals & Services, LLC. TX Courtney Pytel General Manager
Access Chemicals & Services, LLC. TX Jordan Stokes Executive Account Manager
Access Chemicals & Services, LLC. TX Wally Thorne Consultant
Access Chemicals & Services, LLC. TX RON TREECE President
Aceto Corporation NY Cliff Bobe AVP
Aceto Corporation NY Scott Herrington Senior Account Manager, Specialty Chemicals
Aceto Corporation NY Keith Wilkinson Senior VP
Achiewell, LLC PA Anna Turner Business Director
Acme-Hardesty PA Dean Bostic National Sales Manager
Acme-Hardesty PA Brian Leone Regional Sales Manager
Acme-Hardesty Co. PA Steven Chaffin Regional Sales Manager
Addison Capital FL Brian Miller Founding Partner
ADM – Archer Daniels Midland IL Derrick Rawson Manager
Admix NH Patrick Lakin Regional Sales Manager
Advanced Chemical Concepts MI Craig Tungate President
Advasol Water Soluble Film TX Neha Verma Sr. Marketing Communications
Aether Industries Limited Aman Desai Director
Aflex Hose PA Bill Winand Regional Sales Manager
Afton Chemical Corp. VA Phil Boegner Toll Manufacturing Manager
AGC Chemicals Americas PA Jie Zhang Business Manager
AGDATA NC Kerry Hubbard Senior Account Manager
AGI USA, Inc NC Duane Drinkwine Application Engineering Manager
AGI USA, Inc. NC Rick Szulborski General Manager
AgMarketResults, LLC SC Carmine Sesa Member
AgraForm MO Doug Baskett Plant Manager
AgraForm MO Ron Cunningham Business Development
AgraForm MO Bill McVeagh Principle Engineer
Agrofresh PA Jeff Baranchok Manufacturing SME
Agrofresh PA Eric Lieberman Global manufacturing and supply chain leader
Albemarle NC Katherine Brown Purchasing
Albemarle NC Michael Carroll Sales
Albemarle NC Michael Clark Purchasing
Albemarle NC John Coe Sales
Albemarle LA Diane Gormley Business Manager
Albemarle NC Keith Henry Purchasing
Albemarle NC Gary Hess Director, NA Sales – Fine Chemistry
Albemarle NC Jay Kisslak Purchasing
Albemarle NC Dru Manuel Purchasing
Albemarle LA Scott Martin President, Fine Chemistry Services
Albemarle LA Matt McGucken North American Sales
Albemarle NC Sarah Saxon Marketing Communications Specialist
Albemarle NC Thad White Sales
All American Containers FL Leif Wahlquist VP of Sales
AllChem Industries FL Brian Milan Sales Director
AllChem Industries TN Jim Wakim Regional Sales Manager
Allessa GmbH Michael Hassler Business Director
ALTIVIA TX Chuck Kreutzberger Manager Commerical Development
ALTIVIA TX John Tharp Purchasing Manager
AlzChem LLC GA Cathy Luo Technical Sales Manager
AlzChem LLC GA Alan Mick CEO
AlzChem LLC Juergen Sans VP Innovation Mgmt.
AlzChem LLC Georg Weichselbaumer Vice President Chemicals and Applications
American Chemistry Council DC Kevin Swift Chief Economist & Managing Director
American Custom Drying NJ Adam Cabot CEO
American Custom Drying NJ Marty Dansbury VP, Business Development
American Custom Drying NJ Brian Kelly Sales Engineer
American International Container NJ Daniel Bourneuf President
AMSA, Inc. MI Attila Relenyi President
AMSA, Inc. MI Janice Shawl V.P. of Operations
Amsyn Inc. CT Rich Murphy Product Manager
Amsyn Inc. CT Susan Orr VP
ANDRITZ Separation Inc. KY Steve Jacoby Regional Sales Manager
ANDRITZ Separation Inc. KY Steve Ungar Product Specialist
Archer Daniels Midland Company IL Jeremy Sculthorpe Sales
Archer Daniels Midland Company IL Heidi Wirey Sales Manager
Archroma NC Alan Headden Market Segment Mgr
Archroma U.S., Inc. NC Ruben Cuadrado Direct Spend Manager
Archroma U.S., Inc. NC Debra Pound Regional Head NORAM & CM
Archroma U.S., Inc. SC Ronda Tabb-Walker Indirect Spend Manager
Arkema PA Lucy Clarkson Director, Research & Development
Arkema Charlotte Herdt Market Manager
Arkema PA Eric Olivier Account Manager, DMSO and Amines
Arkema Inc. PA Katy Trosini Marketing Specialist & Inside Sales Rep
Arysta LifeScience NC Don Brandt Global Supply Chain Mgr
Arysta LifeScience NC Brian Burkhardt Americas Procurement
Arysta Lifescience NC Christopher Larson Global Operations and Process Technology
Ascend Performance Materials TX Molly Chhiv Production Manager Specialty Chemicals
Ascend Performance Materials TX Jamie Haseltine Business Development & Sales Manager, Specialty Chemicals
Ascend Performance Materials TX Dave McNeece Business Development Manager – Specialty Chemicals
Ascend Performance Materials TX Finlay Morrison Vice President, Specialty Chemicals
Ascend Performance Materials TX Joe Parker Technical Director – Specialty Chemicals
Ashland OH Paul Flood Business Director
Ashland OH Dave Lemke Account Manager
Ashland DE Sandy Lutz Global Supply Base Quality Manager
Ashland DE Frank McDonough North American Tolling Manager – Cellulosics
Ashland KY Robert Partin North America Tolling Manager – Acetylenics
Ashland OH Julie Santinelli Composites
Ashland OH Mike Stevens Composites
Ashland OH Bill Widger Composites
Ashland LLC OH Wesley Chang Global Tolling Procurement Manager
Ashland, LLC OH Don Joseph Toll Manufacturing Mgr.
Athlon Solutions TX Sandra Cox Strategic Sourcing Manager
Athlon Solutions TX David Fortune Business Development Director
Athlon Solutions TX Larry Ito VP Sales & Contract Mfg
Athlon Solutions TX Rhonda Warzecha Marketing Team
Atotech USA SC Mark Steele Procurement Manager
Augusta Fiberglass SC Craig Winningham Craig Winningham
Austin Chemical Company, Inc. IL Samuel Ponticelli Chairman and CEO
AVEKA MN Willie Hendrickson Founder / CEO
AVEKA MN Marie Jorissen President
Azelis Americas CT Frank Bergonzi CEO and President
Azelis Americas CT Terry Mullin Corporate Communications
AZO Inc. TN CHUCK KERWIN General Manager
AZO Inc. WI DAVID WALL Sales Manager
B&P Littleford MI Alan Malott Product Manager, Mixing Systems
BANJO Corporation IN Scott McDonald Sales Manager
Bann Quimica Ltda. Dwight Bann CEO
Bartlo Packaging Inc. NJ Allen Bartlo President
Bartlo Packaging, Inc. NJ Larry Byrd Business Development Manager
BASF NJ Amita Gupta Director Procurement
BASF NC Mark Kearns Technology Management
BASF NC Michael Tomasik Process Technology Manager
BASF Corp. SC Gary Lancos Territory Account Manager
BASF Corp. NJ Michael Stadelmaier Procurement Manager
BASF Corporation SC Richard Clayton Account Manager
BASF Corporation NC Bill Henry Manufacturing Supervisor
BASF Corporation NJ Yoong Kim Contract Manufacturing Procurement Manager
BASF Corporation NC Andrea Van der Velde Global Sourcing Manager Crop Protection
BASF SE Ingo Sagasser Head of Global Sourcing & Contracting Crop Protection
Bayer NC Michelle Jeffries Contract Manufacturing Demand Planner
Bayer NC Ryan Kurtz Procurement Specialist
Bayer US LLC MO Hemant Kandlur Associate Director Procurement – CS Directs
Baze Chemical TX Janna Baze Marketing/Sales
Baze Chemical TX Jeremy Baze Sales
Baze Chemical TX Ana Godinez Sales
Baze Chemical TX Travis Thibodeaux General Manager
BBP Sales: Yokogawa SC Stephen Guyon Sales Engineer
Benco Chemical Ltd NC Mac McGuire Senior Sales Executive
Benco Chemical Ltd NC Peter Norman Vice President
Bericap North America ON Lynne Brophy Director of Sales
Biazzi S.A. Alan Stout Biazzi SA US-Representative
Biazzi S.A. Bruno Tettamanti VP Marketing and Sales
Biddle Sawyer NY Lee DeWitt VP Business Development
Biddle Sawyer Corp. NY Jon Hupert Vice President
Biddle Sawyer Corp. NY ANTHONY Nigro Director, Business Development
Black Forest Container Systems SC Jeff Mazzola VP Sales
Bond Dickinson LLP Peter Snaith Partner
Bond Dickinson LLP Stuart Wardlaw Partner
Boron Molecular Inc. NC Ken Sullivan Director, Sales & Marketing
Borregaard LignoTech TX Tiffany McQueen Technical Application Manager – Americas
Boulder Scientific Company CO David Morita David Morita
Brenntag Midsouth KY Bruce Pritchett Director of Agriculture
Briar Chemicals Susan Brench Head of Commercial
Buhler Inc. NJ Steffen Pilotek Business Development Manager
Buss ChemTech AG Thomas Blocher Business Manager
BWAY Corporation IL John Homan Director of New Business Development & Marketing
BWAY Corporation IL Mark Puchalla Director of Plastic Business Development
BYK KY Shannon Morrison Regional Enduse Manager IA
C&EN NY John Day C&EN Domestic Sales, East Coast Rep
C.H. Robinson OK Joel Kennedy Strategic Sales Director
CABB Matthias Beinhoff Key Account Manager
CABB John Chapman Regional Director,  United States & Canada
CABB AG Matthias Helms Key Account Manager
CABB AG Mario Petretta Key Account Manager
Cadence Bank – Chemicals & Specialty Services TX Bill Bobbora Managing Director
Cadence Chemical CT John Wilson Presidant
CalaChem Ltd Russell Clarke Head of Commercial
CalaChem Ltd Jon West Commercial & Supply Chain Manager
Capital Resin Corp. OH Jamie Bull Chief Operating Officer
Capital Resin Corp. OH Matt Ducay Director of Operations
Capital Resin Corp. OH Mark Morehart Business Development Manager
Capital Resin Corp. OH John Williams John D Williams
Carpenter Co. VA Robert Proverb Assistant Director of R & D
Carrington Engineering Sales NC Will Johns Vice President
CCL Label TN Jim Balentine National Account Manager
CCL Label TN David Buck National Account Manager
CCR Containers WA Anna Nguyen Regional Manager
Cekal Specialties, Inc. NC Dallas Crotts President
CellMark Chemicals CT GABRIELA CESSARIO Sales Representative
CellMark Chemicals CT KARLTEN WONG VP Sales
CellMark USA CT Andrew DeRosa Senior Product Manager
Cenco Centrifuge IA Scott Glaser Sales
Cenco Centrifuge IA Sean O’Connor Account Manager
Cenco Centrifuge IA Craig Tracy President
CENTAURI Technologies, LP TX Kyle Killebrew President
CENTAURI Technologies, LP TX Russ King Sales & Marketing
CENTAURI Technologies, LP TX Sam Lane Director Business Development & Technology
Century Global  LLC ( Spec Chem Magazine/ Chemspec Events ) PA Ben Jones President
Charkit Chemical MI Sean Maggert Business Development Manager
Charkit Chemical Corp CT Charlie Hinnant President
Charkit Chemical Corporation CT Kristen DePersia Sales Executive
Charles River MA Greta Lindberg Senior Events Specialist
Charleston International Manufacturing Center SC Michael Cole VP, Business Development
ChayseChem PA Chris Klumph Vice President of Business Development
Chem International Inc. SC Morgan Washick Morgan Washick
Chem International Inc. SC Georgianna Welch Operations Director
Chemada Tal Guber Regional Sales Manager
Chemco Beads Shengyu Mao Sales Manager
ChemDesign Products Inc. WI Rae Johnson Vice President Sales
ChemDesign Products Inc. WI Bryon Leggett Vice President Business Development
ChemDesign Products Inc. WI David Mielke CEO & PRESIDENT
CHEMET Umesh Sanghvi Managing Partner
Chemformation TX Paul Broome VP
Chemformation TX Holly Myers VP
Chemical & Engineering News NY Rick Mullin Senior Editor
Chemical Distributors, Incorporated NY Rick Franclemont Sales Manager
Chemical Industries Association Ian Cranshaw Ian Cranshaw
Chemical Management Solutions LLC NY Peter Murin CEO
Chemical Services Group, Inc OH Matt Dailey President and CEO
Chemical Services Group, inc. OH Jason Schiavoni Director of Finance
Chemical Solvents, Inc. OH Tim McNeilly Technical Director
Chemical Solvents, Inc. OH Terri Shimensky Marketing Manager
ChemicalInfo TX Erica Duncan Senior National Sales Manager
Chemicals America PA Lisa Leahy VP
Chemicals America PA Beth Whitney Beth Whitney
CHEMICALS INCORPORATED TX Nawal Sharma Product Development
Chemol PA Dave Grillo General Manager
ChemOrganics TX David Swallow President
ChemOrganics TX Sachin Tipnis Vice President Operations
Chemours RI Patrick Durney patrick durney
Chemoxy Internatonal Ltd Anne Wardell Commercial Manager
ChemPacific Corporation MD Tammy DiIorio Sales Manager
ChemQuest Chemicals TX John Fries Sales Manager
ChemQuest Chemicals TX Clay Pace President & CEO
ChemQuest Chemicals TX Jeff Simpson Sales Manager
Chemsolv VA L Glenn Austin CEO
ChemStation International OH Bruce Phillippi Director of Research & Mfg
Chemsynergy Inc OH Onofrio Palazzolo Sales Director
Chemsynergy Inc. ON Jimmy Bhesania Vice President
Chemsynergy Inc. ON Bill Goldig Business Manager
Chevron Oronite TX Kathy Long Account Manager
Chevron Oronite TX Andrew Stephens Account Manager Chemical Sales
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company TX Tim Burrell Solvts & Fine Chem Act Mgr, The Americas
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company TX Abigail Cranford Sales Representative, Spec Chem
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company TX Jason Kreider Team Leader, Specialty Chemicals
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company TX Dennis Pogar Americas Sales Manager, Commercial
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company TX Jerry Smith Mercaptans Account Manager, The Americas
CiVentiChem NC Neil Buckley Director, Project Management
CiVentiChem NC Bhaskar Venepalli CEO
CJB Applied Technologies GA Jimmy LeFiles Technical Manager
CJB Industries GA Clinton Beeland CEO
CJB Industries GA Jeana Beeland Executive Vice President
CJB Industries GA Marcie Dennard Executive Marketing Assistant
CJB Industries GA Chuck Glover Sales Manager
CJB Industries NC Ron Levin Manager of Market Development
CJB Industries, Inc. GA Randall Walton CFO
Claraint NC Crystal Parker National Account Manager
Clariant Corporation KY Richard Allen Product Technology Manager
Clariant Corporation NC Daniel Nantz Procurement Manager
Clean Harbors MA Paul DeVeau Technical Sales Vice President, Recycling Services
Clean Harbors MA Jeffrey Welch Key Account Manager, Chemical, Tech Svcs
CMO Enterprises, Inc. GA Pete Caramello Sales
CMO Enterprises, Inc. TX John Waleyko National Accounts Manager
Cobroko Solutions TX John Super President
Colin A. Houston & Associates, Inc. SC Don Faison Research Associate
Colonal Chemical Solutions NC Kevin Eichorn Sales Manager
Colonial Chemical Solutions GA Rob Roberts AVP
Colonial Chemical Solutions GA Rob Roberts EVP
Colonial Chemical Solutions Inc GA Jeremy Detwiler Vice President
Colonial Chemical Solutions, Inc. GA Dan Zbytovsky Sales Manager
Columbiana Boiler Company OH Michael Sherwin President
Comi Polaris Systems, Inc. NC Doug Bartus Director of Sales and Marketing
Comi Polaris Systems, Inc. NC Claudio Carpano CEO
Comi Polaris Systems, Inc. NC Nishant Lodha Project Engineering Manager
Complex Quimica S.A. de C.V. Maria Elena Amezaga R&D
Complex Quimica S.A. de C.V. Jorge Hinojosa Project Manager
Complex Quimica S.A. de C.V. Raul Jasso Director
Complex Quimica S.A. de C.V. Marco Martinez Project Leader
Continental Consultants, Inc. SC Tom Smith President / Recruiter
Continental Products Corporation WI John Callaghan President & CEO
Contract Chemicals Limited John Melia Managing Director
Corbion KS Frederik Feddes Industry Director Chemical Specialties
Corbion KS Keith Henry Market Development Manager CASE, Biochemicals
Corbion KS Edward Ludwig Director of Sales, Biochemicals
Corbion KS Evan Wu Market Development Manager Biochemicals
Corning Clifford Gilbert Sales Engineer Americas
CORNING SAS Natacha CIESLAK Sales coordinator
covalent chemical NC Matt Rowe President
Custom Chemical Services, LLC TX Margaret Roff VP Sales & Marketing
Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. PA John Sneeringer General Manager
Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. PA Joe Zidik President
Cymer TN Leslie Fox Production Engineer
Cymer TN Bud Lamonica Technical Director
Cymer TN Joan Roller Business Development Manager
D. H. Griffin Used Equipment NC Jason Fornes Sales Manager
DanChem Technologies & Innovations VA Paul Bacon President & CEO
DanChem Technologies & Innovations VA Steve Deutsch Director of Sales
DanChem Technologies & Innovations (DTI) VA Robert Costella Director of Sales
DanChem Technologies & Innovations (DTI) VA Shannon Hurd Director, Customer Care and Quality
Datacor, Inc. NJ Dan McCusker Vice President of Sales
Datacor, Inc. NJ Sean O’Donnell President
Datamyne FL Craig Hirschey Business Development Manager
Day & Zimmermann SC Tim Trott Business Development Director
Deepak Novochem Technologies Ltd Shreekrishna Sawant Chief Executive Officer
Deepwater Chemicals OK PAMELA CURRY Sales Manager
Deepwater Chemicals Inc OK George Tutt Business Development
DeForest Enterprises, Inc. FL Jeff Edwards President
Descartes (Datamyne) FL Mary Jo Negron BUsiness Devleopment Manager
Digital Specialty Chemicals ON Zsolt Bencze Director of Sales, Americas
Dishman USA Inc NJ Bhavesh Oza Director of Finance
DJK-Energy Houston Inc TX DJ Ramakrishnan President & CEO
DKSH North America Inc. NJ Casey Cordon Senior Business Manager
Dottikon ES America PA Susan Palus Business Development
Dow AgroSciences IN Brad Frazier Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager
Dow Agrosciences IN Alyson McDowell Sourcing Manager
Dow AgroSciences IN Andy Wurtz Operations Leader
Dow Chemical MI Sheila Gombar-Fetner Byproduct Synergy Leader
Dow Chemical Company TN David Henderson Account Manager
Dr. Ace Consulting IL Alan Eachus Consultant
DrM Inc. QC Jeff Steinberg Business Development
DuPont DE Melissa Brown DuPont Sourcing
DuPont DE Michael Hoagland Global SOurcing Manager
DuPont DE Lei Jin Business Engineering Leader
DuPont DE Kevin McAllister Global Senior Buyer
DyStar LP NC Marc Bumgarner Site Manager – Reidsville & Dalton Locations
DyStar LP NC Billy Gardner Senior Account Representative
DyStar LP NC Dan Romani Sales Director – Performance Chemicals & Textiles
Eastman Chemical TN Luis Fernando Zagolin Commercial Manager
Eastman Chemical Company PA Arsalan Ahmed Market Manager
Eastman Chemical Company IL Shelly Gentle Account Representative- Chemical Intermediates
Eastman Chemical Company TN Jim Ponasik Technology Manager
Eastman Chemical Company TN Candice Sweet Marketing Communications Manager
Eastman Chemical Company PA David Watson Business Director
Edwards Vacuum NY Bob Campbell Sales Manager, North America
Eisenmann Corporation IL Mughis Naqvi Sales Manager – CPI
Eisenmann Corporation IL Jochen Schumacher Senior Sales Manager
Eisenmann Corporation IL Fabian Solberg Sales Manager – CPI
ekato NJ Martin Gass Aftermarket Sales
Ekato NJ Justin Lightner Regional Sales Manager
Ekato NJ Rui Soares Regional Sales Manager
Elan Technology, Inc. GA Terry McCormick Chief Operating Officer
Elcan Industries .com NY Bob Grotto Bob Grotto
Elementis Specialties, LLC NJ Jim Holderman Director of Purchasing and Contract Manufacturing
Elevance Renewable Sciences IL Jodi Czarnik Process Development Engineer
Elkhart Plastics IN Cullen Jones Director New Product Development
Encore Container SC Byron Jones Retrieval Manager
Encore Container SC Ashley Maroney Sales Manager
Enviro-Safe Resource Recovery WI Jeff Vilione President
ESIM Chemicals Ina Graggaber Business Manager
ESIM Chemicals Hans Hiebl Innovation Manager
ESIM Chemicals Sabine Hoetzendorfer Marketing Coordinator
ESIM Chemicals Robert Lichtenberger Business Manager
Ethox Chemicals SC Beth Lowe Special Projects Manager
Ethox Chemicals SC Kurt Waldthausen Sales Manager
Ethox Chemicals SC Chris Welch VP Sales
Ethox Chemicals LLC SC Charles Palmer Charles Palmer
Ethox Chemicals, LLC SC Will Davis Technical Representative
Ethox Chemicals, LLC SC Chuck Hinton President
Ethox Chemicals, LLC TN Rick Wilson Vice President
Ethox Chemicals, LLC. SC Philip Howard VP Operations
Etimine USA, Inc. PA Adam Brodie North American Sales Manager
Eurofins SFA Laboratories WI Mike Dziewatkoski Technical Director
Evans, Witt and Partner LLC NC Chris Evans Managing Partner
Evonik Corp NJ Jaime Blanton Senior Business and Customer Service Manager
Evonik Corporation NJ Cristal Cortez Sales Representative
Evonik Corporation NJ Sumedh Phatak Business Manager
Evonik Corporation NJ Cynthia Thomas Business Manager
Evonik Jayhawk Fine Chemicals KS Jeff Cassidy Business Development
Evonik Performance Materials GmbH Stefanie Reitz Global Marketing Manager LSPA
Evonik.Jayhawk fine Chemicals KS Jeff Dimmit VP of Technology
Exacta Chemical.Co. NC Warren Preston President
Exacto Inc WI Jay Houle Jay Houle
Excel Products, Inc. SC Phil Patrick President
Exim-Indis, Inc. ME Bob Byron Vice President Business Development
Exxonmobil Chemical TX Greg Kitts Fluids Market Developer
Fanwood Chemical, Inc. NJ Jim DeLisi President
FAR Chemical FL Joe Beatty CEO
FAR Chemical FL Jerry Reddinger Commercial Director
FCI Technology NC Richard Barnhardt Vice President and General Manager
Federal Equipment Company OH Justin Kadis Business Development
Federal Equipment Company OH David Winger Vice President
Ferrum Inc. TX Patrick D. Bartel Area Sales Manager
Fine Grinding Corporation PA Gene Fatula General Manager
Fine Organics Limited Simon Rowell Commercial Director
FLEXIM AMERICAS Corporation NY Frank Flow Regional Sales Manager
Florida Chemical Supply, Inc FL Marc Maseman President
Florida Chemical Supply, Inc. FL Julie Cotty Business Development
Flottweg Separation Technology, Inc. KY Lee Betkowski Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry Manager
Flottweg Separation Technology, Inc. KY Oliver Willmann Regional Sales Manager – Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Food Applications
FMC NC Corey McCollom Commercial Support Specialist
FMC Corporation NC Samantha Louis-Jacques Sales Manager
FMC Corporation NC George Sandor Global Sales Director
Fujifilm Manufacturing USA, Inc. SC Jeanette Greenlee Manager, Greenwood Research Laboratory
Fujifilm Manufacturing USA, Inc. SC Dhirendra Kumar Technical & Engineering
FutureFuel Chemical Company AR Eddie Baggett Sales & Marketing Technologist
FutureFuel Chemical Company AR Kimberly Cole Product Development Manager
FutureFuel Chemical Company AR Diane Medwid Market Development Executive
FutureFuel Chemical Company AR Max Zoellin Market Development Executive
GadflyZone Inc. IL Bala Ambravan President & CEO
GEA Group NJ Sean Eicher Market Manager
GEA North America NJ Michael Rohr Sales Engineer
GEA North America MD Nzinga Turner-Linton Sales Engineer
Gelest, Inc PA Gabrielle Lockwood Marketing & Communications
GemChem, Inc. GA Bill Clark President
Geo. Pfau’s Sons Co., Inc. IN Brian Miller Vice President Sales
George E. Missbach & Co. PA Fred Missbach President
Georgia-Pacific Chemicals GA Jason Lee Account Manager
GFS Chemicals, Inc. OH Michael Froman General Manager, Specialty Organics
GFS Chemicals, Inc. OH Robert Kramer Sales & Business Development, Inorganics Division
GJ Chemical NJ Luis Otero Luis Otero
Glatfelter OH Joe Gardner Scientist
Global Language Translations and Consulting, Inc. MI Doug Strock Vice President
Global Phosphorus Solutions Inc. VA Kurt Johnson Marketing Manager
Global Phosphorus Solutions, Inc. OH Timothy Johnson VP of Sales
Global Safety Management FL Brian Kernohan VP of Sales
Gowan Company AZ Monica Castro Global Procurement Manager
Gowan Company AZ Rene Cochran Process Development Chemist
Gowan Company AZ Jacque Palmer Chief Operating Officer
Gowan Company AZ Guadalupe Roa Supply Chain Purchasing Agent
Grace Matthews, Inc. WI Andrew Hinz Managing Director
Grace Matthews, Inc. WI Kevin Yttre Managing Director
Green Ways Consulting PA Jerry Green President
Greif OH Cheryl Caudill Cheryl Caudill
Greif OH Jeffrey Yandle Commercial Account Manager
Harcros Chemical NC Joanne Sagos Account Manager
Harcros Chemicals FL Gary Delk Regional Manager
Harcros Chemicals Inc KS Kyle Boudreaux Commercial Director
Harcros Chemicals, Dalton Specialties GA Dennis Whipple General Manager
Harcros Chemicals, Inc. TX Matt Shipp Market Manager – Agriculture
Harris Williams & Co. VA John Lautemann Vice President
Haviland Products Company MI Ken Daly Contract Mfg Sales
Haviland Products Company MI Donna Dykstra Purchasing
Haviland Products Company MI Mark Siegrist Technical Sales
Heatec, Inc. TN Chris Horten Regional Sales Manager, Southeast
Heatec, Inc. TN Thomas Morris Business Development Engineer
Heiq Chemtex NC Dave Bilbro Vice President
Helena Industries, Inc. TN Phil Berryman President/CEO
Helena Industries, Inc. TN Dan Dancy Procurement Manager
Helena Industries, Inc. TN Stacy Doonan Director of Sales & Procurement
Heraeus Chemicals CA Peter Kettler Head of Innovation – Americas
Honeywell IL Mark Staniulis Tolling Manager
Howard Industries, Inc. OH Josh Basinger President
Howard Industries, Inc. OH Cynthia Peterson CEO
HOYER TX Scott Gonzalez Commercial Manager
Huntsman TX Renee Edlund Senior Scientist
Huntsman TX Dave Ferguson Marketing Manager-Ag
Huntsman TX Matt Forkner Senior Principal Scientist
Huntsman TX Todd Llewellyn Distribution Manager
Huntsman TX Peter Matey Sr. Account Manager
Hydrite Chemical Co WI Jason Kundinger Manager of Technology – Organics, Operations
Hydrite Chemical Co WI Dan Wojciechowicz Corporate Account Manager
Hydrite Chemical Co WI Joshua Wolfe Key Account Manager
ICL-IP America MO Yves Garcia North America Sales Manager
IHS Markit NC Misty Giordano Belser Senior Sales Executive
IHS Markit FL Aliet Martinez Solutions & Services Director
IHS Markit NY Richard Powers Senior Manager
InChem Holdings, Inc NC Mike Crownshaw Sales and Marketing Coordinatory
Indo Amines Americas LLC. DE Mr. Vijay Palkar Managing Director
Indorama Ventures Oxide and Glycols IL Frank Sullivan Frank Sullivan
Indorama Ventures, Oxide & Glycols IL Robb Fisher Account Executive
INEOS IL David Kopf Sales Manager
INEOS Oligomers TX Julie Antley Account Manager
INFINEUM Alexandre Nizard Procurement Leader, Toll-Manufacturing
Inmark GA Terry Lawrence National Accounts Manager
Inmark Inc. GA Geoff Rupp National Sales Manager
Innoleo, LLC FL Adele Savaiano Director, Sales & Marketing
Innovative Chemical Technologies, Inc. GA Jeff Alender C.E.O.
Innovative Chemical Technologies, Inc. GA Royal King Director of Engineering
Innovative Chemical Technologies, Inc. GA Joyce Materniak Sr. Technical Marketing Associate
Innovative Chemical Technologies, Inc. GA Mark Terry VP of Business Development
International Process Plants NJ Keith West Global Equipment Sales Director
INVISTA KS Jack Tatman Global Leader Chemical Tolling
Iofina Chemical KY Kurt Jones C.O.O.
IsleChem LLC NY Daniel Canavan Vice President
IsleChem LLC NY Pat Canavan President
IsleChem LLC NY Rick Morlok Analytical Chemist
IsleChem LLC NY Frederick Vyverberg Principal Scientist
Ivanhoe Industries, Inc. IL Paul Peebles Business Manager
Ivanhoe Industries, Inc. PA Jeff Snyder Managing Partner
J. Sinclair and Associates Inc. IL Jim Sinclair President
Jarchem NJ Art Hein VP
Jet Pulverizer Co. NJ Austin Fay President
Jet Pulverizer Co. NJ Dan Rice Chairman
Jet Pulverizer Co. NJ Fred Surville VP Sales & Marketing
Johnson Mathey GA Christine Iannelli Senior Buyer
Johnson Mathey GA Chris Runyan Purchasing Manager
JRHess Co., Inc RI Peter Hess President
JULABO USA, Inc. PA Lisa Sprenger Account Manager
Jungbunzlauer MA Ben Kinney Regional Sales Manager
JX Nippon Chemical Texas Inc. TX Brad Costello Sr. Sales Manager
JX Nippon Chemical Texas Inc. TX Cliff Thompson General Manager Sales & Marketing
K.R.Komarek Inc. IL John Bygrave Director Sales and Marketing
Kadant GranTek Inc. WI Michael Devic Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Kao Specialties Americas NC Virginia Tadvick Market Specialist
Kao Specialties Americas LLC TX Haifa Khan Asst. Market Specialist
Katoen Natie TX Domien Pieters Business Development Manager
Katoen Natie (KTN) TX Susan Baugh Commercial Acct. Mngr. USA
KBC Advanced Technologies-A Yokogawa Company IL Gene Sullivan Director of IIOT Sales
Kemira SC Larry Smith Quality Manager
Key Corporate Services IN Dave Kerns Managing Partner
KeyBanc Capital Markets OH Alain Harfouche Chemicals Investment Banking
Kinder Morgan Terminals SC Justin Luther Commercial Manager
Kingchem Life Science LLC NJ Austin Bishop Austin Bishop
Kingchem Life Science LLC NJ Stephen Wang CEO
Kingchem Life Science LLC NJ Ryan Yoder Senior Director, Business Development
KMCO LLC TX Will Baker Sr. Business Development Manager
Kodak NY John Sherman Business Development
Kodak Solvent Recovery NY Thomas Gabriel Strategic Account Manager
Kodak Solvent Recovery NY Paige Lockwood Marketing and Sales Manager
Kodak Solvent Recovery NY Thomas Rutalis Technical Manager
Kodak Specialty Chemicals NY John Harty Director Business Development
Kodak Specialty Chemicals NY Mark Wozniak Project Manager
Kuraray America Inc. TX Junichi Fuji Marketing Manager
Kwaltech LLC TX Thomas Kowalski President
L.E.K. Consulting MA Megan Goldsmith Business Development Manager
L.E.K. Consulting NY Peter Walter Managing Director
La Mesta Christophe Bardin Commercial Director
Lacamas OR Heather Dorris Purchasing
Lacamas OR Elisabeth Gortner Marketing Director
LAMBERTI USA PA Gabriele Greco Gabriele Greco
Land o’ Lakes MO Jay Stouppe Director of Manufacturing
LANXESS Corporation PA Tim Gagne Digital & Marketing Communications Manager
LANXESS Corporation PA Barbara Karoleski Business Director
LANXESS Corporation PA Taylor Ulery Commercial Trainee
Lazard Middle Market LLC MN Jeff Chen Managing Director
Lehan Chemical Brokerage Services LLC VA Brian LaFontaine President
Lehan Chemical Brokerage Services LLC VA Linda LaFontaine Owner
LeSaint Logistics OH Jeff Hinton Director, Client Solutions
Levaco Chemicals GmbH INGO NOTZ CEO
Lintech International LLC GA Chuck Churn Business Manager
Lintech International LLC GA Mark Miller Sr. Technical Sales Representative
Lonza NC Joerg Brachten Sales Director
Lonza NJ Jan Keller Director of Sales
Lonza Ltd. Michael Helwig Global Business Development
Lonza Ltd. Alexander Oelke Global Business Development Agro Ingredients
Louisiana Chemical Equipment Co LA Larry Medford Vice President
Louisiana Chemical Equipment Co TX Steven Nelson General Manager
LyondellBasell Industries GA Terri Wickman Sr. Account Manager
Magnablend – Univar TX Amanda Sutton Sales Manager
Magnakron Corporation NJ Kegan Dunne-Porter New Business Development Mgr
Magnakron Corporation FL Ted Maceda VP of Sales
Magnesium Elektron Powders NJ Lindsay Guillebeau Sales Manager
MaschioPack North America GA Joel Millsap Assistant Vice President
Mason Wells, Inc. WI Jeff Davidson Director of Research
MATRIC WV Jack Dever Chief Technology Officer
MATRIC WV Steven Hedrick President and CEO
MATRIC WV Rob Nunley Pilot Plant Manager
McGean OH Kelly Bole Account Manager
McGean OH Denise Kintop Account Manager
McGriff, Seibels, & Williams AL Michael Scott Belling Insurance Broker
McKenzie Begin and Associates MB Lloyd Begin GM
Merrick SC Wayne Wajciechowski Director, Business Development
Merrick & Company SC John Kosanovich Project Manager
Metallix Refining NJ Dayron Ortega Dayron Ortega
Metallix Refining Inc NJ Leon Ratliff Leon Ratliff
MFG Chemical GA Jack Drawdy Sales and Business Development Manager
MGK MN Darrick Unger Darrick Unger
Michael Keane Jr. Consulting PA Michael Keane Principal Consultant
Micro Chem Company GA Randy Connell President
Micro Chem Company GA Robert Holcomb EH&S Manager
Miller Intermodal Logistics Services TX Kristen Schone Regional Sales Manager
Miller Intermodal Logistics Services, Inc. TN Brandy Clay Marketing Coordinator
Milliken SC Eric Stephens Principal Scientist
Milliken & Company SC Rick Cahill Senior Technical Account Manager
Milliken & Company SC Chris Carter Global Product Manager
Milliken & Company SC Tommy Eubanks Sr. Technical Account Manager
Milliken & Company SC Kelley Law Sr. Acct Manager
Milliken & Company SC Cordie Morgan Global Market Manager
Milliken & Company SC Jim Stavrakas Senior Sourcing Manager Chemicals, Milliken & Company
Milliken | SiVance, LLC SC Randy Schneider Sr. Business Development Manager
Milliken | SiVance, LLC SC Mihir Shah Business Development Manager
Molex Group TX Derek Puppa President
MonoSol, a Kuraray Division IN Scott Bening Jr Marketing & Sales Manager
Monsanto MO Dan Walker Senior Chemist
Monsanto Co. MO Matt McReynolds Lead, New Process Development
Monument Chemical IN Matt Kriech Business Excellence Leader
Monument Chemical IN Amanda Muilenburg Commercial Development Mgr, Marketing
Monument Chemical IN Jeff Weeks Business Development / Technology
Mount Vernon Chemicals NC Randy Smith President
MOZEL – a division of EMCO Chemical Distributors TN Travis Barnwell Sales Representative
MPD Chemicals PA Laurent Cartier Director of Business Development
MPD Chemicals PA Carrington Smith CEO
MSE Supplies LLC AZ Ryan Du General Manager
MSU Bioeconomy Institute MI Bill Freckman Director of Operations
Munson Machinery Co., Inc. NY John Reinecke Regional Representative
Munson Machinery Co., Inc. NY Darren Woods Sales Manager
MXD Process KY Daniel Loeschen Marketing Director
NACD TX Jim Lombardi NACD Consultant
Nachurs Ailpine Solutions, Industrial OH Joe Detyens Sales Manager
NALCO Water | An Ecolab Company IL Andrea Marek Sr. Industry Development Manager, Chemical & Midstream
NASi OH Paul Williams Business Development Director
Nation Ford Chemical SC Jay Dickson President
Nation Ford Chemical SC Brooke DiDomenico Technical Manager
Nation Ford Chemical SC James Hubbard Plant Manager
Nation Ford Chemical SC Phillip McCarter Vice President
National Association of Chemical Distributors VA Roselle Foley Senior Director, Business Development
Nease Co. OH Nick Janakiefski Sr Account Manager
Nease Performance Chemicals OH Mike Biehle Business Development Manager
Net@Work NY Anne Brennan Sales Director – Sage X3
Net@Work NY Jack Power Solution Engineer,  Sage X3 Chemical
NETZSCH Premier Technologies PA Mark Seale South Central Regional Sales Manager
New Life Chemical SC Tim Northcutt Vice-President of Sales & Marketing
New Life Chemical SC Daniel Ross Vice-President of Operations
Nexeo Solutions TX Erin Burke, Ph.D. Lab Project Specialist
Nexeo Solutions TX Steve DuPont HI & I/Lubricants TSSR
Norquay Technology,Inc. PA Robert Heldt President
Norquay Technology,Inc. PA Donald Morrison Director of Business Development
Nova Molecular Technologies WI Mike Clumpner Owner
Nova Molecular Technologies WI Mike Hoehner Vice President R&D & QA/QC
NovaStar LP TX Johnnie Lane Sales Manager
NovaStar LP TX Jerry Morales Sales Manager
NovaStar LP TX Wes Reeves Business Development and Technical Services
NovaStar LP TX Shannon Scott COO
NovaStar LP TX Matt Solansky Account Representitive
NovaStar LP TX John Solansky President
Oakwood Chemical SC Wilson Butler Business Development
Oakwood Chemical SC Greg Butler President
O’Callaghan Chemical Consultancy NC Michael O’Callaghan CEO
OctoChem IL Art Burns Business Development Mgr.
OctoChem IL John Caffarelli Business Development Mgr.
OctoChem IL Mark Langston President
Odfjell TX Melbourne Pinks Commercial Director
Olympus Seed Treatment Formulator, Inc. IN Greg St. Amour Business unit manger
Omnium MO John Alkier Technical Manager
Omnium IA Dale Calendine Plant Manager
Omnium MO Russ Ellis Business & Administration Manager
Omnium – Winfield Solutions MO Gary Vainio Finance and Procurement Manager
Optima Chemical LLC GA Gene Williams President
ORG CHEM Group, LLC IN Joseph Chiaroni President
ORG CHEM Group, LLC IN Lioba Kloppenburg Research Scientist
ORG CHEM Group, LLC IN Eric Mittlefehldt Vice President
Organic Technologies OH Jack Etheridge VP-Fine Chemicals
Ortec, Inc. SC Rodney Garza Sales
Ortec, Inc. SC Greg Russell Business Development
Ortec, Inc. SC Louie Steed Business Development/Marketing
Ortec, Inc. SC Larry Suggs Business Development
OXEA TX Bill Parker JR North American Sales Director
Pak Technologies, Inc. WI David Greif Director of Business Development
Pak Technologies, Inc. WI Kevin Schuele President/ CEO
Palm Commodities International, LLC TN Ric Burks Procurement & Supply Mgr
Palmer Holland OH Brad Przebieda Account Manager
Parchem NY Luigi Magliaro VP of Product Development
PCC Chemax, Inc SC Bo Mebane VP
Peel Plastic Products Ltd. ON Lorne Gelz Category Manager
Pennakem TN Todd Coleman Business Development Manager
Pennakem TN Barry Roberts Sales Director North America
Perigon International Inc. NC Harvey Mason CEO
Perry Videx NJ Pete D’Angelo Sales
Perry Videx NJ Gregg Epstein President
Perry Videx NJ Mike Ricchini Sales
PharmAgra Labs, Inc. NC Peter Newsome President
Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd. PA Sean Roussel General Manager, Industrial Division
PHT International, Inc. NC Dana Vestal Event Coordinator
PHT International, Inc. NC Mark Witterholt Senior Vice President of Sales
PHT International, Inc. NC Lihong Yu Presdient
Pilot Chemical Company OH Anil Saraf New Business Development
Pipeline Packaging GA Karen Squazzo Sales Representative
PMC Organometallix KY Allen Whiteside Business Development
Polinsky Chemicals NC Alex Polinsky Tolling Consultant
Porocel Industries LLC AR David Rosenberg Alumina Product Manager
Porus Labs Srinivasan Namala CEO
Porus Labs Anurag Roy VP New Ventures
Powder Processing & Technology IN Ken Bartelt Ken Bartelt
Powder Processing & Technology IN Adam Bonk Adam Bonk
PR2G KY Brett Schofield President/Owner
Praxair PA Al Horn Business Development Manager
Praxair, Inc. IL Roman Grosman National Business Development Director
Praxair, Inc. CT Walter Renz Associate Business Development Director, Chemicals
Premier Logistics Solutions SC Stewart Bauknight Director of Sales
Premier Logistics Solutions SC Hal Burton President and CEO
PRESSURE CHEMICAL CO. PA Rebecca Ostrzeniec Sales & Marketing Representative
Pressure Chemical Co. PA Emily Thurston Director of Sales
PROCEDYNE NJ Frank Fisher Process Technology Sales Manager
Procter and Gamble Chemicals NY Brian Furlong Account Executive
Procter and Gamble Chemicals OH Ryan Hess Alcohol and Related Products Marketing Manager
Procter and Gamble Chemicals OH George Koehnke Global Sales Manager
Procter and Gamble Chemicals OH Rishi Rangarajan Sales Manager
PTC Organics Inc. NJ Marc Halpern President
Pulcra Chemicals LLC SC Troy Massey Skintex Business Manager
Qi-Chem Co., Ltd ON Dianping Jiang President
Qi-Chem Co., Ltd ON Young Jin Lee Vice-president
QProducts & Services IL Tom Larocca Account Executive
QProducts & Services IL Jim O’Donnell Director of Sales-Chemicals
Quad Chemical NJ Bob Brochu VP Business Development
Quality Magnetite WV Hank Davis Sales Representative
Quality Magnetite, LLC WV Bud May VP
Radchem Products, Inc. IL Cameron Glaze Sales Representative
Radchem Products, Inc. IL Alan May Sales Manager
Radchem Products, Inc. IL Will Radostits Transportation & Supply Manager
Radchem Products, Inc. IL Bill Radostits President
Radchem Products, Inc. IL Chris Widup Sales Representative
Radchem Products, Inc. IL Herb Wilhelm Sales Representative
RB Products, Inc TX David Buchanan VP of Operations
RB Products, Inc TX Simona Rice AR/AP
RB Products, Inc TX Micah Rice Sales
RB Products, Inc. TX Ray Rice President
RD NE Darwin Rubeck Business Development Director
RD NE Bill Sutton Key Acct. Sales Executive
Readco Kurimoto, LLC PA Hajime Agata Chairman
Readco Kurimoto, LLC PA Debbie Bell Sales Engineer
Readco Kurimoto, LLC PA Jim Bell Sales Engineer
Readco Kurimoto, LLC PA Mike Emenheiser Sales Engineer
Readco Kurimoto, LLC PA David Sieglitz President
Reliance Label Solutions KS Jim Garvic Director of Business Development
Reliance Label Solutions KS Bill Sargent Business Development Manager
REO Logistics WV Gregg Frazier Vice President – Processing
Rianlon Americas, Inc. NY Kevin Li Account Manager
Richman Chemical Inc. PA Brian Watson Manager of Toll Manufacturing Services
Rierden Chemical & Trading IL Aaron Eckhardt Account Manager
Rierden Chemical & Trading IL Jonathan Rierden Commercial Director
Rierden Chemical & Trading IL Joe Rierden Owner
ROAM Tank Innovations TX J. Michael Rose President
Robatel Inc. MA Greg Cybulski Technical Sales
Robatel Inc. MA Rob Driscoll Sr. Application Engineer
Rohner, Inc. NJ James Schwindeman Executive Vice President
Row2 Technologies Inc. NJ Anand Ramakrishnan Director – Sales & Operations
Royal Adhesives & Sealants GA Candice Brown Sales Representative
Royal Chemical Company OH Dave DeBord VP of Business Development & Strategy
Royal Chemical Company OH Joe Kramer Account Manager
Royal Chemical Company OH Nick LaMagna VP of Sales & Marketing
Royale Pigments & Chemicals Inc. NJ Walt Bortle Sales Manager
Royale Pigments & Chemicals Inc. NJ Lindsay Logue President
ROYALSIL INC. NJ Rosario Licciardello CEO & Founder
RSA Corporation CT Brad Andrews Engineer
RSA Corporation CT Jan Anthony President
RTMcDill Consulting LLC TX Richard McDill Principal
S. Goldmann GmbH & Co. KG Andreas Kremer-Aach Technical Director
Sabin Metal NY Dan Fisher Regional Sales Manager
Sajjan India Limited (North America) NY Tony Uberoi Tony Uberoi
Saltigo PA Hans Essenbreis Business Development Manager
Saltigo PA Stefanie Gschwandner Business Manager
Saltigo PA Wilfried Jaworek Head of Outsourcing
Saltigo PA Andreas Klein Global Head of Marketing
Saltigo PA Philipp Omlor Business Development Manager
Saltigo PA Dirk Sandri Global Head of Marketing Pharma & FC
Saltigo PA Christoph Schaffrath Global Head of Marketing Agro
Saltigo PA Olaf Scharbert Procurement
Sandvik Process Systems GA Jay Darcy Business Development Manager
Sandvik Process Systems NJ Brett Trichilo Sales Engineer
Santolubes SC Jeter Starnes Vice President
Sarna Chemicals Pvt Ltd Mahesh Patel Manager Business Development
Sarna Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Mohit Rajani Director – Business Development
Sasol Chemicals (USA), LLC TX Terence Gilmore Distribution Specialist
Schirm USA Inc. TX Gus Jones President & CEO
Schirm USA Inc. TX Ron Jones V.P. Manufacturing
Schuetz Container Systems, Inc. NJ Ken Rittenhouse Key Accounts Manager
Schuetz Container Systems, Inc. NJ Frederic Wenzel President & CEO
Schwartz Chemical Corporation ON Terry Butryn President
Seatex LTD. TX Kelly Aimes President
Seatex LTD. TX Timothy Emert Business Development Manager
Sherwin Williams MN Margie Pierce Global Tolling Manager
Sherwin Williams OH Steve Pizzute Polymer Engineering Manager
Sherwin-Williams OH Joe Kestner Polymer R&D Engineer
Shurtape Technologies LLC NC Peter Uthe Polymer Scientist
Shurtape Technologies, LLC NC Pete Elafros External Technologies
Sigmund Lindner GmbH Darryl Langlois Regional Manager
Sikich KS Debbie Altham President
Siltech Corporation NC Craig Hughes Regional Sales Manager – Southeast USA
Simon-Kucher & Partners GA James Hogan Manager
Sinova Specialties Inc. NC Johannes Heckmann Sales
Skolnik Industries IL Dean Ricker VP Sales
SkyBitz Tank Monitoring IL Adam Meek Director of Channel Sales
Snyder Industries, Inc. / Bonar Plastics NE Mike Melymuk Director Sales & Marketing – IBC Division
Society of Chemical Industry Neil Eisberg Editor- C&I
SOCMA VA Jenny Gaines Director, Marketing and Communications
SOCMA VA Brittany Mountjoy Manager
Sofix Corporation TN Paul Cahill President
SOLVAY NJ Dominick Cangiano Technical Manager
SOLVAY Jean Fabre R&I Fluor Specialties
SOLVAY REMI LEBLEU Sales Manager Agro & Pharma
SOLVAY Nicolas Taillardat Global Commercial Manager Agro  & Pharma
Solvay GA Joe Vogt Novecare NA Toll Manufacturing Manager
Solvay USA NJ William Lombardi Purchasing Manager – Tolling
South Atlantic Services, Inc. TX William Hamilton Business Development – Contract Packaging
Southern Fasteners & Supply Inc. NC Karen Lawrence Marketing
Southern Fasteners & Supply Inc. NC Loran Perkins Business Development Manager
Southern Fasteners & Supply Inc. SC Toby Sanks Account Manager
Southwest Research Institute TX Joseph Persyn Manager R&D
Southwest Research Institute TX Stephen Warnock Research Engineer
Southwest Research Institute TX Alice Yau Principal Scientist
Soyventis NY Sid Lively Regional Manager
Speciality Chemicals Magazine Ellie Bruni Business Development Manager
Specialty & Agro Chemicals America PA Tom Leahy Owner
Specialty Polymers, Inc OR Stuart Clawson Director of Sales
Specialty Polymers, Inc SC Kelly Kane VP of Operations
Specialty Polymers, Inc SC Darrell Nasser Senior Polymer Chemist
Specialty Polymers, Inc OR Tom Sennhenn Strategic Business Manager
Spectrum Brands MO Rob Dickey Sourcing Manager
Spectrum Brands MO Jason White Strategic Sourcing
Spray-Tek, Inc. NJ Joe Castellano Account Manager
StarChem LLC SC Trevor King VP-Marketing
State Contract Manufacturing OH Brian McCue Director of CM
Stepan Company IL Joshua Fox Contract Manufacturing Manager
Stepan Company AL Stephen Hoke Account Executive
Steri Technologies, Inc. NY John Gibbons VP Sales
STI Polymer NC Jeff Lamb President
Sugino Corp IL Kiyoaki Umezawa Sales Manager
Sun Chemical SC Glenn Smith Purchasing Manager
Sun Chemical Corporation OH Mark Dugan Toll Operations Manager Americas
Sun Chemical Corporation OH Steve Schmidt Vice President Procurement-Pigments
Suntton CT Luke Verdet Business Director
Swan Chemical Inc. NJ Chuck Van Fleet President
Synalloy Chemicals TN Greg Gibson Greg Gibson
Synalloy Chemicals SC Tony Jones VP of Sales
Synalloy Chemicals GA Mike Junkins Global Product Manager
Synalloy Chemicals TN Matt Maretti Matt Maretti
Synalloy Chemicals SC Jason McCabe Territory Sales Manager
Syngenta NC William (Tex) Baughman Tolling Manager
Syngenta NC John Davis Head, Crop Protection Finished Product Processing, North America
Syngenta NC Eli Grogan Procurement Buyer
Syngenta NC Scott Harding Tolling Manager, North America
Syngenta NC Fred Koerwitz Procurement Business Partner – Tolling
Syngenta NC Benny Martin NA Procurement Manager
Syngenta NC Nikki Purkett Toll Production Manager Lead
Syngenta NC Kate Riley Procurement
Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC NC Steve Ra Global AI Procurement Manager
Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC NC Deirdre Smith Procurement Manager
Syngenta LLC NC Andrew Nield Asset Strategy Manager
Synquest Laboratories SC Paul Mazzell Sales Executive
Synthetics USA, LLC. NJ Melinda Kluesner Account Manager
Synthetics USA, LLC. NJ Bob Titus President
Tatva Chintan USA MI Curt Koeppe Director of Sales
TCI America OR Corey Smith Bulk Sales Manager
TEMA Systems OH Jeff Sullivan Applications Engineer
TEN-E Packaging Services MN Eric Stiltjes Packaging Engineer
TEN-E Packaging Services NC Brent Weber Packaging Engineer
TensTech Inc NC Thomas Theyson Technical Director
Tetramer Technologies SC Jeffrey DiMaio COO
Tetramer Technologies SC Debra Tindall Sr. Research Chemist
Texas Molecular, LP TX Stephen Franklin Account Manager
Texas Molecular, LP TX Theresa Garrett Account Manager
Texas Molecular, LP TX Frank Marine President
Texmark Chemicals TX Raji Kannan Organic Chemist
Texmark Chemicals TX Rebecca Rosas VP Technology
Texmark Chemicals TX Eric Spore VP Sales
the CastleO Group NC Steve Oestreicher Principle Consultant
The Chemical Company RI Ray Altenburger Vice President of Business Development
The Chemical Company RI Cory Mullins Sales Manager, Southwest Markets
The Chemical Company RI Albert Petrarca Sales Manager
The Chemical Company RI Amy Theobald Sales Manager, South Eastern Markets
The Context Network IA James Mann Principal
The Dow Chemical Company MI Lynn Andrews Portfolio Director
The Lewis Chemical Company GA Kevin King Business Development
The Lewis Chemical Company GA Katie Kiser Business Development
The Lewis Chemical Company GA Gregg Lewis CEO, Owner
The Lewis Chemical Company GA Diane Lewis CFO
The Meadows Group TX Jeff Sadler product manager
The Shepherd Chemical Company OH Keith Smith International Account Manager
The Unami Group, LLC PA Bill Tuszynski Partner
Third Coast International Martin Staley Vice President
Third Coast Terminals TX H.L. Barnett Director of Reaction Chemistry
Third Coast Terminals TX Grif Carnes Vice President
Tiarco Chemical TX Gary Collette Regional Sales Manager Southwest
Tiarco Chemical NC Greg Mecimore Regional Sales Manager
Tiarco Chemical GA Mark Sellers Global Director Market Developement
Tilley Chemical Co. MD Andrew Novak Regional Sales Manager
TMC Industries MN Bruce Butler Marketing
TMC Industries MN David Smith New Business Development
TMC Materias, a Ravago Group SC Stephanie Anderson Southern Territory Manager
Toray International America, Inc. IN Keith Dosch Sales Manager
Toray International America, Inc. IN Kunihiko Shinki General Manager
Tosoh USA OH Michael East Business Development Manager
Total Petrochemicals & Refining USA, Inc. PA Bill Frazier Manager – Tolling
Tradebe Chemicals Stuart Barker UK Business Development
Tradebe Environmental Services IN Neil Manny Director, Distillation and Recycling services
Trecora Chemical TX Larry Birdsell Custom Processing Business Director
Tricor Metals OH Steve Beaver Market Manager
Trinseo, LLC PA Todd Crook Business Director Americas Latex
Trumont International NY Komail Thaver Managing Director
U.S. Chemicals A Maroon Group CT Dave Benson Senior Account Executive
U.S. Chemicals A Maroon Group CT Carol Piccaro President
Umicore Precious Metals Chemistry LLC CA Don Zeng Director of Business Development
Umicore Precious Metals Chemistry USA, LLC OK Jodie Finkbiner Sales Administrator
United Phosphorus PA Mark Weber Manufacturing Manager
United Phosphorus Inc. PA William Lester Procurement Manger; US
Univar SK Brent Chamberlain Operations Manager
Univar ON Jason Donald Site Manager
Univar MB Neil Douglas Vice President – Agriculture
Univar MB Ben Libby Director of Business Development
Univar AB Kirk Moffat Operations Manager
Univar ON Chan Perera General Manager
Univar MB Charlie Perera Operations Manager
UNP Polyvalves TX Amit Shah President & CEO
Vacuubrand, Inc. CT Melanie Hatt Market Development Assistant
Vacuubrand, Inc. CT Mark Karpiej Technical Support Specialist
Valliscor OR Rich Carter CEO
Valliscor LLC OR Michael Standen Chief Operating Officer
Valspar MN Deb Kovacs Global Tolling Manager
VanDeMark Chemical Inc. NY John Dobrolsky Sales Manager, North America
VanDeMark Chemical Inc. NY Larry Grubb VP, Global Sales & Business Development
VanDeMark Chemical Inc. NY Michael Kucharski CEO
Vantage Performance Materials IL Tony Martinez Regional Sales Manager
Vantage Performance Materials IL Neal Von Drasek Regional Sales Manager
Vantage Specialties, Inc IL Paul Gaines Business Director
Vats Holding Inc. IL Pooja Sharma Director
Veolia North America NJ John Nerger Reclaim Product Line Manager
Veolia North America TX Kevin Polkinghorn Key Account Manager, NA
Verdesian Life Sciences NC Gabriel Chiriboga Global Procurement and Commercialization Manager
Vertellus LA Jim Keay Business Director, Life Sciences
Vertellus IN Mark Lewis Business Director
VIAKEM Emilio Assam Chief Executive Officer
VIAKEM Jesus Cantu Chief Operating Officer
VIAKEM Jose Davila Sales & Marketing
VIAKEM Vesa Harjumpaa Chief Commercial Officer
VIAKEM Hugo Hernández Commercial Manager
Volunteer Pastilles LLC TN Dave Cook Director, Sales and Marketing
Volunteer Pastilles LLC TN Steve Cook Owner
VTA GmbH & Co., KG SC Bob Schavey Business Development Engineer
VTA GmbH & Co., KG Oliver Stoll General Manager
Wacker Chemical Corp MI Scott Starr Sr. Sales Manager Americas
Wako Chemicals USA, Inc. VA Andrew Shin Technical Sales Representative
Walsh & Associates, Inc. MO Tom Intagliata Marketing Manager
Walsh & Associates, Inc. MO Paul Winkelmann Regional Sales Manager
Ward/Kraft, Inc. KS Curt Johnson Sales Reps
Ward/Kraft, Inc. KS Trent Stiles Sales Rep
Waters Corporation MA Ken Langley Senior Market Development Manager
Webb Chemical MI John Hill Business Development
Wego Chemical Group NY Kimberly Morgan Kimberly Morgan
WeylChem International GmbH Christine Chartroux Head of Sales & New Business Development
WeylChem International GmbH Lejla Skaljic Marketing Communications Manager
WeylChem International GmbH Frank Wegener President WeylChem Group of Companies
WeylChem US Inc SC Dave Adams Director, Supply Chain Operations
WeylChem US Inc SC Christian Bremer Chief Operating Officer
WeylChem US Inc SC Kevin Drost Director of Business and Development
WeylChem US Inc SC Hugh Hennessy Account Manager – Industrial Markets
WeylChem US Inc SC Mike McGeary Key Accounts
WeylChem US Inc SC Lori McMichael Customer Service Manager
WeylChem US Inc SC Erika Moseley Product Manager Grignard Reagents
WeylChem Us Inc SC Gary Pasek Director Sales & Marketing
WeylChem US Inc SC Philippe Robin CEO
WeylChem US Inc. SC Rob Harpum Commercial Director
WGK Consulting NY Bill Knab Consultant
Willowood USA NE Jeff Thayer Director of Operations
Wolseley Industrial Group VA Joe Costanzo Chemical Industry Manager
World Metal LLC TX Bruce Burniece Business Manager
Worldchem LLC NH Fred George President
YH&J LLC PA Yujian You Executive
Yokogawa Corporation of America GA Robert Beland Sales
Yokogawa Corporation of America GA Russ Graybill Director Product Marketing
Yokogawa Corporation of America TX James Lysaght Account Manager
Yokogawa Corporation of America GA Ron Norton Regional Sales Manager