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Specialty & Agro Chemicals America features suppliers and buyers involved with the technologies, innovations, and process solutions that have applications specifically for the agrochemical and specialty chemical markets. “Specialty and Agro” covers a diverse range of chemical end-uses that include:

  • Adhesives | Sealants | Resins
  • Agriculture | Crop Protection
  • Biofuels | Biodiesel
  • Coatings | Paints
  • Cosmetics | Personal Care
  • Electronics
  • Flavors | Fragrances
  • Food | Beverage
  • Mining | Mineral Processing
  • Oilfield | Fuels | Lubricants
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Photographic | Film
  • Plastics | Composites
  • Polymers | Monomers
  • Pulp | Paper
  • Soaps | Detergents
  • Textiles | Dyes | Inks
  • Water Treatment

Exhibitors at Chemicals America represent companies offering America-based operations for:

  • Specialty and Fine Chemical Manufacturing
  • Agrochemical Actives, Intermediates, and Inerts
  • Custom Chemical and Toll Manufacturing
  • Chemical Toll Processing and Formulation Services
  • Chemical Packaging Materials & Services
  • Chemical Research & Development Services
  • Chemical Process Equipment, Containers, & Technology
  • Chemical Distribution, Logistics, and Supply Chain Services

Buyers and other participants will consist of purchasing, sourcing, R&D, engineering, and process management personnel from the range of specialty and agrochemical end user markets noted above.

Final 2017 Attendee List (1,710 Registrants):

Company Name State First Name Last Name Job Title Registered
A & M PA Sriraj Srinivasan Private Equity Services 09/08/17
A Brite Company TX Dan Dunigan VP Market Development 04/27/17
A Brite Company TX Pat Vonasek Technical Business Director 08/28/17
Aaron Equipment Company IL Erik Eichert Buyer 06/19/17
Aaron Equipment Company IL Anthony Tufano Sales 11/17/16
ABITEC Corporation IL David Gregg Business Development Director 06/30/17
Access Chemicals & Services, LLC. TX Rick Lane Consultant 07/03/17
Access Chemicals & Services, LLC. TX Courtney Pytel General Manager 03/15/17
Access Chemicals & Services, LLC. TX Jordan Stokes Executive Account Manager 02/03/17
Access Chemicals & Services, LLC. TX Wally Thorne Consultant 07/03/17
Access Chemicals & Services, LLC. TX RON TREECE President 07/03/17
Accron LP TX Brad Marks project manager 08/17/17
Aceto Agricultural Chemicals Corp. NY Dan Hartnett Product Business Manager 08/16/17
Aceto Agricultural Chemicals Corp. NY Fred Trudwig, Jr. Senior Technical Product Manager 08/16/17
Aceto Corporation NY Cliff Bobe AVP 11/08/16
Aceto Corporation NY Amelia Greene Account Manager 08/07/17
Aceto Corporation NY Scott Herrington Senior Account Manager, Specialty Chemicals 06/16/17
ACETO Corporation Cary Jones Senior Account Manager 09/08/17
Aceto Corporation NY Keith Wilkinson Senior VP 11/08/16
Achiewell, LLC PA Anna Turner Business Director 06/16/17
Acme-Hardesty PA Dean Bostic National Sales Manager 11/08/16
Acme-Hardesty PA Lidia Goedeke Global Sourcing Specialist 08/28/17
Acme-Hardesty PA Brian Leone Regional Sales Manager 11/08/16
Acme-Hardesty Co. PA Steven Chaffin Regional Sales Manager 11/08/16
ADAMA NC Shengyou Long Chemist 08/17/17
ADAMA US NC Conrad Heinzerling Operations Leader 08/21/17
ADAMA US NC Yam Shrestha Formulation Research Chemist 08/18/17
ADAMA USA NC Dr. Roy Chen Formulation Lab Manager 08/07/17
Addison Capital FL Brian Miller Founding Partner 06/19/17
Addivant WV David Coleman Global Process Improvement Manager 08/29/17
Addivant USA LLC CT George Grudev Strategic Sourcing Director 08/16/17
Adeline Chemicals LLC CA Daniel Tanzil Business Manager 08/15/17
Adjuvants Unlimited LLC TN Jennifer Jordan-Bear Product Development Chemist 09/08/17
Adjuvants Unlimited LLC TN Jason Rader Regional Business Development Manager 09/08/17
ADM – Archer Daniels Midland IL Derrick Rawson Manager 04/20/17
ADM – Archer Daniels Midland IL Jeremy Sculthorpe Manager 07/06/17
Admix NH Patrick Lakin Regional Sales Manager 12/08/16
Advance Process Technology, LLC NJ Vincent Fuschetti Process Engineer 07/25/17
Advanced Chemical Concepts MI Craig Tungate President 06/09/17
Advanced Marketing International, Inc. NC Bryn Haas Marketing Manager 08/25/17
AdvanSix NJ Ed Asirvatham Technical Marketing Leader 09/08/17
Advansix VA Sai Pappu Technology Development Engineer 07/19/17
Advanta Advertising, LLC NJ Stephanie N Kuhla CEO/Creative Director 08/02/17
Advasol Water Soluble Film TX Neha Verma Sr. Marketing Communications 06/05/17
Aether Industries Limited Aman Desai Director 10/19/16
Aether Industries Limited MI Ray Roach Business Development Leader, Americas 08/12/17
Aflex Hose PA Bill Winand Regional Sales Manager 06/16/17
Afton Chemical Corp. VA Phil Boegner Toll Manufacturing Manager 06/28/17
AGC Chemicals Americas PA Ichiro Yamanouchi Director of Chemicals 08/17/17
AGC Chemicals Americas PA Jie Zhang Business Manager 11/08/16
AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc. PA Katsuhiko Konisi Chemical Engineer 08/17/17
AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc. PA Jiro Mochizuki Chemical Engineer 08/17/17
AGDATA NC Kerry Hubbard Senior Account Manager 05/24/17
AGI USA, Inc NC Duane Drinkwine Application Engineering Manager 04/20/17
AGI USA, Inc. NC Rick Szulborski General Manager 04/20/17
Agilis Chemicals NJ Jay Bhatia Founder 09/08/17
AgMarketResults, LLC SC Carmine Sesa Member 06/16/17
AgraForm MO Doug Baskett Plant Manager 06/26/17
AgraForm MO Ron Cunningham Business Development 11/10/16
AgraForm MO Bill McVeagh Principle Engineer 06/26/17
AgriMetis, LLC MD Matthew Oberholzer VP, Technical Operations 08/16/17
Agrofresh PA Jeff Baranchok Manufacturing SME 06/30/17
Agrofresh PA Eric Lieberman Global manufacturing and supply chain leader 06/30/17
AIC MA Nick Glum Sales 08/10/17
Air Products and Chemicals PA Tim Lebrecht Chemical Process Industry Manager 08/08/17
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. GA Joanna James Chemical Industry Engineer 08/08/17
Albemarle PA Dennis Auerbeck Process Chemist 05/01/17
Albemarle NC Katherine Brown Purchasing 05/01/17
Albemarle NC Michael Carroll Sales 05/01/17
Albemarle NC Mark Cheplen Head of Sales NA / LATM 09/08/17
Albemarle NC Michael Clark Purchasing 05/01/17
Albemarle NC John Coe Sales 05/01/17
Albemarle LA Diane Gormley Business Manager 05/01/17
Albemarle NC Keith Henry Purchasing 05/01/17
Albemarle NC Gary Hess Director, NA Sales – Fine Chemistry 10/19/16
Albemarle NC Dru Manuel Purchasing 05/01/17
Albemarle LA Scott Martin President, Fine Chemistry Services 05/01/17
Albemarle LA Matt McGucken North American Sales 07/07/17
Albemarle NC Sarah Saxon Marketing Communications Specialist 05/11/17
Albemarle NC Thad White Sales 05/01/17
Albemarle PA Ashley Wilt Product Manager 09/08/17
Alchem Chemical GA Lance Fentress VP 08/17/17
Alexium Inc SC John Blackburn Manager, Manufacturing 08/17/17
AllChem Industries FL Brian Milan Sales Director 05/12/17
AllChem Industries TN Jim Wakim Regional Sales Manager 05/12/17
Allessa GmbH Michael Hassler Business Director 06/28/17
ALTIVIA TX Louie Huey Chief Operating Officer 08/21/17
ALTIVIA TX Chuck Kreutzberger Manager Commerical Development 11/15/16
ALTIVIA TX Dave Pearson Business Manager 08/11/17
ALTIVIA TX John Tharp Purchasing Manager 06/21/17
AlzChem LLC GA Alan Mick CEO 10/26/16
AlzChem LLC Juergen Sans VP Innovation Mgmt. 10/28/16
AlzChem LLC Georg Weichselbaumer Vice President Chemicals and Applications 10/28/16
American Chemistry Council DC Kevin Swift Chief Economist & Managing Director 05/24/17
American Custom Drying NJ Leslie Grant-Smith Business Development Manager 11/08/16
American Custom Drying NJ Bob Slade VP, Manufacturing 11/08/16
American International Container NJ Daniel Bourneuf President 11/15/16
Amindon Inc. NY Miles Hutchings CEO 07/24/17
Amplex Chemical QC Stefano Passini Product Manager 08/25/17
AMSA, Inc. MI Attila Relenyi President 06/16/17
AMSA, Inc. MI Janice Shawl V.P. of Operations 06/16/17
Amsyn Inc. CT Thomas Castrovinci President 09/08/17
Amsyn Inc. CT Rich Murphy Product Manager 05/31/17
Amsyn Inc. CT Susan Orr VP 10/19/16
Amyris NC Jason Aull Sr. Director, US MFG Operations 08/08/17
Amyris NC Billy King Plant Manager 08/08/17
ANDRITZ Separation Inc. KY Steve Jacoby Regional Sales Manager 11/16/16
ANDRITZ Separation Inc. KY Steve Ungar Product Specialist 06/17/17
ANNO CHEMICALS USA TX Richard Bailey Business Development Manager 08/22/17
ANNO CHEMICALS USA TX Alex Bonami Business Development Manager 08/22/17
Apeel Sciences CA Matthew Aronson Director of Engineering 08/27/17
Apeel Sciences CA Damon De La Peña Senior Director, Supply Chain 08/18/17
Apex Freight Services GA Tracy Pellerin Branch Manager 08/25/17
Applied Catalysts IN Lee Mitchell President 09/08/17
Aramco Performance Materials NY Don Frank Toll Manufacturing Manager 08/18/17
Aramco Performance Materials NY Ron Valente Director 08/18/17
Archroma SC Sara Comer Development Team Leader / Process Chemist 09/08/17
Archroma NC Alan Headden Market Segment Mgr 12/01/16
Archroma SC Chad Perry Head of SHE, US & Canada 08/21/17
Archroma SC Jack Smith Senior Process Consultant 09/08/17
Archroma U.S., Inc. NC Ruben Cuadrado Direct Spend Manager 06/28/17
Archroma U.S., Inc. NC Debra Pound Regional Head NORAM & CM 06/28/17
Archroma U.S., Inc. SC Ronda Tabb-Walker Indirect Spend Manager 06/28/17
Arichem LLC AL David Minchin Executive Vice President 08/11/17
Arkema PA Lucy Clarkson Director, Research & Development 06/27/17
Arkema Charlotte Herdt Market Manager 05/11/17
Arkema PA Eric Olivier Account Manager, DMSO and Amines 06/15/17
Arkema Kieger Stephane Business Manager 08/24/17
Arkema Inc. PA Katy Trosini Marketing Specialist & Inside Sales Rep 06/16/17
Arsenal Capital NY Brian Orkin Investment Partner 08/24/17
Artisan Industries Inc. MA Caity Davis Marketing Director 08/07/17
Artisan Industries Inc. MA Carey Houmiller VP JET-VAC® Technologies 08/07/17
Arysta LifeScience NC Don Brandt Global Supply Chain Mgr 06/27/17
Arysta LifeScience NC Brian Burkhardt Americas Procurement 04/27/17
Arysta LifeScience NC Cameron Gibb Global AI Manufacturing 08/01/17
Arysta LifeScience Sabrina Gobbo Procurement Coordinator 08/06/17
Arysta LifeScience NC Carlos Gonzalez Sr. Purchasing Analyst 08/16/17
Arysta Lifescience NC Christopher Larson Global Operations and Process Technology 10/18/16
Ascend Performance Materials TX Molly Chhiv Production Manager Specialty Chemicals 10/20/16
Ascend Performance Materials TX Jamie Haseltine Business Development & Sales Manager, Specialty Chemicals 07/11/17
Ascend Performance Materials TX Dave McNeece Business Development Manager – Specialty Chemicals 07/11/17
Ascend Performance Materials TX Finlay Morrison Vice President, Specialty Chemicals 01/06/17
Ascend Performance Materials TX Joe Parker Technical Director – Specialty Chemicals 07/11/17
Asco Filtri S.p.A. SC Bob Smith Area Manager 08/23/17
Ashland OH Paul Flood Business Director 06/09/17
Ashland NC Steve Koehler Stategic Account Manager 08/22/17
Ashland OH Dave Lemke Account Manager 11/08/16
Ashland DE Sandy Lutz Global Supply Base Quality Manager 06/21/17
Ashland DE Frank McDonough North American Tolling Manager – Cellulosics 06/29/17
Ashland NC Vince Nacrelli Key Account Manager 08/25/17
Ashland KY Robert Partin North America Tolling Manager – Acetylenics 05/12/17
Ashland OH Julie Santinelli Composites 11/08/16
Ashland OH Mike Stevens Composites 11/08/16
Ashland OH Bill Widger Composites 11/08/16
Ashland – Avoca NC Flint Harding Business Development 07/25/17
Ashland LLC OH Wesley Chang Global Tolling Procurement Manager 06/30/17
Ashland Performance Materials OH Joy Bennett Business Development Manager 08/29/17
Ashland, LLC OH Don Joseph Toll Manufacturing Mgr. 05/24/17
Athlon Solutions TX Sandra Cox Strategic Sourcing Manager 06/28/17
Athlon Solutions TX David Fortune Business Development Director 06/28/17
Athlon Solutions TX Larry Ito VP Sales & Contract Mfg 06/28/17
Athlon Solutions TX Rhonda Warzecha Marketing Team 10/18/16
Atotech USA SC Mark Steele Procurement Manager 03/30/17
Augusta Fiberglass SC Craig Thornton Director of Global Sales 08/28/17
Augusta Fiberglass SC Craig Winningham Craig Winningham 11/09/16
Austin Chemical Company, Inc. IL Maurice Baillargeon Director, Business Development 07/18/17
Austin Chemical Company, Inc. IL Samuel Ponticelli Chairman and CEO 10/18/16
AVEKA MN Willie Hendrickson Founder / CEO 03/10/17
AVEKA MN Marie Jorissen President 06/07/17
Axine Water Technologies SC April Emory Sales Executive 08/21/17
Azelis Americas CT Terry Mullin Corporate Communications 02/06/17
Azelis Americas CT Aaron Winn Proprietary Products Manager 05/13/17
AZO Inc. TN CHUCK KERWIN General Manager 06/23/17
AZO Inc. WI DAVID WALL Sales Manager 06/23/17
B&P Littleford MI Aaron Anderson Territory Manager 11/30/16
B&P Littleford MI Robert Lytkowski Vice President Sales & Marketing 07/24/17
BANJO Corporation IN Scott McDonald Sales Manager 11/08/16
Bann Quimica Ltda. Dwight Bann CEO 06/21/17
Bartlo Packaging Inc. NJ Allen Bartlo President 06/01/17
Bartlo Packaging, Inc. NJ Larry Byrd Business Development Manager 10/19/16
BASF NC Larry Coe Contract Manufacturing Team Leader 08/09/17
BASF NJ Elke Feese Procurement Manager 08/02/17
BASF NJ Amita Gupta Director Procurement 05/19/17
BASF NC Mark Kearns Technology Management 06/20/17
BASF FL Ashley Morris Contract Manufacturing Manager 07/21/17
BASF NC Michael Tomasik Process Technology Manager 05/30/17
BASF Construction Chemicals MN Eric Wymer Sr. Scientist 08/22/17
BASF Corp. NJ Bruce Frishberg Procurement Manager – Contract Manufacturing 08/04/17
BASF Corp. NJ Michael Stadelmaier Procurement Manager 12/16/16
BASF Corporation SC Richard Clayton Account Manager 12/05/16
BASF Corporation NC John Courtney Sr. Manufacturing Services Supervisor 08/03/17
BASF Corporation NC Bill Henry Manufacturing Supervisor 05/31/17
BASF Corporation NJ Yoong Kim Contract Manufacturing Procurement Manager 07/06/17
BASF Corporation NJ Nish Sanghvi Procurement Manager – Contract Mfg 07/26/17
BASF Corporation NC Andrea Van der Velde Global Sourcing Manager Crop Protection 07/13/17
BASF SE Ingo Sagasser Head of Global Sourcing & Contracting Crop Protection 03/14/17
BassTech International NJ Michael DeMarco Business Development 08/24/17
BassTech International NJ Tom Scaria Vice President 08/24/17
Bayer NC Michelle Jeffries Contract Manufacturing Demand Planner 06/26/17
Bayer NC Ryan Kurtz Procurement Specialist 06/19/17
Bayer – Crop Science Division NC Joe Uberseder Procurement Specialist 08/10/17
Bayer Corporation NC Christine Lang Procurement – Strategic Sourcing 08/02/17
Bayer CropScience NC Kathleen Dixon Senior Procurement Specialist 09/08/17
Bayer Environmental Science NC Krishnan Palanichamy Senior Scientist 07/19/17
Bayer US LLC MO Hemant Kandlur Associate Director Procurement – CS Directs 06/16/17
Baze Chemical TX Janna Baze Marketing/Sales 11/09/16
Baze Chemical TX Jeremy Baze Sales 07/11/17
Baze Chemical TX Ana Godinez Sales 07/11/17
Baze Chemical TX Mark Sanders Procurement 07/11/17
BBP Sales: Yokogawa SC Stephen Guyon Sales Engineer 06/30/17
BCS GA Harry Colley Director of Sales and Marketing 08/10/17
BCS GA Jonathan Denis Operations Manager 08/10/17
BCS GA Melissa McWilliams Product Manager 09/08/17
BCS GA Seth Spurlock President 09/08/17
Benco Chemical Ltd NC Mark Fox Senior Sales Executive 08/25/17
Benco Chemical Ltd NC Mac McGuire Senior Sales Executive 06/21/17
Benco Chemical Ltd NC Peter Norman Vice President 01/20/17
Bercen LA David Benjamin Sales Director 09/08/17
Bericap North America ON Lynne Brophy Director of Sales 05/17/17
Berryman Chemical Inc. TX Mike Hoover Sales Manager 08/17/17
Berryman Chemical Inc. TX Steven Wilkerson Inside Sales 08/17/17
Biazzi S.A. Alan Stout Biazzi SA US-Representative 11/16/16
Biazzi S.A. Bruno Tettamanti VP Marketing and Sales 11/16/16
Biddle Sawyer NY Lee DeWitt VP Business Development 06/20/17
Biddle Sawyer Corp. NY Jon Hupert Vice President 05/05/17
Biddle Sawyer Corp. NY ANTHONY Nigro Director, Business Development 05/03/17
Biosynth International IL Fabien Scorza Sales Manager North America 08/29/17
Black Forest Container Systems SC Jeff Balck Partner 08/24/17
Black Forest Container Systems SC Jeff Mazzola VP Sales 12/21/16
Bluestar Silicones SC Brad Chana Southeast Regional Sales Manager 08/28/17
Bluestar Silicones SC John Garris Tech Service Rep 08/24/17
Bluestone Metals & Chemicals NC Wouter Van Loo Managing Director 09/08/17
BMO Harris IL Matt Anderson Senior Vice President 07/31/17
Boaz Partners GA Michele Baxley Director, Executive Search 08/11/17
Boaz Partners GA John Kehoe Sr. Search Executive 08/14/17
Boaz Partners GA Weslee Washington Managing Director 08/09/17
Bond Dickinson LLP Peter Snaith Partner 07/12/17
Bond Dickinson LLP Stuart Wardlaw Partner 07/12/17
Boron Molecular Inc. NC Ken Sullivan Director, Sales & Marketing 06/20/17
Boron Specialties PA Beth Bosley CEO 08/28/17
BoroPharm MI Todd Zahn CEO 09/08/17
Borregaard NY Pete Demchko VP Sales & Marketing 08/25/17
Borregaard LignoTech TX Tiffany McQueen Technical Application Manager – Americas 07/11/17
Boulder Scientific Co. CO Carol Boyce Purchaser 08/07/17
Boulder Scientific Company CO Colin Eckerling Sales Account Manager 09/08/17
Boulder Scientific Company CO Silvia Luebben Sourcing Manager 08/04/17
Boulder Scientific Company CO David Morita David Morita 04/27/17
Braskem America Inc PA Fernando Gomes Catalyst Scientist 08/23/17
Brenntag Midsouth KY Bruce Pritchett Director of Agriculture 06/13/17
Briar Chemicals Susan Brench Head of Commercial 10/27/16
Buckman International TN Jeff Presley Global Strategic Sourcing Director 07/14/17
Buhler Inc Pedro Huerta Sales Manager 07/25/17
Buhler Inc. NJ Steffen Pilotek Business Development Manager 10/21/16
Busch LLC VA Ty Gumbert Chemical and Pharmaceutical Market Developer 08/23/17
Business Development Counsel SC Larry McCoy Principal Consultant 09/08/17
Buss ChemTech AG Thomas Blocher Business Manager 11/14/16
BWAY Corporation IL John Homan Director of New Business Development & Marketing 05/24/17
BWAY Corporation IL Mark Puchalla Director of Plastic Business Development 11/16/16
BYK KY Shannon Morrison Regional Enduse Manager IA 05/18/17
C&EN NY John Day C&EN Domestic Sales, East Coast Rep 06/20/17
C.H. Robinson OK Joel Kennedy Strategic Sales Director 06/30/17
CABB Matthias Beinhoff Key Account Manager 05/16/17
CABB John Chapman Regional Director,  United States & Canada 10/20/16
CABB AG Matthias Helms Key Account Manager 06/06/17
CABB AG Mario Petretta Key Account Manager 06/01/17
Cadence Bank – Chemicals & Specialty Services TX Bill Bobbora Managing Director 05/26/17
CalaChem Ltd Russell Clarke Head of Commercial 11/09/16
CalaChem Ltd Jon West Commercial & Supply Chain Manager 11/09/16
Callery, LLC PA Brian Coleridge Territory Account Manager 07/26/17
Capital Resin Corp. OH Jamie Bull Chief Operating Officer 10/18/16
Capital Resin Corp. OH Matt Ducay Director of Operations 07/11/17
Capital Resin Corp. OH Mark Morehart Business Development Manager 07/13/17
Capital Resin Corp. OH John Williams John D Williams 07/14/17
Capital Resin Corporation OH Michael Denney Business Manager 08/10/17
Capital Resin Corporation OH Ed Toplikar Director R&D / QA 08/21/17
Carpenter Co VA Steve Warren Principal Scientist 08/14/17
Carpenter Co. VA Brent Lesher Market Manager, Chemicals 07/26/17
Carpenter Co. VA Robert Proverb Assistant Director of R & D 06/23/17
Carrington Engineering Sales NC Will Johns Vice President 07/03/17
CCL Label TN Jim Balentine National Account Manager 11/16/16
CCL Label TN David Buck National Account Manager 01/31/17
CCR Containers WA Anna Nguyen Regional Manager 10/18/16
CCR CONTAINERS WA Marie Nguyen Inside Sales / Office Manager / Admninistrative Service Manager 08/17/17
Cekal Specialties, Inc NC Shane Glover Technical Sales/Marketing/Product Development 08/03/17
Cekal Specialties, Inc. NC Dallas Crotts President 06/29/17
CellMark Chemicals CT GABRIELA CESSARIO Sales Representative 07/14/17
CellMark Chemicals CT KARLTEN WONG VP Sales 07/06/17
CellMark USA CT Andrew DeRosa Senior Product Manager 06/19/17
Cenco Centrifuge IA Scott Glaser Sales 04/28/17
Cenco Centrifuge IA Sean O’Connor Account Manager 04/28/17
Cenco Centrifuge IA Craig Tracy President 04/28/17
CENTAURI Technologies, LP TX Kyle Killebrew President 10/18/16
CENTAURI Technologies, LP TX Russ King Sales & Marketing 10/18/16
CENTAURI Technologies, LP TX Sam Lane Director Business Development & Technology 10/18/16
Century Global  LLC ( Spec Chem Magazine/ Chemspec Events ) PA Ben Jones President 06/16/17
Cerion, LLC NY Landon Mertz CEO 08/23/17
Cerion, LLC NY Chris Skipper Director, New Business Development 08/23/17
Cerion, LLC NY Matt Winslow COO 08/21/17
CFS Enterprises, Inc NC Mike Taylorson V.P. Sales & Marketing 08/09/17
Charkit CT Craig Demling Sales 08/14/17
Charkit Chemical MA Michael Lyons Vice President 08/15/17
Charkit Chemical MI Sean Maggert Business Development Manager 06/16/17
Charkit Chemical Company CT Chris Gallagher Sales 08/30/17
Charkit Chemical Company CT Charlie Hinnant President 11/09/16
Charkit Chemical Company CT Terence Owens Vice President, Sales 08/20/17
Charkit Chemical Company CT Panos Yannopoulos VP Sales 08/16/17
Charkit Chemical Corporation CT Kristen DePersia Sales Executive 06/16/17
Charles River MA Chad Durastanti Account Manager 08/29/17
Charles River MA Brad Haynes Manager Bus Dev US Pharma 11/15/16
Charles River MA Kyle Van Riper Senior Account Manager 08/30/17
Charleston International Manufacturing Center SC Michael Cole VP, Business Development 03/13/17
ChayseChem PA Chris Klumph Vice President of Business Development 06/16/17
Chem International Inc. SC Morgan Washick Morgan Washick 06/19/17
Chem International Inc. SC Georgianna Welch Operations Director 05/12/17
Chem Quest IN James Swope Senior VP 09/08/17
Chemada Tal Guber Regional Sales Manager 06/19/17
Chemada Fine Chemicals, Ltd. Ela Dolinsky Marketing Manager 08/29/17
Chembulk Tankers CT David Wiswell Manager, Strategic & Trading Analysis 08/17/17
Chemco Beads Shengyu Mao Sales Manager 06/30/17
ChemDesign Products Inc. WI Rae Johnson Vice President Sales 11/18/16
ChemDesign Products Inc. WI Bryon Leggett Vice President Business Development 11/18/16
ChemDesign Products Inc. WI David Mielke CEO & PRESIDENT 11/18/16
ChemDesign Products Inc. WI JOEL SALZMAN V.P. OF OPERATIONS 08/07/17
CHEMET Umesh Sanghvi Managing Partner 06/14/17
Chemformation TX Paul Broome VP 04/27/17
Chemformation TX Joe Broome Manager 09/08/17
Chemformation TX Holly Myers VP 04/27/17
Chemical & Engineering News NY Rick Mullin Senior Editor 06/28/17
Chemical Distributors, Incorporated NY Rick Franclemont Sales Manager 04/17/17
Chemical Industries Association Ian Cranshaw Ian Cranshaw 07/05/17
Chemical Industries Association Stephen Elliott Director 09/08/17
Chemical Products Corporation GA Janet Ingram Commercial Manager 08/25/17
Chemical Services Group, Inc OH Matt Dailey President and CEO 10/20/16
Chemical Services Group, inc. OH Jason Schiavoni Director of Finance 10/24/16
Chemical Solvents, Inc. OH Tim McNeilly Technical Director 03/08/17
Chemical Solvents, Inc. OH Terri Shimensky Marketing Manager 03/08/17
Chemical Week Magazine NY Joe Mennella Head of Global Advertising Sales 08/18/17
ChemicalInfo TX Erica Duncan Senior National Sales Manager 04/21/17
ChemicalInfo TX Jennifer Herriford VP of Marketing 08/22/17
Chemicals America PA Lisa Leahy VP 05/04/17
Chemicals America PA Beth Whitney Beth Whitney 05/03/17
Chemicals Incorporated TX Stephen Halliday Marketing VP 07/19/17
CHEMICALS INCORPORATED TX Nawal Sharma VP– Business Development 11/18/16
Chemisphere Corp. MO Michael Clote VP and General Manager 09/08/17
Chemol PA Dave Grillo General Manager 06/30/17
ChemOrganics TX David Swallow President 10/21/16
ChemOrganics TX Sachin Tipnis Vice President Operations 10/21/16
Chemours RI Patrick Durney patrick durney 06/09/17
Chemours MN Ben Murray Senior Account Manager 08/10/17
Chemours DE Aaron Self Account Manager 09/08/17
Chemoxy Internatonal Ltd Anne Wardell Commercial Manager 06/09/17
ChemPacific Corporation MD Tammy DiIorio Sales Manager 10/20/16
ChemPacific Corporation MD Jim Havlin VP Sales 07/21/17
ChemPacific Corporation MD Tony Liang COO 07/21/17
ChemPacific Corporation MD Chris McRandal Business Development Manager 07/21/17
ChemPacific Corporation MD George Rightmyer Business Development Manager 07/21/17
ChemPacific Corporation MD Maureen Zhang Business Development Manager 07/21/17
ChemQuest Chemicals TX John Fries Sales Manager 10/18/16
ChemQuest Chemicals TX Clay Pace President & CEO 10/18/16
ChemQuest Chemicals TX Jeff Simpson Sales Manager 10/18/16
Chemsolv VA L Glenn Austin CEO 05/02/17
Chemsolv / Eden Custom VA Jamie Austin President 09/08/17
ChemStation International OH Bruce Phillippi Director of Research & Mfg 06/16/17
Chemsynergy Inc OH Onofrio Palazzolo Sales Director 06/19/17
Chemsynergy Inc. ON Jimmy Bhesania Vice President 06/07/17
Chemsynergy Inc. ON Bill Goldig Business Manager 06/07/17
Chemtechnology MO Robert Lienhop Robert Lienhop Jr. 08/09/17
Chevron Oronite TX Kathy Long Account Manager 05/12/17
Chevron Oronite TX Andrew Stephens Account Manager Chemical Sales 10/31/16
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company TX John Beighle Americas Sales Manager, Commercial 11/08/16
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company TX Tim Burrell Solvts & Fine Chem Act Mgr, The Americas 11/08/16
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company TX Abigail Cranford Sales Representative, Spec Chem 11/08/16
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company TX Jason Kreider Team Leader, Specialty Chemicals 11/08/16
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company TX Jerry Smith Mercaptans Account Manager, The Americas 11/08/16
Chromatech Inc. MI Tara Weinmann Technical Sales Rep 08/07/17
Chromatech Incorporated MI Matt Butler Sales Manager 08/11/17
Chromatech Incorporated MI Andrew Hahn Regulatory Manager 08/25/17
CiVentiChem NC Neil Buckley Director, Project Management 06/16/17
CiVentiChem NC Bhaskar Venepalli CEO 06/16/17
CJB Applied Technologies GA Jimmy LeFiles Technical Manager 11/08/16
CJB Industries GA Clinton Beeland CEO 11/08/16
CJB Industries GA Jeana Beeland Executive Vice President 11/08/16
CJB Industries GA Chris Beem Manufacturing Technical Manager 08/23/17
CJB Industries GA Marcie Dennard Executive Marketing Assistant 11/08/16
CJB Industries GA Chuck Glover Sales Manager 11/08/16
CJB Industries GA Ron Levin Manager of Market Development 11/08/16
CJB Industries, Inc. GA Randall Walton CFO 06/27/17
Clariant Corporation KY Richard Allen Product Technology Manager 02/20/17
Clariant Corporation NC Daniel Nantz Procurement Manager 03/08/17
Clariant Corporation NC Bob Condon N.A. Segment Manager – Crop Solutions 11/02/16
Clariant Plastics & Coatings USA Inc. NC Justin Seay Business Development Manager – Pigments 08/21/17
Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc. CA Eric Ward Sr. Chem. Eng. 07/24/17
Clean Harbors SC Keith Brown Technical Sales Expert, Recycling Services 08/08/17
Clean Harbors MA Paul DeVeau Technical Sales Vice President, Recycling Services 10/25/16
Clean Harbors MA Carly Freeman Technical Sales Expert, Recycling Services 08/08/17
Clean Harbors MA Jeffrey Welch Key Account Manager, Chemical, Tech Svcs 10/25/16
CMO Enterprises, Inc. GA Pete Caramello Sales 06/23/17
CMO Enterprises, Inc. TX John Waleyko National Accounts Manager 06/23/17
CNX Maroon Group TX Jay McHugh President 08/09/17
CNX Maroon Group TX Bill Ward Vice President 08/09/17
Cobroko Solutions TX John Super President 01/31/17
Codexis CA Howard Pollack Associate Director Business Development 08/10/17
Colin A. Houston & Associates, Inc. SC Don Faison Research Associate 06/28/17
Colin A. Houston & Associates, Inc. SC Joel Houston President 08/23/17
Colonal Chemical Solutions NC Kevin Eichorn Sales Manager 07/06/17
Colonial Chemical Solutions GA Rob Roberts AVP 06/16/17
Colonial Chemical Solutions GA Rob Roberts EVP 06/16/17
Colonial Chemical Solutions Inc GA Jeremy Detwiler Vice President 06/16/17
Colonial Chemical Solutions, Inc. GA Stan Stanton Sales 08/02/17
Colonial Chemical Solutions, Inc. GA Dan Zbytovsky Sales Manager 03/27/17
Colonial Terminals GA Paul Barger Business Development 09/08/17
Colonial Terminals GA Chad Dollander Director Sales & Marketing 09/08/17
Columbia Pulp WA K.C. Kuykendall Product Manager 08/24/17
Columbiana Boiler Company OH Tina Cousins Product Manager 08/28/17
Columbiana Boiler Company OH Michael Sherwin President 04/17/17
Comi Polaris Systems, Inc. NC Doug Bartus Director of Sales and Marketing 11/08/16
Comi Polaris Systems, Inc. NC Claudio Carpano CEO 07/12/17
Complex Quimica S.A. de C.V. Hector Carranza Quality Management System 06/20/17
Complex Quimica S.A. de C.V. Jorge Hinojosa Project Manager 10/18/16
Complex Quimica S.A. de C.V. Raul Jasso Director 06/20/17
Complex Quimica S.A. de C.V. Marco Martinez Project Leader 10/18/16
Concord Biosciences OH Heather Lehr Director, Business Development 07/31/17
Concord Biosciences OH Farhad Sayyarpur Director 07/31/17
Connect Chemicals GA Richard Gardner Executive VP 08/17/17
Connection Chemical PA Josh Smith Regional Sales Manager 07/24/17
Connection Chemical LP PA Paul Coglianese VP Sales & Marketing, Organic Div. 08/04/17
Continental Consultants, Inc. SC Tom Smith President / Recruiter 06/28/17
Continental Products Corporation WI John Callaghan President & CEO 06/16/17
Contract Chemicals Limited Tony Bastock Chairman 09/01/17
Contract Chemicals Limited John Melia Managing Director 11/11/16
Corbion Sophia Boujenah Global business development manager 11/18/16
Corbion KS Keith Henry Market Development Manager CASE, Biochemicals 11/18/16
Corbion KS Gerrit-Anne Jonkhans Senior account manager 11/18/16
Corbion KS Edward Ludwig Director of Sales, Biochemicals 11/18/16
Corning Clifford Gilbert Sales Engineer Americas 07/10/17
CORNING SAS Natacha CIESLAK Sales coordinator 03/30/17
Covalent Chemical NC Glenn Howell Sales 08/29/17
covalent chemical NC Matt Rowe President 06/16/17
CPJ TECHNOLOGIES SC Bob Chatham  V.P. of Technology 10/18/16
Croda DE Miroslav Majcen Account Manager – Crop Care 09/08/17
Croda DE Alec Simpson Sales Manager – Crop Care 09/08/17
Custom Chemical Services, LLC TX Margaret Roff VP Sales & Marketing 11/08/16
Custom Chemical Services, LLC TX Ken Weems General Manager 08/17/17
Custom Chemicals FL Jake Cleek Account Executive 09/08/17
Custom Equipment Solutions NC John Corcoran Sales Engineer 08/11/17
Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. PA John Sneeringer General Manager 10/28/16
Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. PA Joe Zidik President 10/28/16
Cymer TN Leslie Fox Production Engineer 06/30/17
Cymer TN Bud Lamonica Technical Director 06/30/17
Cymer TN Joan Roller Business Development Manager 11/10/16
D&P Products VA Doug Reed President 08/18/17
D. H. Griffin Used Equipment NC Jason Fornes Sales Manager 11/18/16
Dalian Join King Fine Chemical Co. Ltd. DE Aaron Shen Chief Strategy Officer 08/04/17
DanChem Technologies & Innovations VA Steve Deutsch Director of Sales 06/16/17
DanChem Technologies & Innovations VA John Zuppo President & CEO 06/16/17
DanChem Technologies & Innovations (DTI) VA Robert Costella Director of Sales 06/16/17
DanChem Technologies & Innovations (DTI) VA Conor Kilcoyne Applications Engineer 08/03/17
DanChem Technologies & Innovations (DTI) VA Mike Miller Applications Engineer 08/03/17
DanChem Technologies & Innovations (DTI) VA Jan Olson Applications Engineer 08/03/17
DanChem Technologies & Innovations (DTI) VA Wayne Smith Sales Executive 11/17/16
DanChem Technologies & Innovations (DTI) VA Sandra Tucker Customer Service Representative 08/03/17
Datacor, Inc. NJ Dan McCusker Vice President of Sales 06/19/17
Datacor, Inc. NJ Sean O’Donnell President 06/19/17
Datamyne FL Craig Hirschey Business Development Manager 11/22/16
Day & Zimmermann SC Ryan Donald Director, Projects Plant Services 08/18/17
Day & Zimmermann SC Steven Streblow Director, Business Development 08/17/17
Day & Zimmermann SC Tim Trott Business Development Director 06/22/17
Deacom, Inc PA Pat Braun Senior Sales Executive 08/29/17
Deepak Novochem Technologies Ltd Shreekrishna Sawant Chief Executive Officer 06/29/17
Deepwater Chemicals OK PAMELA CURRY Sales Manager 06/18/17
Deepwater Chemicals Inc OK George Tutt Business Development 06/23/17
DeForest Enterprises, Inc. FL Jeff Edwards President 06/19/17
Dept for International Trade – UK TX Autumn Waska Trade and Investment Officer 07/27/17
Descartes (Datamyne) FL Mary Jo Negron BUsiness Devleopment Manager 07/10/17
Digital Specialty Chemicals ON Zsolt Bencze Director of Sales, Americas 06/27/17
Dishman USA Inc NJ Bhavesh Oza Director of Finance 10/18/16
Dixie Chemical TX Buck Snyder VP Sales – Fuel and Lubricants 08/24/17
DKSH North America Inc. NJ Casey Cordon Senior Business Manager 05/12/17
Dottikon ES America PA Ivo Hubacek Director of Developing Technology 08/11/17
Dottikon ES America PA Susan Palus Business Development 11/08/16
Dottikon Exclusive Synthesis Thomas Rosatzin Head Purchasing 08/18/17
Dow AgroSciences IN Jerry Britt Strategic Sourcing Manager 08/10/17
Dow AgroSciences IN Brad Frazier Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager 05/01/17
Dow AgroSciences IN Abe Gonzalez Das America External Manufacturing Production Leader 08/11/17
Dow AgroSciences IN Dan Manston Senior Procurement Manager 08/09/17
Dow AgroSciences IN Andy Wurtz Operations Leader 07/11/17
Dow Chemical MI Sheila Gombar-Fetner Byproduct Synergy Leader 03/18/17
Dow Chemical Company TN David Henderson Account Manager 06/28/17
Dow Corning MI Arturo Cuellar Market Manager – Performance Chemicals 08/25/17
Dow Corning Corporation MI John Gohndrone Process R&D Scientist 08/23/17
Dr. Ace Consulting IL Alan Eachus Consultant 06/07/17
DrM Inc TX Bradley Moakler Field Service Engineer 09/08/17
DrM Inc. NJ Rick Gill Product Manager 08/17/17
DrM Inc. QC Jeff Steinberg Business Development 11/09/16
DRT America, Inc. GA Jerry Butler Director of Purchasing 08/24/17
DuPont DE Donald Ainsworth Senior Buyer 07/25/17
DuPont DE Melissa Brown DuPont Sourcing 06/22/17
DuPont DE Michael Hoagland Global SOurcing Manager 06/28/17
DuPont DE Lei Jin Business Engineering Leader 03/28/17
DuPont DE Kevin McAllister Global Senior Buyer 06/23/17
DuPont Crop Protection DE Suneet Ranganath Global Sourcing Manager 09/08/17
DUPRE LOGISTICS SC John Patton Director of Business Development 07/24/17
DyStar LP NC Marc Bumgarner Site Manager – Reidsville & Dalton Locations 07/11/17
DyStar LP NC Billy Gardner Senior Account Representative 12/07/16
DyStar LP NC Dan Romani Sales Director – Performance Chemicals & Textiles 06/29/17
DyStar LP GA Michael Sims Research & Development Chemist 09/08/17
Eastar Chemical Corp CA Bruce Smith Executive of Sales & Business Development 09/08/17
Eastman Chemical TN Luis Fernando Zagolin Commercial Manager 01/30/17
Eastman Chemical Company PA Arsalan Ahmed Market Manager 01/24/17
Eastman Chemical Company IL Shelly Gentle Account Representative- Chemical Intermediates 06/19/17
Eastman Chemical Company TN Taylor Locke Alternate Methods of Supply 08/24/17
Eastman Chemical Company TN Chip Millican Marketing Communications Manager 01/20/17
Eastman Chemical Company PA Jill Moncarz Account Manager 08/28/17
Eastman Chemical Company TN Jim Ponasik Technology Manager 06/20/17
Eastman Chemical Company PA David Watson Business Director 01/24/17
Eco Solution Distributing PA Joshua Herzing President / CEO 07/27/17
EcoAgro Resources NC David McKnight Chief Technical Officer 08/14/17
Ecolab, Inc. MN Jon Hansen Lead Chemical Engineer 08/24/17
Ecopol Joshua Mao Business Development Manager 08/17/17
Edgewater Capital Partners OH David Duke Director, Business Development 08/09/17
Edgewater Capital Partners OH Ryan Meany Sales 09/08/17
Edwards Vacuum NY T.J. Marks Sales Manager, North America 11/17/16
Edwards Vacuum NY Tracy Mosshart Sales Manager 08/15/17
Eisenmann Corporation IL Mughis Naqvi Sales Manager – CPI 05/19/17
Eisenmann Corporation IL Jochen Schumacher Senior Sales Manager 05/19/17
Eisenmann Corporation IL Fabian Solberg Sales Manager – CPI 12/15/16
Eisenmann Corporation IL Vijay Suri Business Development Manager 08/09/17
ekato NJ Martin Gass Aftermarket Sales 06/26/17
Ekato NJ Justin Lightner Regional Sales Manager 11/16/16
Ekato NJ Rui Soares Regional Sales Manager 06/19/17
Elan Technology, Inc. GA Terry McCormick Chief Operating Officer 06/26/17
Elcan Industries .com NY Bob Grotto Bob Grotto 11/17/16
Electronic Fluorocarbons LLC PA Madhu Dowlapalli Director of Engineering & Technology 08/28/17
Elementis Specialties NJ Richard Jobbins Technical Manager 08/11/17
Elementis Specialties, LLC NJ Jim Holderman Director of Purchasing and Contract Manufacturing 01/22/17
Elevance Renewable Sciences IL Jodi Czarnik Process Development Engineer 06/29/17
Encore Container SC Byron Jones Retrieval Manager 02/27/17
Encore Container SC Ashley Maroney Sales Manager 02/27/17
Enviro-Safe Resource Recovery WI Jeff Vilione President 05/12/17
EQUIPMENT XCHANGE LLC NJ Jack DeStefano Partner 10/26/16
EQUIPMENT XCHANGE LLC NJ Cassandra DeStefano Sales 08/24/17
EQUIPMENT XCHANGE LLC NJ Jon Tarzy Sales 08/24/17
ESIM Chemicals Ina Graggaber Business Manager 07/11/17
ESIM Chemicals Hans Hiebl Innovation Manager 11/17/16
ESIM Chemicals Sabine Hoetzendorfer Marketing Coordinator 11/17/16
ESIM Chemicals Robert Lichtenberger Business Manager 11/17/16
Essential Polymers WI Jay Shaffer Vice President 07/26/17
Essential Polymers WI Drew Starling Technical Sales Manager 07/26/17
Ethox Chemicals SC Beth Lowe Special Projects Manager 06/09/17
Ethox Chemicals SC Kurt Waldthausen Sales Manager 10/18/16
Ethox Chemicals SC Chris Welch VP Sales 10/18/16
Ethox Chemicals NC Rede Wilson Technical Representative 09/08/17
Ethox Chemicals LLC SC Charles Palmer Charles Palmer 06/16/17
Ethox Chemicals, LLC SC Will Davis Technical Representative 10/18/16
Ethox Chemicals, LLC SC Chuck Hinton President 10/18/16
Ethox Chemicals, LLC SC Brad Swillen Business Manager 07/26/17
Ethox Chemicals, LLC TN Rick Wilson Vice President 05/12/17
Ethox Chemicals, LLC. SC Philip Howard VP Operations 07/05/17
Etimine USA, Inc. PA Holly Stokes North American Sales Manager 01/26/17
Eurofins SFA Laboratories WI Mike Dziewatkoski Technical Director 06/02/17
Evans, Witt and Partner LLC NC Chris Evans Managing Partner 02/27/17
Everchem Specialty Chemicals PA Bob Smetana GM 08/25/17
Everlight USA, INC. NC Allen Chang Product Development Manager 08/17/17
Everlight USA, Inc. NC Mike Yang VP 08/18/17
Evonik VA Steve Rall Product Line Manager 07/18/17
Evonik Corporation NJ Jaime Blanton Sr. Business and Cust. Service Mgr. 08/30/17
Evonik Corporation NJ Cristal Cortez Sales Representative 11/30/16
Evonik Corporation GA Chris Landmesser Senior Business Manager 08/16/17
Evonik Corporation VA Wes Perdue Business Manager USA & Canada Agriculture 08/22/17
Evonik Corporation NJ Sumedh Phatak Business Manager 06/14/17
Evonik Corporation NJ Cynthia Thomas Business Manager 06/16/17
Evonik Jayhawk Fine Chemicals KS Jeff Cassidy Business Development 10/19/16
Evonik Jayhawk Fine Chemicals KS Jay Hendren Supply Chain Manager 08/16/17
Evonik Performance Material GmbH Adrian Blum Product Manager 08/03/17
Evonik Performance Materials GmbH Stefanie Reitz Global Marketing Manager LSPA 06/22/17
Evonik.Jayhawk fine Chemicals KS Jeff Dimmit VP of Technology 06/16/17
Exacta Chemical.Co. NC Warren Preston President 06/05/17
Exacto Inc WI Jay Houle Jay Houle 01/26/17
Exacto Inc WI Doug Nickerson Sales 09/08/17
Excalibur Lipid Technology, Inc. TN J.R. Foreman Director of Sales 08/23/17
Exim-Indis Inc. TX Amit Tiberwala President 08/08/17
Exim-Indis, Inc. ME Bob Byron Vice President Business Development 06/26/17
Extiel GPG, LLC AL Michael O’Brien Executive VP 07/24/17
Extiel GPG, LLC AL Steven Wolf Managing Partner 07/24/17
ExxonMobil NJ Vaseem Firdaus Global Tolling Manager 08/14/17
Exxonmobil Chemical TX Greg Kitts Fluids Market Developer 06/15/17
ExxonMobil Chemical Co. TX Ellen Brandes Sr. Account Representative 08/02/17
Fanwood Chemical, Inc. NJ Jim DeLisi President 05/24/17
FAR Chemical FL Joe Beatty CEO 06/19/17
FAR Chemical FL Jerry Reddinger Commercial Director 06/23/17
FCI Technology NC Richard Barnhardt Vice President and General Manager 06/22/17
Federal Equipment Company OH Justin Kadis Business Development 10/18/16
Federal Equipment Company OH David Winger Vice President 10/18/16
Ferrum Inc. TX Patrick D. Bartel Area Sales Manager 11/10/16
Ferrum Inc. TX Mark Naegeli Director 08/11/17
Fike Corporation MO Clint Andrews Product Manager – Pressure Relief 08/02/17
Fine Consulting PA Mark Fine President 08/23/17
Fine Consulting PA Andy Fine Marketing Director 08/23/17
Fine Grinding Corporation PA John Everett President 08/17/17
Fine Grinding Corporation PA Gene Fatula General Manager 03/20/17
Fine Organics Limited James Rankin Commercial Director 08/11/17
Fine Organics Limited Simon Rowell Commercial Director 10/18/16
First Continental International NJ Jeff Appleton Sales 09/08/17
First Continental International NJ James Franzonia Sales 09/08/17
First Continental International NJ Jeff Furbish Sales 09/08/17
First Continental International NJ Greg Heden Sales 09/08/17
First Continental International NJ Michael Valenti VP 09/08/17
First Integrated Sourcing GA David Wang President 08/25/17
First Integrated Sourcing GA Ning Yang Technology Scouting 08/25/17
FLEXIM AMERICAS Corporation NY Frank Flow Regional Sales Manager 11/08/16
FLEXIM AMERICAS Corporation NC Rich Miller Product Manager 09/08/17
Florida Chemical Supply, Inc FL Marc Maseman President 05/12/17
Florida Chemical Supply, Inc. FL Julie Cotty Business Development 05/12/17
Flottweg Separation Technology, Inc. KY Lee Betkowski Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry Manager 11/08/16
Flottweg Separation Technology, Inc. KY Oliver Willmann Regional Sales Manager – Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Food Applications 11/08/16
FMC NC Corey McCollom Commercial Support Specialist 06/22/17
FMC Corp. PA Javier H. Petriz Global Procurement, Commodity Chemicals & Packaging 08/15/17
FMC Corp. PA Nikolaj Larsen Global Category Manager Procurement 07/19/17
FMC Corporation PA Mike Chlada North America Tolling Manager 07/26/17
FMC Corporation NC Samantha Louis-Jacques Sales Manager 10/18/16
FMC Corporation NC George Sandor Global Sales Director 06/16/17
Ford, Bacon & Davis LLC SC John Brabender Vice President 08/25/17
Forma Life Science Marketing NC Martin Fitzgerald Dir. New Bus. Devel. 08/27/17
Fort Transfer IL Steve Perryman Vice President, Sales and Marketing 08/14/17
Franklin Engineering Group, Inc TN Tim Garrison Business Development Manager 07/18/17
FreightWorks NC Jordan Kidd Operations Manager 09/08/17
FreightWorks Transportation & Logistics NC Jake Farmer President 09/08/17
Frenzelit NC Thorsten Sowa Sales Manager – Specialty Products 09/08/17
FRP Services & Co (America) Inc. QC STEPHANIE GRAY Vice President Sales & Marketing 08/28/17
FUJIFILM Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc. SC Hugo Perez Purchasing Specialist 08/17/17
Fujifilm Manufacturing USA, Inc. SC Jeanette Greenlee Manager, Greenwood Research Laboratory 06/30/17
Fujifilm Manufacturing USA, Inc. SC Dhirendra Kumar Technical & Engineering 06/20/17
FutureFuel Chemical Company AR Kimberly Cole Product Development Manager 11/18/16
FutureFuel Chemical Company AR Diane Medwid Market Development Executive 11/18/16
FutureFuel Chemical Company AR Andrew Skinner Director of Business Development 11/18/16
FutureFuel Chemical Company AR Max Zoellin Market Development Executive 11/18/16
Gabriel Performance Products OH Jeff Gates VP – Custom Manufacturing 08/17/17
GAC ME David Colter President and CEO 09/08/17
GAC ME John Wolanski VP of Sales & Marketing 09/08/17
GadflyZone Inc. IL Bala Ambravan President & CEO 03/05/17
Gas Innovations FL Jim Hoffmann Business Development 08/04/17
Gaylord Chemical LA Jonathan Bryant Director, Sales & Market Development 08/01/17
Gaylord Chemical Company LA Bob Strub Director Market Development 08/03/17
GE Water & Process Technologies PA Jeff Castor Principal Engineer 08/01/17
GEA Group NJ Sean Eicher Market Manager 11/11/16
GEA North America NJ Michael Rohr Sales Engineer 06/27/17
GEA North America MD Nzinga Turner-Linton Sales Engineer 06/27/17
Gelest, Inc PA Sean Nichols Purchasing Manager 08/05/17
Gelest, Inc PA Craig Smith Sales Manager 11/16/16
Gelest, Inc. PA Jeff DePinto Product Manager 08/21/17
GemChem, Inc. GA Bill Clark President 06/07/17
GEO Specialty Chemicals PA John Rizol Global Sales Manager 09/08/17
Geo. Pfau’s Sons Co., Inc. IN Brian Miller Vice President Sales 07/07/17
George E. Missbach & Co. PA Fred Missbach President 06/28/17
Georgetown County, SC SC Brian Tucker Director 08/15/17
Georgia Pacific NC Robert Gaston Senior Process Engineer 09/08/17
Georgia-Pacific Chemicals GA Jason Lee Account Manager 06/29/17
GfM- Gesellschaft fuer Micronisierung Ante Rasack Ceo 08/15/17
GFS Chemicals, Inc. OH Christophe Buron Research and Technology Manager 11/16/16
GFS Chemicals, Inc. OH Robert Kramer Sales & Business Development, Inorganics Division 11/16/16
GJ Chemical NJ Luis Otero Chemical Sales Director 06/30/17
Glades Formulating Corp FL Frankie Montalvo Vice President, Toll Manufacturing 08/24/17
Global Language Translations and Consulting, Inc. MI Doug Strock Vice President 02/20/17
Global Pharma Sourcing PA Christina Malin Director 08/17/17
Global Pharma Sourcing, LLC PA Philip Ma Managing Director 08/08/17
Global Pharma Sourcing, LLC PA Linda Zhao Director, Business Development 08/08/17
Global Phosphorus Solutions Inc. VA Kurt Johnson Marketing Manager 06/06/17
Global Phosphorus Solutions, Inc. OH Timothy Johnson VP of Sales 06/20/17
Global Safety Management FL Adam Hinkebein Sales Account Executive 08/15/17
Global Safety Management FL Brian Kernohan VP of Sales 04/26/17
Gore Creative Technologies Worldwide MD Gary Harp Senior Scientist 09/08/17
Gore Creative Technologies Worldwide MD Bill Napier New Product Development Engineer 09/08/17
Gore Creative Technologies Worldwide MD Scott Ross Sales 09/08/17
Gowan Company AZ Monica Castro Global Procurement Manager 06/26/17
Gowan Company AZ Rene Cochran Process Development Chemist 06/26/17
Gowan Company AZ Jacque Palmer Chief Operating Officer 06/28/17
Gowan Company AZ Guadalupe Roa Supply Chain Purchasing Agent 06/26/17
Grace Matthews, Inc. WI Andrew Hinz Managing Director 05/12/17
Grace Matthews, Inc. WI Kevin Yttre Managing Director 05/12/17
Green Biologics Inc. VA Chris Lanci Global Manager Business Development 08/15/17
Green Ways Consulting PA Jerry Green President 05/24/17
Greif OH Cheryl Caudill Cheryl Caudill 11/07/16
Greif OH Tammy Drumheller Account Manager 11/07/16
Guild Associates Inc OH Mike Freeburn Business Development 08/25/17
H.B. Fuller MN Richard Malmsten Engineering Manager 08/09/17
Halocarbon Products Corporation GA Derek Brown Supply Chain Director 08/17/17
Halocarbon Products Corporation GA Jeff Clements Senior Sales Manager 08/17/17
Halocarbon Products Corporation SC Anthony Zarlenga Production Engineer 08/30/17
Harcros KS Mark Hamilton VP & General Manager 09/08/17
Harcros Chemical NC Joanne Sagos Account Manager 06/16/17
Harcros Chemicals FL Gary Delk Regional Manager 06/30/17
Harcros Chemicals Inc KS Kyle Boudreaux Commercial Director 03/12/17
Harcros Chemicals, Dalton Specialties GA Dennis Whipple General Manager 06/20/17
Harcros Chemicals, Inc. TX Matt Shipp Market Manager – Agriculture 03/07/17
Hardy Industrial Technologies OH Brian Desantis Director of Sales 07/25/17
Harris Williams & Co. VA John Lautemann Vice President 06/16/17
Harris Williams & Co. VA Carl Menzel Associate 08/01/17
Haviland Products Company MI Ken Daly Contract Mfg Sales 11/14/16
Haviland Products Company MI Donna Dykstra Purchasing 11/14/16
Haviland Products Company MI Mark Siegrist Technical Sales 11/14/16
HBI USA OH Jeff Mahaffey General Manager 08/16/17
Heatec, Inc. TN Chris Horten Regional Sales Manager, Southeast 05/17/17
Heatec, Inc. TN Thomas Morris Business Development Engineer 05/17/17
Heiq Chemtex NC Dave Bilbro Vice President 05/12/17
Helena Industries, Inc. TN Phil Berryman President/CEO 06/16/17
Helena Industries, Inc. TN Dan Dancy Procurement Manager 06/16/17
Helena Industries, Inc. TN Stacy Doonan Director of Sales & Procurement 06/16/17
Helm U.S. NJ Shane Lorah Sales Manager 08/14/17
Helm U.S. SC Rob Medlock Sales Manager 08/11/17
Henkel Corporation SC George Arabea Director – Operations 08/22/17
Henkel Corporation NC Steve Tost Director of Process Engineering 08/22/17
Hepaco SC Ronald Dewitt Branch Manager 09/08/17
Hepaco NC Brian Morgan Regional Marketing Manager 09/08/17
Heraeus Chemicals CA Eric Frueh Key Account Manager 09/08/17
Heraeus Chemicals CA Peter Kettler Head of Innovation – Americas 11/16/16
HH Fowler Group, Inc. TN Hugh Fowler President 09/08/17
Higgins consulting NY Bill Higgins owner 08/22/17
Hockmeyer Equipment Corp. NC Shawnacy McManus Market Manager 09/08/17
Hodogaya Chemical (USA), Inc. NY Ryosuke Nishigaki President 09/08/17
HollyFrontier Refining & Marketing PA Kaitlyn Ray Sales Manager 08/14/17
Honeywell IL Mark Staniulis Tolling Manager 06/27/17
Howard Industries, Inc. OH Josh Basinger President 06/30/17
Howard Industries, Inc. OH Cynthia Peterson CEO 06/30/17
HOYER TX Scott Gonzalez Commercial Manager 05/16/17
Hoyer TX Chris Lavan Area Sales Manager 09/08/17
Hoyer TX Jaap Ter Hoeven Sales Director North America 09/08/17
HP Polymers PA Peter Jepson Corporate Scientist 08/30/17
HPI Products MO John Garvey VP Operations 08/17/17
HPI Products MO Bill Garvey President 08/17/17
HPI Products MO Mike Garvey Plant Manager 08/17/17
HPI Products MI Bruce Russell Business Development Manager 08/17/17
HPPE GA Sanket Gandhi CEO 08/28/17
Huntsman TX Daichuan Chen Sr. Research Engineer 08/07/17
Huntsman TX Renee Edlund Senior Scientist 07/14/17
Huntsman TX Dave Ferguson Marketing Manager-Ag 07/14/17
Huntsman TX Matt Forkner Senior Principal Scientist 07/13/17
Huntsman TX Abhay Kanzarkar Purchasing Manager 08/22/17
Huntsman TX Todd Llewellyn Distribution Manager 07/14/17
Huntsman TX Peter Matey Sr. Account Manager 07/14/17
Huntsman TX Jingjun Zhou Principal Engineer 09/08/17
Hydrite Chemical Co WI Jason Kundinger Manager of Technology – Organics, Operations 07/14/17
Hydrite Chemical Co WI Dan Wojciechowicz Corporate Account Manager 07/13/17
Hydrite Chemical Co WI Joshua Wolfe Key Account Manager 11/08/16
ICL Performance Products MO Brian Crumpton Account Manager 08/18/17
ICL-IP America MO Yves Garcia North America Sales Manager 06/19/17
ICL-IP America MO Mike Goode Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Americas 08/24/17
IGI GA Mike Huntley Business Development manager 08/23/17
Iharanikkei Chemical Industry Yoshio Onogawa Development Manager 09/08/17
Iharanikkei Chemical Industry Marie Soga Sales Section 09/08/17
IHS Markit NC Misty Giordano Belser Senior Sales Executive 06/21/17
IHS Markit FL Aliet Martinez Solutions & Services Director 11/18/16
IHS Markit NY Richard Powers Senior Manager 11/23/16
Illinois Tools Works, Performance Polymers & Fluids IL Todd Pankey Group Director 08/08/17
InChem NC Steve Crownshaw President/CEO 08/23/17
InChem NC Jon McCracken COO 08/23/17
InChem NC Steve Nichols Technical Director 08/23/17
InChem NC Joe Wilson VP 08/23/17
InChem Holdings, Inc NC Mike Crownshaw Sales and Marketing Coordinatory 10/27/16
InChem Holdings, Inc NC Kaushik Vashee Vice President 08/22/17
Indo Amines Americas LLC. DE Pradeep Navelkar Country Head 08/10/17
Indo Amines Americas LLC. DE Mr. Vijay Palkar Managing Director 11/11/16
Indo Amines Americas LLC. DE Mr. Rahul Palkar Executive Director 08/04/17
Indo Amines Americas LLC. DE Nachiket Patil Regional Manager 08/10/17
Indorama Ventures, Oxide & Glycols IL Robb Fisher Account Executive 05/30/17
Industrial Chemicals Inc AL Jeff Lloyd Sales 09/08/17
INEOS IL David Kopf Sales Manager 06/28/17
INEOS Oligomers TX Julie Antley Account Manager 07/13/17
INEOS Oligomers IL Gary Gudac Technology Sr. Staff Scientist 07/24/17
INEOS Oxide WI James Harrison Regional Sales Manager 08/16/17
INEOS Oxide PA Roger Summer Sales 09/08/17
INFINEUM Alexandre Nizard Procurement Leader, Toll-Manufacturing 05/12/17
Infineum USA LP NJ Jamie Lehrian Procurement Category Leader 08/01/17
Ingevity SC Sam Siefring Contract Manufacturing Manager 08/23/17
Ingevity SC Thomas Sisson Global Business Manager 08/23/17
Ingevity Corporation SC Tam Do Sr. Category Manager 08/10/17
INLINE FILLING SYSTEMS FL Derek Forte Sales Manager 11/16/16
Inmark GA Terry Lawrence National Accounts Manager 11/16/16
Inmark Inc. SC Craig May Packaging Consultant 06/28/17
Innoleo, LLC FL Adele Savaiano Director, Sales & Marketing 05/04/17
Innovative Chemical Technologies, Inc. GA Jeff Alender C.E.O. 06/29/17
Innovative Chemical Technologies, Inc. GA Royal King Director of Engineering 06/29/17
Innovative Chemical Technologies, Inc. GA Joyce Materniak Sr. Technical Marketing Associate 11/16/16
Innovative Chemical Technologies, Inc. GA Mark Terry VP of Business Development 06/29/17
Innovative Resource Management SC Jesse Watson Director of Sales & Marketing 08/15/17
Innovative Resource Mgmt. SC Paul Lyday Product Acquisition Manager 09/08/17
InterAtlas Chemical ON Kevin Lake Account Manager 09/08/17
InterAtlas Chemical ON Matt McKimm Account Rep 09/08/17
Interchem Corporation NJ Kurt Stalder Director Sales, Business Development 08/09/17
International Chemical Service Ltd AB Edward Baher President 09/08/17
International Chemical Service Ltd AB Trevor Shillington Manager 09/08/17
International Process Plants NJ Stan Sackowitz Senior VP Real Estate 08/29/17
International Process Plants NJ Keith West Global Equipment Sales Director 10/18/16
Invista KS Jim Cole Sales 09/08/17
INVISTA DE Kristina Mitchell Global Director 08/16/17
INVISTA KS Jack Tatman Global Leader Chemical Tolling 02/17/17
IodiTech, Inc. MO Peter Sunderman CFO 08/30/17
IodiTech, Inc. MO Curt Thomas Vice Pres 08/30/17
Iofina Chemical KY Tom Becker CEO 08/17/17
Iofina Chemical KY Kurt Jones C.O.O. 11/04/16
IsleChem LLC NY Daniel Canavan Vice President 10/26/16
IsleChem LLC NY Pat Canavan President 10/26/16
IsleChem LLC NY Rick Morlok Analytical Chemist 05/31/17
IsleChem LLC NY Frederick Vyverberg Principal Scientist 05/31/17
Itaconix NH Lisa Scullion Manufacturing Manager 07/18/17
Itochu Chemicals America NY Mike Kearney Sales Manager 09/08/17
Ivanhoe Industries IL Jon Parsley Eastern Regional Manager 09/08/17
Ivanhoe Industries, Inc. IL Emily Glenn Plant Manager 09/08/17
Ivanhoe Industries, Inc. IL Paul Peebles Business Manager 01/13/17
Ivanhoe Industries, Inc. PA Jeff Snyder Managing Partner 06/22/17
Iwaki America MA Mark Johnson Business Development Manager 08/18/17
J R Hess Company RI Tony Thompson EVP 07/31/17
J William Breen, Inc SC Bill Breen Bill Breen 08/12/17
J. Rettenmaier USA LP MI Don Hearl National Market Manager 07/20/17
J. Sinclair and Associates Inc. IL Jim Sinclair President 06/30/17
J.G. Chempac, Inc. NC Tom McKernan President 09/08/17
Jarchem NJ Art Hein VP 10/18/16
Jarchem Industries Inc. NJ Rich Germain Business Manager 08/30/17
Jarchem Industries Inc. NJ Bob Negley Southern Sales 08/30/17
Jay Consulting Services NC Jay Memula Director 09/08/17
Jet Pulverizer Co. NJ Austin Fay President 06/19/17
Jet Pulverizer Co. NJ Dan Rice Chairman 06/19/17
Jet Pulverizer Co. NJ Fred Surville VP Sales & Marketing 11/08/16
Johnson Mathey GA Christine Iannelli Senior Buyer 05/26/17
Johnson Mathey GA Chris Runyan Purchasing Manager 05/26/17
Johnson Matthey NJ Chris Boettcher Sales Manager 09/08/17
JPAC Trading OH James Liu President 08/25/17
JRF Global PA Raj Saran Business Development Manager 09/08/17
JRHess Co., Inc RI Peter Hess President 06/19/17
JULABO USA, Inc. PA Leah Singer Marketing Coordinator 08/29/17
JULABO USA, Inc. PA Lisa Sprenger Account Manager 11/16/16
Jungbunzlauer MA Ben Kinney Regional Sales Manager 06/19/17
Jungbunzlauer MA Josh Wartenberg Marketing Project Manager 08/16/17
JX Nippon Chemical Texas Inc. TX Brad Costello Sr. Sales Manager 07/12/17
JX Nippon Chemical Texas Inc. TX Cliff Thompson General Manager Sales & Marketing 07/12/17
Kao Specialties Americas NC Mike Corcoran Technical Sales Manager 08/17/17
Kao Specialties Americas NC Virginia Tadvick Market Specialist 06/26/17
Kao Specialties Americas LLC TX Haifa Khan Asst. Market Specialist 06/26/17
Katoen Natie (KTN) TX Susan Baugh Commercial Acct. Mngr. USA 07/05/17
KBC Advanced Technologies-A Yokogawa Company IL Gene Sullivan Director of IIOT Sales 05/30/17
Kemira SC Larry Smith Quality Manager 06/30/17
Kemira Chemicals SC Cecile Ogden Process Engineer 08/15/17
Kemira Chemicals, Inc. SC Tom Dudman Toll Manufacturing manager 07/28/17
Kemlink USA TX Steve Capo Vice President, Sales and Marketing 08/22/17
Key Corporate Services IN Dave Kerns Managing Partner 05/11/17
KeyBanc Capital Markets OH Alain Harfouche Chemicals Investment Banking 03/31/17
KeyBanc Capital Markets OH Christopher Hogan Managing Director 08/29/17
Kinder Morgan Terminals SC Justin Luther Commercial Manager 06/27/17
Kingchem NJ Lillian Wu Chief Operating Officer 09/08/17
Kingchem Life Science LLC NJ Austin Bishop Austin Bishop 10/18/16
Kingchem Life Science LLC NJ Stephen Wang CEO 05/05/17
Kingchem Life Science LLC NJ Ryan Yoder Senior Director, Business Development 05/05/17
KMCO LLC TX Will Baker Sr. Business Development Manager 11/09/16
KMCO LLC TX Pilar Davis Business Development Manager 07/14/17
KMCO LLC TX Mike De La Cruz Sr. Business Development Manager 07/14/17
KMCO LLC TX John Foley CEO 07/14/17
KMCO LLC TX Chris Houston VP Sales & Oilfield Chemicals 07/14/17
KMCO LLC TX Greg Kauffman Product Manager 07/14/17
KMX Chemical NY Jerry Union Sales 09/08/17
Kodak NY John Sherman Business Development 06/16/17
Kodak Solvent Recovery NY Thomas Gabriel Strategic Account Manager 06/12/17
Kodak Solvent Recovery NY Paige Lockwood Marketing and Sales Manager 01/17/17
Kodak Solvent Recovery NY Thomas Rutalis Technical Manager 11/10/16
Kodak Specialty Chemicals NY John Harty Director Business Development 10/24/16
Kodak Specialty Chemicals NY Mark Wozniak Project Manager 10/24/16
Kroeger Process Equipment Sales, LLC SC Charlie Kroeger Consultant 07/26/17
Kuraray America Inc. TX Junichi Fuji Marketing Manager 04/28/17
Kuraray America Inc. TX Masaki Shimizu Chemicals Development Department 09/06/17
Kwaltech LLC TX Thomas Kowalski President 06/29/17
L.E.K. Consulting MA Megan Goldsmith Business Development Manager 06/15/17
L.E.K. Consulting NY Peter Walter Managing Director 06/14/17
La Mesta Christophe Bardin Commercial Director 11/16/16
La Mesta Massimo Bertoldi Business Manager 08/23/17
Lacamas OR Jim Tung Marketing 11/08/16
Lamberti Synthesis USA SC Tom Chamberlain Senior Account Manager 08/21/17
Lamberti Synthesis USA PA Gabriele Greco Gabriele Greco 11/17/16
Lamberti Synthesis USA PA Lear Haulsee Business Manager 08/24/17
Lamberti Synthesis USA PA Bruce Houghtby Purchasing Manager 08/24/17
Land o’ Lakes MO Jay Stouppe Director of Manufacturing 06/26/17
Lanxess NC Taylor Sanford Sales Manager 08/17/17
LANXESS Corp PA Joe Egan Sales Manager 08/10/17
Lanxess Corporation PA Diane Donovan Account Manager 08/18/17
LANXESS Corporation PA Tim Gagne Digital & Marketing Communications Manager 06/20/17
LANXESS Corporation PA Barbara Karoleski Business Director 03/07/17
LANXESS Corporation PA Stan Podkul Sr. Sales Manager 08/11/17
LANXESS Corporation PA Taylor Ulery Commercial Trainee 06/23/17
Lawter IL Kevin O’Callaghan Director, Global Supply Chain and Procurement 09/08/17
Lawter, Inc GA David Harp Procurement & Logistics Manager, NA 08/03/17
Lazard Middle Market LLC MN Jeff Chen Managing Director 07/05/17
LCI Corporation NC Jamie Horton Vice President of Engineering 08/25/17
LCI Corporation International NC Ryan Fischer Sales Engineer 09/08/17
Lee Container GA David Taylor VP of Sales 08/04/17
Lee Container GA Joel Varnedoe Corporate Quality Manager 08/04/17
Lee Container GA Robert Varnedoe President 08/04/17
Legacy Chemical Corporation LA Gene Rickett Special Materials Director 09/08/17
Lehan Chemical Brokerage Services LLC VA Brian LaFontaine President 06/26/17
Lehan Chemical Brokerage Services LLC VA Linda LaFontaine Owner 06/26/17
LeSaint Logistics OH Jeff Hinton Director, Client Solutions 05/17/17
Leschaco SC Jessica Marriott Executive Assistant / Corporate Broker 08/23/17
Levaco Chemicals GmbH INGO NOTZ CEO 06/16/17
Lhoist TX Nathan Fields Technical Sales Manager 09/08/17
Lintech International LLC GA Chuck Churn Business Manager 03/13/17
Lintech International LLC GA Mark Miller Sr. Technical Sales Representative 03/07/17
Lonza NC Joerg Brachten Sales Director 10/27/16
Lonza NJ Jan Keller Director of Sales 10/27/16
Lonza Ltd. Michael Helwig Global Business Development 06/15/17
Lonza Ltd. Alexander Oelke Global Business Development Agro Ingredients 06/21/17
Louisiana Chemical Equipment Co LA Larry Medford Vice President 10/18/16
Louisiana Chemical Equipment Co TX Steven Nelson General Manager 10/18/16
Lubrizol SC Larry Goff New Business Development Manager 08/17/17
LyondellBasell Industries GA Terri Wickman Sr. Account Manager 06/21/17
M.A. Global Resources NC Ashutosh Patel President 09/08/17
Mack Brooks Exhibitions Inc IL Melissa Magestro Executive Vice President 08/25/17
Magnablend – Univar TX Dustin Mote Director – Business Management 08/15/17
Magnablend – Univar TX Amanda Sutton Sales Manager 11/15/16
Magnakron Corporation NJ Kegan Dunne-Porter New Business Development Mgr 02/08/17
Magnakron Corporation FL Ted Maceda VP of Sales 02/08/17
Magnesium Elektron Powders NJ Lindsay Guillebeau Sales Manager 06/23/17
Manchester Tank & Equipment Co. TN Joe Luthman Sales Manager 07/18/17
Maroon Group LLC OH Patrick Massey VP, Corporate Development 08/21/17
Marubeni Specialty Chemicals, Inc. NY Scott Macdonald Sr. Sales and Marketing Manager 08/08/17
MaschioPack North America GA Peter Brunn Vice President/General Manager 07/25/17
MaschioPack North America GA Joel Millsap Assistant Vice President 11/14/16
MaschioPack North America GA Chris Wannemacher Southeastern Sale Manager 07/25/17
Mastermelt America TN Stevan Curtis National Sales Manager 08/17/17
Mastermelt America LLC TN Bert Lord National Sales Manager 08/03/17
Materia CA Nicholas Rodak Director of Chemical Manufacturing 09/08/17
MATRIC WV Jack Dever Chief Technology Officer 11/08/16
MATRIC WV Steven Hedrick President and CEO 05/24/17
MATRIC WV Rob Nunley Pilot Plant Manager 11/23/16
Matrix Chemical TX Jennifer Murrin Account Manager 08/16/17
Matrix Technologies OH Kevin Overmyer Southeast Corporate Account Manager 08/01/17
Mauser NJ Jeff DeLiberty Director, Business and Market Development 08/14/17
McGean OH Kelly Bole Account Manager 06/27/17
McGean OH Mara Gliozzi Global Business Manager 11/16/16
McGean OH Dave Hurder Chief Operating Officer 08/16/17
McGean OH Bryan Miller Account Manager 08/16/17
McGriff, Seibels, & Williams AL Michael Scott Belling Insurance Broker 06/07/17
McGriff, Seibels, & Williams AL Lyle McKinney Producer 08/01/17
McKenzie Begin and Associates MB Lloyd Begin GM 06/19/17
Merrick SC Wayne Wajciechowski Director, Business Development 06/07/17
Merrick & Company SC John Kosanovich Project Manager 12/21/16
Metallix Refining NJ Dayron Ortega Dayron Ortega 10/18/16
Metallix Refining Inc NJ Leon Ratliff Leon Ratliff 10/18/16
Metalor USA Refining MA Steve Bones Sales Manager 08/29/17
Metss Corp. OH Franklin Lawson Sales 09/08/17
MFG Chemical GA Keith Arnold President/CEO 08/07/17
MFG Chemical GA Jack Drawdy Sales and Business Development Manager 11/01/16
MFG Chemical GA Daniel Sanchez Sales Account Manager 08/07/17
MGK MN Dennis Esanbock Esanbock Supply Chain Manager 07/27/17
MGK MN Darrick Unger Darrick Unger 06/16/17
Miami Chemical GA David Colquitt Director of Sales 08/24/17
Michael Keane Jr. Consulting PA Michael Keane Principal Consultant 06/28/17
Micro Chem Company GA Randy Connell President 11/08/16
Micro Chem Company GA Robert Holcomb EH&S Manager 11/08/16
Micro Chem Company GA Allen Jones Quality Control Manager 08/14/17
Micro Chem Company GA Ray Southerland Operations Manager 08/14/17
MIKI & CO.,LTD. Tsuyoshi Omori Sale Manager 08/14/17
MIKI SANGYO USA INC. NJ Yuki Takayama Yuki Takayama 08/07/17
Milliken SC Mike Connelly Process Development Manager 07/21/17
Milliken SC Eric Stephens Principal Scientist 07/10/17
Milliken SC Clark Tomlinson Global Product Manager 08/01/17
Milliken SC Sarah Tweed Account Manager 07/24/17
Milliken & Co. SC Randy Petrea Senior Research Chemist 09/08/17
Milliken & Co. SC Joe Reynolds Global Market Manager 07/31/17
Milliken & Company SC Rick Cahill Senior Technical Account Manager 07/07/17
Milliken & Company SC Chris Carter Global Product Manager 06/27/17
Milliken & Company SC Tommy Eubanks Sr. Technical Account Manager 07/10/17
Milliken & Company SC Franklin Fisher Vice President Sourcing 07/31/17
Milliken & Company SC Kelley Law Sr. Acct Manager 07/07/17
Milliken & Company SC Cordie Morgan Global Market Manager 11/17/16
Milliken & Company SC Beth Parris Buyer 08/08/17
Milliken & Company SC Jim Stavrakas Senior Sourcing Manager Chemicals, Milliken & Company 05/14/17
Milliken | SiVance, LLC SC Mark Moderhack Senior Account Executive 01/17/17
Milliken | SiVance, LLC SC Randy Schneider Sr. Business Development Manager 06/27/17
Milliken and Company SC Ron Smalls Sourcing Manager 08/01/17
Milliken Chemical SC Jim Spry Sr. Business Development Manager 08/03/17
Mitsui & Co., Ltd. Hiroyuki Honda General Manager 08/14/17
Miwon PA Paul Elias Sr VP, Corporate Development 09/08/17
MJS Packaging NC Jeff Caldwell Account Manager 08/04/17
Molex Group TX Derek Puppa President 05/25/17
MonoSol, a Kuraray Division IN Scott Bening Jr Marketing & Sales Manager 03/09/17
Monsanto MO Greg Herman Procurement 08/07/17
Monsanto MO Bruno Kaisin External Manufacturing Ops Manager 07/28/17
Monsanto MO Dan Walker Senior Chemist 06/14/17
Monsanto Co. MO Matt McReynolds Lead, New Process Development 05/17/17
Montgomery-Rinehardt Corporation NC Rodney Scott VP Business Development 09/08/17
Montgomery-Rinehardt Corporation NC John Turner President 09/08/17
Monument Chemical TX Scott Bowen Campaign Team Leader 08/09/17
Monument Chemical IN Brent Bradley Sr. Account Manager 11/17/16
Monument Chemical IN Rob Einterz Manager, Strategic Projects 07/18/17
Monument Chemical KY Ron Gombos Production Superintendent 09/08/17
Monument Chemical IN Pat Killian VP Strategy 07/26/17
Monument Chemical TX Paul Marcellus Sales Mgr 07/20/17
Monument Chemical IN Amanda Muilenburg Commercial Development Mgr, Marketing 01/04/17
Monument Chemical IN Jeff Weeks Business Development / Technology 11/17/16
Morchem Sales Inc ON Eric Morsink Director of Sales 08/21/17
Morre-Tec Industries NJ Greg Jobin Marketing 08/24/17
Morre-tec Industries, Inc. NJ Mike Travers Vice President, Sales and Marketing 08/24/17
Mott Corporation CT David Allen VP, Energy & Industrial Markets 09/08/17
Mott Corporation NY Kevin Gagen Regional Sales Manager 08/23/17
Mount Vernon Chemicals NC Randy Smith President 06/20/17
MOZEL – a division of EMCO Chemical Distributors TN Travis Barnwell Sales Representative 10/20/16
MOZEL – a division of EMCO Chemical Distributors TN Randu Schwab Sales 09/08/17
MPD Chemicals PA Michael Hunt Business Development Director 06/19/17
MPD Chemicals PA Carrington Smith CEO 10/18/16
MSE Supplies LLC AZ Ryan Du General Manager 06/30/17
MSU Bioeconomy Institute MI Tom Bauer Chemistry and EHS Compliance 08/08/17
MSU Bioeconomy Institute MI Bill Freckman Director of Operations 10/28/16
Munson Machinery Co., Inc. NY John Reinecke Regional Representative 11/17/16
Munson Machinery Co., Inc. NY Darren Woods Sales Manager 11/17/16
MXD Process KY Mark Franco CEO 08/01/17
MXD Process KY Daniel Loeschen Marketing Director 11/17/16
MXD Process KY George Murphy Regional Sales Manager 08/01/17
MXD Process KY Aaron Oneal Brand Specialist 08/01/17
NACD TX Jim Lombardi NACD Consultant 06/28/17
Nachurs Ailpine Solutions, Industrial OH Joe Detyens Sales Manager 05/01/17
Nachurs-Alpine Solutions Industrial GA Lee Lewand U.S. Sales Manager 08/14/17
Nagase NY Brendon Bohnert Manager Sales & Marketing 09/08/17
NALCO Water | An Ecolab Company SC Brett Ardis District Engineer 06/05/17
NALCO Water | An Ecolab Company SC Allen Prevatte Account Manager 08/31/17
Nalco Water An Ecolab Company SC Mark Hammerstedt District Account Manager 08/25/17
NASi OH Charlotte Danals U.S. Sales Manager 08/04/17
NASi OH Paul Williams Business Development Director 05/10/17
Nation Ford Chemical SC Jay Dickson President 10/18/16
Nation Ford Chemical SC Brooke DiDomenico Technical Manager 10/18/16
Nation Ford Chemical SC James Hubbard Plant Manager 10/18/16
Nation Ford Chemical SC Phillip McCarter Vice President 10/18/16
National Association of Chemical Distributors VA Roselle Foley Senior Director, Business Development 05/12/17
National Container Group GA Kate Graue Senior Vice President 07/19/17
Nationwide Express TN Bobby Holcomb Vice President of Business Development 08/30/17
Nationwide Express TN Clay Pelot Vice President of Logistics 08/30/17
Natrochem, Inc. GA Craig Moore President 07/25/17
NatureWorks LLC NE Terence Doll External Manufacturing Manager 08/21/17
Nease Co. OH Nick Janakiefski Sr Account Manager 06/22/17
Nease Performance Chemicals OH Mike Biehle Business Development Manager 06/21/17
Net@Work NY Anne Brennan Sales Director – Sage X3 01/31/17
Net@Work NY Jack Power Solution Engineer,  Sage X3 Chemical 01/31/17
NETZSCH Hans Kisswetter Agrochemicals Application Manager 07/21/17
NETZSCH Premier Technologies PA Daniel Magee Inside Sales Engineer 09/05/17
NETZSCH Premier Technologies PA Mark Seale South Central Regional Sales Manager 10/21/16
Neuchem SC Len Boehm Business Development 08/15/17
Neuchem Inc NV Brian Bundy Business Development Manager 08/14/17
Neuchem Inc. NV Marc Neulight President 08/17/17
New Life Chemical SC Tim Northcutt Vice-President of Sales & Marketing 06/15/17
New Life Chemical SC Daniel Ross Vice-President of Operations 06/15/17
Nexeo Solutions TX Erin Burke, Ph.D. Lab Project Specialist 01/26/17
Nexeo Solutions TX Dejana Drew Director 07/31/17
Nexeo Solutions TX Steve DuPont HI & I/Lubricants TSSR 01/26/17
Nexeo Solutions TX Bill Fluharty Business Director 09/08/17
Nexeo Solutions TX Joseph Gullion Vice President 09/08/17
Nichino America Inc. DE Luis Huezo Formulations Manager 08/11/17
Nissan Chemical America Corporation TX Robert Griffith Vice President 08/01/17
NorAg Technology NC Floyd Guidry Sales 09/08/17
Norquay Technology,Inc. PA Robert Heldt President 11/08/16
Norquay Technology,Inc. PA Donald Morrison Director of Business Development 11/08/16
North Metal & Chemical Co. PA Dave Fitzgerald Vice President and General Manager 09/08/17
Nova Molecular Technologies WI Billy Blackburn VP of Business Development 08/15/17
Nova Molecular Technologies WI Mike Clumpner Owner 11/18/16
Nova Molecular Technologies WI Darren Clumpner Business Development Manager 08/15/17
Nova Molecular Technologies WI Mike Hoehner Vice President R&D & QA/QC 12/01/16
Nova Molecular Technologies WI John Olson III Senior Account Manager 08/15/17
Nova Molecular Technologies WI Scott Rodriguez Business Development 08/15/17
Nova Molecular Technologies WI Jay Shealy Distribution Business Manager 08/15/17
Nova Molecular Technologies TX Jim Williams Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing 08/09/17
Novasep Emilia Schmid Marketing Director/NBDM 08/23/17
Novasol Chemicals ON Mark St. Bernard Sales Manager 08/25/17
NovaStar LP TX Johnnie Lane Sales Manager 06/16/17
NovaStar LP TX Jerry Morales Sales Manager 10/21/16
NovaStar LP TX Wes Reeves Business Development and Technical Services 06/16/17
NovaStar LP TX Shannon Scott COO 06/16/17
NovaStar LP TX Matt Solansky Account Representitive 06/16/17
NovaStar LP TX John Solansky President 06/16/17
Nufarm OH Dave Irmen Director – Industrial Sales 07/31/17
Nufarm NC Brian Pike Director – Product Innovation 08/10/17
Nufarm IL Scott Reichl Director of North American Procurement & Logistics 08/17/17
Oakwood Chemical SC Wilson Butler Business Development 01/17/17
Oakwood Chemical SC Greg Butler President 01/17/17
OBG GA Maureen Hoke Vice President 08/03/17
O’Callaghan Chemical Consultancy NC Michael O’Callaghan CEO 07/10/17
OctoChem IL Art Burns Business Development Mgr. 10/18/16
OctoChem IL John Caffarelli Business Development Mgr. 10/18/16
OctoChem IL Denny Grant General Manager 10/18/16
Odfjell TX Melbourne Pinks Commercial Director 06/21/17
Odom industries Inc. MS Richard James President 08/21/17
Oil-Dri Corp of America IL Kevin Hillemeyer Sales Representative 08/04/17
Oil-Dri Corporation IN Seth Little Technical Sales Rep 08/04/17
Oleon Americas SC David Wyche Account Manager 07/28/17
Olympus Seed Treatment Formulator, Inc. IN Greg St. Amour Business unit manger 04/04/17
Omni Tech International /United Soybean Board NC Robina Hogan Commercialization Manager 08/23/17
Omnium MO John Alkier Technical Manager 10/18/16
Omnium IA Dale Calendine Plant Manager 06/16/17
Omnium MO Russ Ellis Business & Administration Manager 10/18/16
Omnium – Winfield Solutions MO Gary Vainio Finance and Procurement Manager 06/26/17
OMNOVA Solutions SC David Hyatt Global Technical Manager 08/22/17
O’Neal, Inc. SC Michael Brooks Business Development Manager 08/30/17
Optima Chemical GA Doug Cochran VP of Business Development 08/23/17
Optima Chemical GA Mike Harrison Consultant 08/24/17
Optima Chemical GA Kent Smith Process Technology Manager 08/24/17
Optima Chemical GA Keith “Woody” Woodward Supply Chain Manager 08/24/17
Optima Chemical LLC GA Gene Williams President 11/09/16
ORG CHEM Group, LLC IN Joseph Chiaroni President 10/19/16
ORG CHEM Group, LLC IN Lioba Kloppenburg Research Scientist 10/19/16
ORG CHEM Group, LLC IN Eric Mittlefehldt Vice President 10/19/16
Organic Technologies OH Jack Etheridge VP-Fine Chemicals 06/19/17
Organic Technologies OH Matt Farber Chemical Process Engineer 09/08/17
Organic Technologies OH David Wiley President 09/08/17
ORRION CHEMICALS Christian SIEST President 07/10/17
Ortec, Inc. SC Rodney Garza Sales 10/18/16
Ortec, Inc. SC Greg Russell Business Development 10/19/16
Ortec, Inc. SC Louie Steed Business Development/Marketing 05/31/17
Ortec, Inc. SC Larry Suggs Business Development 05/31/17
OSIsoft, LLC TX Eric Moorehead Client Engagement Executive 08/23/17
OverDrive Solutions NV Mike Parolini VP Business Development 07/31/17
OXEA TX Bill Parker JR North American Sales Director 04/21/17
Oxea Corporation TX Timothy Knight Regional Sales Manager 07/15/17
Oxiteno TX Marco Hopf Sales Manager – Agrochemicals 09/08/17
Oxiteno Renata May Key Account Manager 09/08/17
Packaging Corporation of America IL Steven Hostinsky Sales Manager-National Accounts 08/29/17
Pak Technologies, Inc. WI David Greif Director of Business Development 01/10/17
Pak Technologies, Inc. WI Kevin Schuele President/ CEO 06/14/17
Palm Commodities International, LLC TN Ric Burks Procurement & Supply Mgr 11/11/16
Palm Commodities International, LLC TN Cynthia Winborn Sales Manager 09/08/17
Palmer & Cay GA Walker Simmons Partner 09/08/17
Palmer Holland OH Brad Przebieda Account Manager 07/11/17
Parchem NY Luigi Magliaro VP of Product Development 10/18/16
Paul Mueller Company MO Gary Martin Chemical Tank Sales 08/22/17
PCC Chemax SC Stephanie Angelo Business Development Manager 08/30/17
PCC Chemax SC Michael Yockel Business Development Manager 09/08/17
PCC Chemax, Inc SC Bo Mebane VP 06/16/17
Pecora Corporation PA Gregory Niksa Director of Purchasing 08/21/17
Peel Plastic Products Limited ON Diane Ferraro Account Manager 08/01/17
Peel Plastic Products Ltd. ON Lorne Gelz Category Manager 01/27/17
Penn Chemicals, Inc. PA Parth Kansupada President 08/27/17
Pennakem TN Todd Coleman Business Development Manager 06/29/17
Pennakem TN Barry Roberts Sales Director North America 01/09/17
Pennakem, LLC TN Tom Waldman President 08/23/17
Perigon International Inc. NC Harvey Mason CEO 06/19/17
Perry Videx NJ Pete D’Angelo Sales 11/15/16
Perry Videx NJ Gregg Epstein President 11/15/16
Perry Videx NJ Mike Ricchini Sales 11/15/16
PharmAgra Labs, Inc. NC Peter Newsome President 10/20/16
Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd. PA Sean Roussel General Manager, Industrial Division 12/15/16
Phoenix Chemical Co. GA Jonathan Bagley Purchasing Manager 07/29/17
Phoenix Chemical Co. GA John Bryant President 07/29/17
Phoenix Chemical Co. GA Todd Mull Vice President 07/29/17
PHT International, Inc. NC Linda Arntzen Vice President, Sales & Marketing 07/26/17
PHT International, Inc. NC Joe Baker Vice President, Business Development 07/26/17
PHT International, Inc. NC Tobias Kuehl Director of Strategy & Operations 07/26/17
PHT International, Inc. NC Ed Lefler Sr. Vice President, Head of Business Development 07/26/17
PHT International, Inc. NC Ansley Proctor Inside Sales Representative 07/26/17
PHT International, Inc. NC Dana Vestal Event Coordinator 11/08/16
PHT International, Inc. NC Mark Witterholt Senior Vice President of Sales 11/08/16
PHT International, Inc. NC Lihong Yu Presdient 11/08/16
Piedmont Chemical Industries Inc. NC Cres Calabrese VP and Chief Human Resources Officer 09/08/17
Pilot Chemical Company OH Kenny Potter Marketing Manager 08/18/17
Pilot Chemical Company OH Anil Saraf New Business Development 06/20/17
Pinnacle Pharma SC Eric Sudhir Business Development Manager 08/15/17
Pinova, INC a subsidary of DRT GA Ken Kennedy Sr. V. P. Technology & Innovation 08/23/17
Pioneer Press CO Wendy Sosa Sales & Customer Service 08/28/17
Pioneer Press, CO Martin Ellis Sales 08/28/17
Pipeline Packaging GA Mike Lawes Sales Representative 06/29/17
Piper Jaffray MN Chris Geyer Principal 07/24/17
Piton Technologies, Inc. CA Abhi Ray Partner 08/10/17
Platte River Equity GA Kris Whalen Managing Director 08/07/17
PMC Organometallix NJ Tim Boundy Director of Sales, Americas 09/08/17
PMC Organometallix KY Allen Whiteside Business Development 04/28/17
Polaquimia, SA de CV Gian Luca Farini Marketing 09/08/17
Polinsky Chemicals NC Alex Polinsky Tolling Consultant 05/24/17
Polymer Ventures SC Chip Norcross Sales 09/08/17
Porocel Industries LLC AR David Rosenberg Alumina Product Manager 06/20/17
Porus Labs Srinivasan Namala CEO 03/05/17
Porus Labs Anurag Roy VP New Ventures 04/21/17
Powder Processing & Technology IN Ken Bartelt Ken Bartelt 11/08/16
Powder Processing & Technology IN Adam Bonk Adam Bonk 11/08/16
Powder Processing & Technology IN John Kaziow Sales 09/08/17
PR2G KY Brett Schofield President/Owner 06/16/17
Praxair CT Chris Gibson Strategic Account Manager 08/10/17
Praxair PA Al Horn Business Development Manager 04/10/17
Praxair GA Uyi Iyoha Associate Director, Business Development 08/10/17
Praxair, Inc. IL Roman Grosman National Business Development Director 10/18/16
Praxair, Inc. CT Walter Renz Associate Business Development Director, Chemicals 05/31/17
Prayon GA Sibea Lewis Area Sales and Export Manager 09/08/17
Premier Logistics Solutions SC Stewart Bauknight Director of Sales 03/09/17
Premier Logistics Solutions SC Hal Burton President and CEO 03/09/17
PRESSURE CHEMICAL CO. PA Rebecca Ostrzeniec Sales & Marketing Representative 10/31/16
Pressure Chemical Co. PA Emily Thurston Director of Sales 06/02/17
PROCEDYNE NJ Andrew Dickinson Sales Manager 09/08/17
PROCEDYNE NJ Frank Fisher Process Technology Sales Manager 04/28/17
Process Applications LTD SC Steve Battocchio Director of Manufacturing 08/25/17
Process Applications LTD PA Christian Sienicki Technical Director 08/25/17
Processall OH Mike Nymberg Division President 08/10/17
Processall OH Glenn Vice Vice President, Process Development Lab 08/10/17
Procter and Gamble Chemicals NY Brian Furlong Account Executive 06/29/17
Procter and Gamble Chemicals OH Peter Giannetti Customer Development Manager – Alcohol & Related Products 07/24/17
Procter and Gamble Chemicals OH Ryan Hess Alcohol and Related Products Marketing Manager 06/29/17
Procter and Gamble Chemicals OH George Koehnke Global Sales Manager 06/29/17
Procter and Gamble Chemicals OH Rishi Rangarajan Sales Manager 06/29/17
Producers Chemical IL Dave Sweigert VP Purchasing 08/04/17
Prosyntis Alain Bernard Business Director 08/01/17
PROTEGO USA SC Michael Martin Regional Sales Manager 08/01/17
PTC Organics Inc. NJ Marc Halpern President 06/24/17
Pulcra Chemicals LLC SC Brandon Francois Strategic Account Manager 08/25/17
Pulcra Chemicals LLC SC Ray Seals Ray Seals Global Textile Finishing Specialist 06/16/17
Qi-Chem Co., Ltd ON Dianping Jiang President 06/28/17
Qi-Chem Co., Ltd ON Young Jin Lee Vice-president 10/19/16
QProducts & Services IL Tom Larocca Account Executive 11/08/16
QProducts & Services IL Jim O’Donnell Director of Sales-Chemicals 11/08/16
Quad Chemical NJ Bob Brochu VP Business Development 05/20/17
Quality Magnetite WV Hank Davis Sales Representative 06/30/17
Quality Magnetite WV Brian McCoy Sales 08/25/17
Quality Magnetite, LLC WV George Hamilton Specialty Sales 08/04/17
Quality Magnetite, LLC WV Bud May VP 06/28/17
QV Chemicals LLC MO Ajit Shah Vice President Business Development 09/08/17
R&S Chemconsultants NJ Ronald Epstein Director 08/25/17
Radchem Products, Inc. IL Cameron Glaze Sales Representative 06/15/17
Radchem Products, Inc. IL Bill Radostits President 06/15/17
Radchem Products, Inc. IL Chris Widup Sales Representative 06/15/17
Radchem Products, Inc. IL Herb Wilhelm Sales Representative 06/15/17
Ramulus LLC IA Patrick McMullan President 08/08/17
Ravago Chemical Distribution SC Stephanie Anderson Southern Territory Manager 06/23/17
RB Products, Inc TX David Buchanan VP of Operations 06/16/17
RB Products, Inc TX Simona Rice AR/AP 06/16/17
RB Products, Inc TX Micah Rice Sales 06/16/17
RB Products, Inc. TX Ray Rice President 10/19/16
RD NE Darwin Rubeck Business Development Director 11/14/16
RD NE Bill Sutton Key Acct. Sales Executive 11/14/16
Readco Kurimoto, LLC PA Hajime Agata Chairman 02/08/17
Readco Kurimoto, LLC PA Debbie Bell Sales Engineer 01/24/17
Readco Kurimoto, LLC PA Jim Bell Sales Engineer 01/24/17
Readco Kurimoto, LLC PA Mike Emenheiser Sales Engineer 01/20/17
Readco Kurimoto, LLC PA David Sieglitz President 01/20/17
Recovery Technologies Corporation NC Jay Railey President 09/08/17
Regis Technologies, Inc IL Louis Glunz President and CEO 09/08/17
Reliance Label Solutions KS Jim Garvic Director of Business Development 06/21/17
Reliance Label Solutions KS Bill Sargent Business Development Manager 06/21/17
REO Logistics WV Mike Carroll President 09/08/17
REO Logistics WV Gregg Frazier Vice President – Processing 11/08/16
REO Logistics TX David Rubio Director of Sales 08/16/17
REO Logistics VA Kevin Sweeney Chief Commerical Officer 08/03/17
RESEARCH SOLUTIONS AL Jeff Miller President/CEO 08/18/17
RESEARCH SOLUTIONS AL Charlie Rose Sales Manager 08/18/17
Resolute Oil TX Mike Cox Business Development 08/09/17
Rianlon Americas, Inc. NY Kevin Li Account Manager 01/24/17
Richman Chemical Inc. PA Christopher Kulp Executive Vice President 08/17/17
Richman Chemical Inc. PA Brian Watson Manager of Toll Manufacturing Services 05/30/17
Rieke Metals, LLC NE Shannon Bellino Director of Sales & Marketing 08/14/17
Rierden Chemical & Trading IL Aaron Eckhardt Account Manager 06/13/17
Rierden Chemical & Trading IL Jonathan Rierden Commercial Director 06/13/17
Rierden Chemical & Trading IL Joe Rierden Owner 06/13/17
ROAM Tank Innovations TX J. Michael Rose President 06/29/17
Robatel Inc. MA Greg Cybulski Technical Sales 11/11/16
Robatel Inc. MA Rob Driscoll Sr. Application Engineer 11/11/16
Roberts Company NC Kevin Bryan VP Business Development 08/15/17
Rohner, Inc. NJ James Schwindeman Executive Vice President 05/10/17
Row2 Technologies Inc. NJ Anand Ramakrishnan Director – Sales & Operations 06/08/17
Royal Adhesives & Sealants GA Candice Brown Sales Representative 06/23/17
Royal Chemical Company OH Dave DeBord VP of Business Development & Strategy 10/20/16
Royal Chemical Company OH Joe Kramer Account Manager 10/20/16
Royal Chemical Company OH Nick LaMagna VP of Sales & Marketing 10/21/16
Royale Pigments & Chemicals Inc. NJ Lindsay Logue President 06/19/17
Royale Pigments & Chemicals Inc. NJ Jerry Pryor Sales Manager 06/19/17
ROYALSIL INC. NJ Rosario Licciardello CEO & Founder 05/14/17
RSA Corporation CT Brad Andrews Engineer 06/19/17
RSA Corporation CT Jan Anthony President 11/08/16
RT Process DE Ali Kerr General Manager 09/08/17
RTMcDill Consulting LLC TX Richard McDill Principal 06/30/17
Rubamin Suresh Ramachandran Executive Director 08/04/17
Rubamin Ritesh Trivedi AGM — Marketing 08/04/17
S. Goldmann GmbH & Co. KG Andreas Kremer-Aach Technical Director 06/29/17
Sabin Metal NY Dan Fisher Regional Sales Manager 06/17/17
SafeRack SC Ernie Quinque Business Unit Leader-East Coast 09/08/17
Saint-Gobain NY Hazel Wicks Sales & Applications Engineer 09/08/17
Sajjan India Limited (North America) NY Becky Mcferran Manager 08/18/17
Sajjan India Limited (North America) NY Tony Uberoi Tony Uberoi 11/08/16
Saltigo PA Clemens Coupette Head of Marketing 08/10/17
Saltigo PA Hans Essenbreis Business Development Manager 06/07/17
Saltigo PA Guido Giffels Head of New Business Development 08/10/17
Saltigo PA Stefanie Gschwandner Business Manager 06/07/17
Saltigo PA Wilfried Jaworek Head of Outsourcing 06/07/17
Saltigo PA Andreas Klein Global Head of Marketing 06/07/17
Saltigo PA Philipp Omlor Business Development Manager 11/09/16
Saltigo PA Dirk Sandri Global Head of Marketing Pharma & FC 06/07/17
Saltigo PA Christoph Schaffrath Global Head of Marketing Agro 06/07/17
Saltigo PA Olaf Scharbert Procurement 06/07/17
Sample Express GA Harley Jones VP – Marketing 09/08/17
Sandmeyer Steel Co. PA Sean Fenerty Sales Manager 09/08/17
Sandvik Process Systems GA Jay Darcy Business Development Manager 01/12/17
Sandvik Process Systems NJ Brett Trichilo Sales Engineer 01/12/17
Sanford Rose Associates – Executive Search MD Pete Norton President 07/19/17
Santolubes SC George Garrison CEO 08/21/17
Santolubes SC Sal Perna product development manager 08/21/17
Santolubes SC John Stadalsky Product Development Manager 08/23/17
Santolubes SC Jeter Starnes Vice President 10/18/16
Sarna Chemicals Pvt Ltd Mahesh Patel Manager Business Development 06/30/17
Sarna Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Mohit Rajani Director – Business Development 06/30/17
Sartomer PA Steven Gaskey Global Process Technology Manager 08/07/17
Sasol TX Paul Filler Market Development Manager Agrochemicals 08/25/17
Sasol LA Brent Lambert Chemist 08/18/17
Sasol TX Bryce Whittle Sales and Marketing Manager 08/02/17
Sasol Chemicals LA Nomihla Valashiya-Mdleleni Chemist 08/23/17
Sasol Chemicals (USA), LLC TX Terence Gilmore Distribution Specialist 06/30/17
Sasol Performance Chemicals TX Militza Machuca Franco Market Developer 08/25/17
Saudi Aramco Abdulrahman Alharbi Process Engineer 08/28/17
saudi aramco Saad Alqahtani Business Development Head 08/29/17
SBM Life Science NC Britt Baker Formulation and Analytical Manager 08/05/17
SBM Life Science Corp. NC Bob Bundschuh Manager – UpStream Supply Chain 08/01/17
SBM Life Science Corp. NC Ronald Lutz Tolling Manager – Upstream Supply Chain 08/01/17
Schirm USA Inc. TX Gus Jones President & CEO 11/15/16
Schirm USA Inc. TX Ron Jones V.P. Manufacturing 11/15/16
Schirm USA Inc. TX Jesus Morales Plant Manager 08/07/17
Schuetz Container Systems, Inc. NJ Ken Rittenhouse Key Accounts Manager 06/07/17
Schuetz Container Systems, Inc. NJ Frederic Wenzel President & CEO 06/07/17
Schütz Container Systems NJ Dan Dengler SE Sales Manager 08/17/17
Schwartz Chemical Corporation ON Jake Barber Sales Representative 08/17/17
Schwartz Chemical Corporation ON Terry Butryn President 11/21/16
Scott Logistcs Corp GA Brent Bowden Business Development 08/25/17
SCP Resources, Inc. TX Jeff Busche President 08/24/17
SCT GA Jonathan Faith North American Distribution Sales Manager 08/08/17
SCT GA Jason Marti Vice President 08/08/17
SCT GA Frank Wagner Strategic Product Manager 08/08/17
Sea-Land Chemical Co. OH Jennifer Altstadt Sr. VP Operations and Strategic Planning 08/09/17
Sea-Land Chemical Co. OH Bill Bendon Account Manager 08/09/17
Seatex LTD. TX Kelly Aimes President 10/18/16
Seatex LTD. TX Timothy Emert Business Development Manager 10/18/16
Secure Energy Services AB Jim Stewart Portfolio Manager Completion Fluids & Production Chemicals 08/28/17
Secure Energy Services AB Miles Thorne Procurement Manager, Completion Fluids 08/29/17
Select Source NC Bill Fassnacht Cheif Operating Officer 09/08/17
Select Source NC Robert Glover Regulatory & Marketing Specialist 09/08/17
Selvita Inc MA Bob Evans VP Business Development 08/08/17
SePRO Corporation NC Bill Whitford Director of Manufacturing and Logistics 08/12/17
SGL Carbon Technic LLC. OH William Budd Sales Manager 08/08/17
Shanghai Record Pharmaceuticals Company, Ltd. Angela Chen Marketing Manager 08/08/17
Shanghai Record Pharmaceuticals Company, Ltd. Rongzhen Shi Head of R&D 08/08/17
Shanghai Record Pharmaceuticals Company, Ltd. Shawn Xu Marketing Deputy Manager 08/08/17
Sharda Cropchem, LTD Ram Bubna Chairman & Managing Director 08/29/17
Sharda Cropchem, LTD Shlomi Iwanir Global Quality Assurance 08/29/17
Sharda Cropchem, LTD Sandeep Larha Purchase Manager 08/29/17
Sharda USA DE Omadee Curry Technical Consultant 08/29/17
Shell Chemicals TX Brian Mullins Sales Manager 08/10/17
Shell Chemicals TX John Walker Business Development Manager 08/10/17
Shell Oil Company TX Jared Skotek Derivatives Sales Manager 08/07/17
Sherwin Williams MN Margie Pierce Global Tolling Manager 06/26/17
Sherwin Williams OH Steve Pizzute Polymer Engineering Manager 05/15/17
Sherwin-Williams OH Joe Kestner Polymer R&D Engineer 05/31/17
Shurtape Technologies NC Khaled El-Tahlawy Director of NPD 08/01/17
Shurtape Technologies LLC NC Peter Uthe Polymer Scientist 02/10/17
Shurtape Technologies, LLC NC Pete Elafros External Technologies 02/10/17
SI Group NY Scott Smith Director, Technology & Innovation 09/08/17
Siemens NY Jonas Norinder Business Development 08/18/17
Sigmund Lindner GmbH Darryl Langlois Regional Manager 11/18/16
Sigmund Lindner GmbH Achim Mueller Productmanager 08/14/17
Sikich KS Debbie Altham President 11/11/16
Sikich KS Jon Byrd Sales Manager 08/31/17
Sikich IL Steve Kalina Senior Managing Consultant 09/08/17
Siltech Corporation NC Craig Hughes Regional Sales Manager – Southeast USA 05/15/17
Silver Fern Chemical WA King Holmes Account Manager 09/08/17
SILVER FERN CHEMICAL INC WA Sam King President 06/30/17
Silver Fern Chemical, Inc. WA Greg Melanson Regional Sales Manager 08/22/17
Simon & Kucher Partners GA Brad Soper Partner 09/08/17
Simon-Kucher & Partners GA James Hogan Manager 05/09/17
Sinochem Lantian Chuang Liu Manager of Specialty Chemical Dept. 07/27/17
Sinochem Lantian Xiaodong Zhu Vice President 07/27/17
Sinova Specialties Inc. NC Johannes Heckmann Sales 11/18/16
Sinova Specialties Inc. NC Amy Oakes Marketing 09/08/17
SiVance LLC a subsidiary of Milliken SC Eduardo Torres Director of Technology 08/02/17
Skolnik Industries IL Josip Petrusic Sales 08/15/17
Skolnik Industries IL Jason Snow VP Sales 10/21/16
SkyBitz Tank Monitoring IL Greg King Sales Director 08/11/17
SkyBitz Tank Monitoring IL Adam Meek Director of Channel Sales 04/20/17
Snyder Industries, Inc. / Bonar Plastics NE Joel Carter Territory Sales Mngr. 09/08/17
Snyder Industries, Inc. / Bonar Plastics NE Mike Melymuk Director Sales & Marketing – IBC Division 11/16/16
Society of Chemical Industry Neil Eisberg Editor- C&I 06/27/17
SOCMA VA Jennifer Abril President & CEO 06/19/17
SOCMA VA Jenny Gaines Director, Marketing and Communications 07/11/17
SOCMA VA Robby Helminiak Managing Director, Government Relations 08/04/17
SOCMA VA Molly Kolodzinski Senior Manager, ChemStewards 08/04/17
SOCMA VA Dave Wawer Executive Director, CPMA 08/04/17
Sofix Corporation TN Paul Cahill President 01/17/17
Sofix Corporation TN Anthony Paolucci Plant Manager 07/18/17
SOLVAY NJ Paul Bially Novecare Key Account Manager, Agro 09/08/17
SOLVAY NJ Dominick Cangiano Technical Manager 10/19/16
SOLVAY Jean Fabre R&I Fluor Specialties 10/19/16
SOLVAY REMI LEBLEU Sales Manager Agro & Pharma 05/15/17
Solvay NJ Troy Palmer Business Development Manager 08/01/17
Solvay NC Crystal Parker Key Account Manager 08/23/17
Solvay MI Edward Santiago Sr. Buyer; Tolling & Custom Manufacturing 08/23/17
SOLVAY Nicolas Taillardat Global Commercial Manager Agro  & Pharma 10/19/16
Solvay GA Joe Vogt Novecare NA Toll Manufacturing Manager 05/24/17
Solvay USA NJ William Lombardi Purchasing Manager – Tolling 04/18/17
Southeast Biodiesel NC Patrick Doyle CEO 09/08/17
Southern Fasteners & Supply Inc. NC Karen Lawrence Marketing 02/09/17
Southern Fasteners & Supply Inc. NC Loran Perkins Business Development Manager 01/16/17
Southern Fasteners & Supply Inc. SC Toby Sanks Account Manager 01/17/17
Southwest Research Institute TX Jimell Erwin Director 01/30/17
Southwest Research Institute TX Joseph Persyn Manager R&D 01/27/17
Soyventis NY Sid Lively Regional Manager 07/12/17
Special Materials Company NY Mike Norwood Distribution Business Manager 08/16/17
Special Materials Company NC Rosco Sazdanoff Product Manager 08/18/17
Special Materials Company NJ Mark Silver Mark Silver 08/29/17
Speciality Chemicals Magazine Ellie Bruni Business Development Manager 04/28/17
Specialty & Agro Chemicals America PA Tom Leahy Owner 12/01/16
Specialty Polymers OR Art Carpenter Director of Purchasing 07/25/17
Specialty Polymers, Inc OR Stuart Clawson Director of Sales 10/20/16
Specialty Polymers, Inc SC Kelly Kane VP of Operations 07/10/17
Specialty Polymers, Inc SC Darrell Nasser Senior Polymer Chemist 07/07/17
Specialty Polymers, Inc OR Tom Sennhenn Strategic Business Manager 06/20/17
Spectrum Brands MO Rob Dickey Sourcing Manager 06/23/17
Spectrum Brands MO Jason White Strategic Sourcing 06/30/17
Spray-Tek, Inc. NJ Joe Castellano Account Manager 01/23/17
SQM GA Andres Fontannaz Sales Director 09/08/17
SQM GA John Woodall Sales Manager 09/08/17
StarChem LLC SC Peter Chetcuti President 08/15/17
StarChem LLC SC Jesse Helvey VP-Technology 08/15/17
StarChem LLC SC Trevor King VP-Marketing 10/18/16
StarChem LLC SC Pat Mills Director of Operations 08/15/17
State Contract Manufacturing OH Keith Clouston VP of Operations 08/29/17
State Contract Manufacturing OH Dashun Golden Production Manager 08/29/17
State Contract Manufacturing OH Brian McCue Director of CM 10/18/16
Stellar Manufacturing MO Ben Wodicker Director, Business Development 09/08/17
Stepan IL Andy Karigan Global Sales Director 09/08/17
Stepan IL Todd Nelmark Sales 09/08/17
Stepan SC Ed Shelton Account Executive 08/17/17
Stepan IL Justin Wrage Business Manager 09/08/17
Stepan Company IL Joshua Fox Contract Manufacturing Manager 05/16/17
Stepan Company AL Stephen Hoke Account Executive 06/20/17
Stephens, Inc AL James Kennedy Vice President 08/29/17
Steri Technologies, Inc. NY John Gibbons VP Sales 11/01/16
STI Polymer NC Scott Coring Vice President 07/27/17
STI Polymer NC Jeff Lamb President 07/14/17
Stoller Enterprises TX Ritesh Sheth Chief Chemist 08/10/17
Stolthaven Terminal New Orleans LA Rick Clark Account Manager 08/25/17
Storchem Inc. ON Donald Gill Business Development Manager 08/15/17
Sturtevant MA Chris Meadows VP of Sales and Marketing 03/27/17
Suffolk Solutions, Inc. VA Greg Siminoski Business Development Director 08/24/17
Sugino Corp IL Philip Evans Sales 09/08/17
Sugino Corp IL Kiyoaki Umezawa Sales Manager 10/18/16
Sumitomo Chemical America, Inc. NY Jung Eun (Angela) Lee Manager of CSR, Logistics & Procurement 08/16/17
Sun Chemical SC Glenn Smith Purchasing Manager 06/30/17
Sun Chemical Corp OH Gerri Schneider Purchasing Agent 08/18/17
Sun Chemical Corporation OH Mark Dugan Toll Operations Manager Americas 01/30/17
Sun Chemical Corporation OH Steve Schmidt Vice President Procurement-Pigments 05/12/17
Suntton CT Luke Verdet Business Director 11/08/16
Superior SC Tim Long Sales Representative 08/25/17
Superior Oil Company IN Kurt Hettinga President 08/25/17
Swan Chemical Inc. NJ Tom Porter Director-Custom Manufacturing Division 07/25/17
Swan Chemical Inc. NJ Chuck Van Fleet President 10/24/16
SynAlloy SC Virginia Littleton Technical Sales Specialist 08/02/17
Synalloy Chemicals TN Greg Gibson Greg Gibson 10/20/16
Synalloy Chemicals SC Tony Jones VP of Sales 10/20/16
Synalloy Chemicals GA Mike Junkins Global Product Manager 06/22/17
Synalloy Chemicals TN Matt Maretti Matt Maretti 06/28/17
Synalloy Chemicals SC Jason McCabe Territory Sales Manager 06/20/17
Synergy Products International PA Gary Kramzar President 08/03/17
Syngenta NC William (Tex) Baughman Tolling Manager 06/07/17
Syngenta NC John Davis Head, Crop Protection Finished Product Processing, North America 06/16/17
Syngenta NC Eli Grogan Procurement Buyer 06/22/17
Syngenta NC Scott Harding Tolling Manager, North America 06/06/17
Syngenta NC Fred Koerwitz Procurement Business Partner – Tolling 06/09/17
Syngenta NC Josh Koon Field Supervisor 08/21/17
Syngenta NC Benny Martin NA Procurement Manager 06/19/17
Syngenta NC Nikki Purkett Toll Production Manager Lead 06/06/17
Syngenta NC Kate Riley Procurement 06/19/17
Syngenta NC Dirk Taylordean Tolling Production Manager 08/25/17
Syngenta Crop Protection NC Mike Hester Toll Production Manager 07/17/17
Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC NC Steve Ra Global AI Procurement Manager 07/12/17
Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC NC Deirdre Smith Procurement Manager 06/19/17
Syngenta LLC NC Andrew Nield Asset Strategy Manager 06/07/17
Synquest Laboratories SC Paul Mazzell Sales Executive 06/02/17
Synquest Laboratories, Inc. FL Frank Waters President 09/08/17
Synthetics USA, LLC. NJ Melinda Kluesner Account Manager 07/11/17
Synthetics USA, LLC. NJ Bob Titus President 07/11/17
Taminco US LLC PA John Kelly Regional Crop Protection Mgr 08/14/17
Tatva Chintan USA MI Curt Koeppe Director of Sales 06/27/17
TCI America OR Stewart Kohnberg Account Manager 08/28/17
TCI America PA George Wachter Sales Manager 04/27/17
TEMA Systems OH Chad Mendelsohn Sales Manager 09/08/17
TEMA Systems OH Jeff Sullivan Applications Engineer 11/08/16
TEN-E Packaging Services MN Tim Kretlow Packaging Engineer 11/17/16
TEN-E Packaging Services NC Brent Weber Packaging Engineer 11/17/16
TensTech Inc NC Thomas Theyson Technical Director 06/17/17
Tethis NC Frank Popola Vice President, Manufacturing Operations 08/25/17
Tethis NC Drew Williams Process Development Engineer 08/25/17
Tetramer Technologies SC Jeffrey DiMaio COO 11/16/16
Tetramer Technologies SC Debra Tindall Sr. Research Chemist 05/31/17
Tetramer Technology, L.L.C. SC Earl H Wagener CEO 08/17/17
Texas Molecular, LP TX Stephen Franklin Account Manager 10/18/16
Texas Molecular, LP TX Theresa Garrett Account Manager 10/18/16
Texas Molecular, LP TX Chris Lobue CEO 07/31/17
Texas Molecular, LP TX Frank Marine President 10/18/16
Texmark Chemicals TX Raji Kannan Organic Chemist 10/20/16
Texmark Chemicals TX Rebecca Rosas VP Technology 10/20/16
Texmark Chemicals TX Eric Spore VP Sales 10/20/16
the CastleO Group NC Steve Oestreicher Principle Consultant 06/30/17
The Chemical Company RI Ray Altenburger Vice President of Business Development 06/19/17
The Chemical Company RI Cory Mullins Sales Manager, Southwest Markets 06/19/17
The Chemical Company RI Albert Petrarca Sales Manager 10/18/16
The Chemical Company RI Amy Theobald Sales Manager, South Eastern Markets 04/24/17
The Context Network IA James Mann Principal 05/24/17
The Dow Chemical Company MI Lynn Andrews Portfolio Director 06/30/17
The Dow Chemical Company MI Mark Haydanek Senior Manager, Purchasing – Contract Manufacturing 08/09/17
The Dow Chemical Company MI Anderson Pires Project Manager 08/16/17
The Elm Press, Inc. CT Vic Losure President 08/25/17
The Lewis Chemical Company GA Kevin King Business Development 11/07/16
The Lewis Chemical Company GA Katie Kiser Business Development 11/07/16
The Lewis Chemical Company GA Gregg Lewis CEO, Owner 11/07/16
The Lewis Chemical Company GA Diane Lewis CFO 11/07/16
The Lubrizol Corporation OH Brian Cunningham Global Custom Manufacturing Manager 08/22/17
The Marlin Company NC Sam Murphy VP Operations and Sales 08/15/17
The Meadows Group TX Jeff Sadler product manager 06/05/17
The Shepherd Chemical Company OH Gary Conrad Global Sales Manager 08/28/17
The Shepherd Chemical Company OH Keith Smith International Account Manager 11/15/16
The Unami Group, LLC PA Bill Tuszynski Partner 06/01/17
Theochem GA Wayne Hartman Sales 09/08/17
Thin Film Electronics CA Bill Van Orsdel Director of Business Development 07/18/17
Third Coast International Martin Staley Vice President 11/08/16
Third Coast Terminals TX H.L. Barnett Director of Reaction Chemistry 05/15/17
Third Coast Terminals TX Grif Carnes Vice President 11/08/16
Tiarco Chemical TX Gary Collette Regional Sales Manager Southwest 06/16/17
Tiarco Chemical NC Greg Mecimore Regional Sales Manager 11/08/16
Tiarco Chemical GA Kevin Nolan VP and General Manager 09/08/17
Tiarco Chemical GA Mark Sellers Global Director Market Developement 11/08/16
Tilley Chemical Co. MD Andrew Novak Regional Sales Manager 12/20/16
Timab / Van Mannekus MN Xavier Boulard Market Manager North America 08/25/17
TMC Industries MN Bruce Butler Marketing 10/26/16
TMC Industries MN David Smith New Business Development 10/26/16
Toray Fine Chemicals, Co., Ltd. MASAKI SERIZAWA Deputy General Manager, Speciality Chemicals Sales & Marketing Div. 08/21/17
Toray Industries, Inc. Hiroki Ogata Sales 08/21/17
Toray International America Inc. NY Mamiko Okazawa Account Executive 08/17/17
Toray International America, Inc. IN Keith Dosch Sales Manager 11/10/16
Toray International America, Inc. IN Kunihiko Shinki General Manager 11/10/16
Toray International, Inc. Masaki Yonekura Sales 08/17/17
Tosoh USA OH Michael East Business Development Manager 11/21/16
Total Petrochemicals & Refining USA, Inc. PA Bill Frazier Manager – Tolling 06/30/17
Total Specialties USA TX John Whitaker Sales Manager 08/29/17
Tradebe Chemicals Stuart Barker UK Business Development 06/07/17
Tradebe Environmental Services IN Neil Manny Director, Distillation and Recycling services 06/16/17
TRAM Chemicals, Inc. TX Glen Walden Owner 08/15/17
Travaini Pumps and Systems USA VA Gordon Rivers Technical Sales Manager 07/24/17
Trebnick GHS Labels & Sol’ns OH Gregg Trebnick President 09/08/17
Trebnick GHS Labels & Solutions OH Linda Trebnick President 08/17/17
Trebnick GHS Labels & Solutions OH April Trebnick CEO 08/17/17
Trecora Chemical TX Larry Birdsell Custom Processing Business Director 10/18/16
Trecora Chemical TX Ron Franklin VP of Manufacturing 09/08/17
Trecora Chemical TX Peter Loggenberg President 09/08/17
Tri Rinse, Inc. MO Jennifer Beck Formulation and Packaging 07/28/17
Tri Rinse, Inc. MO Garth Curtiss Formulation & Packaging 07/28/17
Tri Rinse, Inc. MO Mark Hudson General Manager 07/28/17
Tri Rinse, Inc. MO Clint Shocklee Formulation & Packaging 07/28/17
Tricor Metals OH Steve Beaver Market Manager 06/30/17
Trinseo MI Matthew Ohl Manufacturing Engineer 08/27/17
Trinseo, LLC PA Todd Crook Business Director Americas Latex 07/12/17
TRInternational, Inc. NJ Rich McNamara Northeast Sales Manager 08/11/17
TRInternational, Inc. WA Tony Ridnell Founder & CEO 08/11/17
Trumont International NY Komail Thaver Managing Director 06/27/17
TSE Industries FL Rick Klingel President 07/17/17
U.S. Chemicals A Maroon Group CT Dave Benson Senior Account Executive 06/16/17
U.S. Chemicals, a Maroon Group Company CT Jennifer Hensel Account Executive 06/19/17
UBM NY Elyse Krikorian Account Manager 08/15/17
UBM Americas PA Paul Pedrow Sales Director 08/15/17
UK Department for International Trade IL Julianne Cox Trade and Investment Associate 08/10/17
UK Department for International Trade IL Charlie Shields Vice Consul 08/10/17
Umicore Precious Metals Chemistry LLC CA Don Zeng Director of Business Development 01/17/17
Umicore Precious Metals Chemistry USA, LLC OK Jodie Finkbiner Sales Administrator 07/07/17
United Phosphorus PA Mark Weber Manufacturing Manager 07/11/17
United Phosphorus Inc. PA William Lester Procurement Manger; US 06/01/17
Univar GA Derek Dixon General Manager 09/08/17
Univar GA Daniel Koblinski Sales 09/08/17
Univar GA Tom Wolf Sales 09/08/17
University of Toledo OH Morteza Jandaghi Graduate Assistant 08/30/17
US Synthetic Oil AL Lucas Hayes Authorized Representative 07/24/17
US SYNTHETIC OIL, LLC TX Greg Carr President 07/24/17
Vacuubrand, Inc. CT Melanie Hatt Market Development Assistant 01/25/17
Vacuubrand, Inc. CT Mark Karpiej Technical Support Specialist 01/25/17
Valent USA CA Monica Vazirani Packaging Engineer 08/29/17
Valent USA LLC CA Robert Bryant Manufacturing Engineer IV 08/08/17
Valent USA LLC CA Wade Janssen Manufacturing Engineer 08/10/17
Valentine Chemicals, LLC LA Hugh Caffery General Manager 07/28/17
Valspar MN Deb Kovacs Global Tolling Manager 04/11/17
VanDeMark Chemical Inc. NY John Dobrolsky Sales Manager, North America 11/09/16
VanDeMark Chemical Inc. NY Larry Grubb VP, Global Sales & Business Development 11/09/16
VanDeMark Chemical Inc. NY Michael Kucharski CEO 06/30/17
Vantage Performance Materials IL Daniella Gallucci Sales and Marketing Coordinator 07/03/17
Vantage Performance Materials IL Tony Martinez Regional Sales Manager 07/03/17
Vantage Specialties, Inc IL Paul Gaines Business Director 10/18/16
Vats Holding Inc. IL Pooja Sharma Director 05/19/17
Veolia ES Technical Solutions OH Jim Reddy Product Line Manager 08/23/17
Veolia North America NJ John Nerger Reclaim Product Line Manager 12/14/16
Veolia North America TX Kevin Polkinghorn Key Account Manager, NA 12/14/16
Veolia North America NC Deb Strother Account Manager 08/17/17
Verdesian Life Sciences NC Gabriel Chiriboga Global Procurement and Commercialization Manager 06/05/17
Vertellus PA Glenn Carroll Global Market Manager 08/02/17
Vertellus NJ John Doherty Manager, Sales & Business Development 08/14/17
Vertellus IN Jim Keay Business Director, Life Sciences 06/16/17
Vertellus IN Mark Lewis Business Director 10/18/16
Vertellus PA Don Sobocinski Sales & Market Development Manager 09/08/17
Vertellus IN Zachary Sprigler Chemical Sales Rep 09/08/17
Vertellus NJ Marcus Vaska Director of Sales 08/08/17
Vertellus IN Chrissy Walling Marketing 09/08/17
Vertellus Neil Work Sales 09/08/17
Vertellus LLC MN Nina Waranica Manager, Sales & Development 08/01/17
Viachem Ltd. TX Kyle Einhorn Vice President of Business Development 08/02/17
VIAKEM Emilio Assam Chief Executive Officer 06/20/17
VIAKEM Jesus Cantu Chief Operating Officer 06/20/17
VIAKEM Jose Davila Sales & Marketing 11/08/16
VIAKEM Vesa Harjumpaa Chief Commercial Officer 06/20/17
VIAKEM Hugo Hernández Commercial Manager 06/20/17
Vitusa Products GA Craig Fish Sales 08/18/17
Vitusa Products, Inc. NC Jeff Stallworth Sales Manager 08/17/17
Volunteer Pastilles TN Tyler Cheek Sales 09/08/17
Volunteer Pastilles LLC TN Dave Cook Director, Sales and Marketing 10/26/16
Volunteer Pastilles LLC TN Steve Cook Owner 10/26/16
VRC Technologies, Inc. TX Martin Beirne III President 08/25/17
VRC Technologies, Inc. TX Robert Green Vice President, Agriculture 08/25/17
VTA GmbH & Co., KG SC Bob Schavey Business Development Engineer 11/02/16
VTA GmbH & Co., KG Oliver Stoll General Manager 11/03/16
Wacker Chemical Corp MI Scott Starr Sr. Sales Manager Americas 05/08/17
Wacker Chemicals MI Cari Radant Logistics & Scheduling 08/21/17
Wacker Chemicals Corporation MI Mark Harrison Global Business Development Manager 08/17/17
Wako Chemicals USA, Inc. VA Jeff Burke Senior Manager 09/08/17
Wako Chemicals USA, Inc. VA Steve Imazeki Associate Manager 09/08/17
Wako Chemicals USA, Inc. VA Andrew Shin Technical Sales Representative 10/19/16
Walsh & Associates, Inc. MO Tom Intagliata Marketing Manager 06/29/17
Walsh & Associates, Inc. MO Paul Winkelmann Regional Sales Manager 06/29/17
Ward/Kraft, Inc. KS Curt Johnson Sales Reps 04/21/17
Ward/Kraft, Inc. KS Trent Stiles Sales Rep 05/03/17
Waters Corporation MA Ken Langley Senior Market Development Manager 05/16/17
Webb Chemical MI John Hill Business Development 06/28/17
Wego NY Jason Lopipero Global Product Manager 09/08/17
Wego Chemical NY ROGER Weaving ROGER Weaving 08/21/17
Wego Chemical Group NY Kimberly Morgan Kimberly Morgan 11/17/16
Western States Machine Company OH Ed Dunsmuir Sales Manager – Chemical Products Division 07/28/17
Western States Machine Company OH Larry Haubner Director of Sales and Marketing 07/28/17
WeylChem International GmbH Christine Chartroux Head of Sales & New Business Development 06/29/17
WeylChem International GmbH Lejla Skaljic Marketing Communications Manager 06/29/17
WeylChem International GmbH Frank Wegener President WeylChem Group of Companies 06/29/17
WeylChem US Inc SC Dave Adams Director, Supply Chain Operations 06/29/17
WeylChem US Inc SC Christian Bremer Chief Operating Officer 06/29/17
WeylChem US Inc SC Kevin Drost Director of Business and Development 06/29/17
WeylChem US Inc SC Hugh Hennessy Account Manager – Industrial Markets 06/29/17
WeylChem US Inc SC Mike McGeary Key Accounts 06/29/17
WeylChem US Inc SC Lori McMichael Customer Service Manager 06/29/17
WeylChem US Inc SC Erika Moseley Product Manager Grignard Reagents 06/29/17
WeylChem Us Inc SC Gary Pasek Director Sales & Marketing 06/29/17
WeylChem US Inc SC Philippe Robin CEO 06/29/17
WeylChem US Inc. SC Rob Harpum Commercial Director 11/02/16
WGK Consulting NY Bill Knab Consultant 06/21/17
Whitaker Chemicals, LLC SC Alexis Davis Account Manager 07/24/17
Whitaker Chemicals, LLC SC O’dell Zachary President 07/24/17
William Blythe FL KEN CARDILLO Business Manager 08/17/17
WilliamBlythe Robert Leeuwendal Application Development Manager 09/08/17
Willowood USA OR Kim Howard Cheif Finanacial Officer 09/08/17
Willowood USA CO Jeff Thayer VP, Operations & Procurement 12/20/16
Wilmar TX Alvin Tan Executive Sales 09/08/17
Wilmar Oleo North America LLC TX Jorge Diaz Job Title Director of Sales, Oleochemicals 09/08/17
Winfield United MN Aaron Otte Sourcing Manager 08/25/17
Wolseley Industrial Group VA Joe Costanzo Chemical Industry Manager 06/12/17
Wolseley Industrial Group VA Jamie Hunter National Account Manager 08/17/17
Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice SC Michael Bogle Attorney 08/22/17
Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice NC Brad De Vore Attorney 08/22/17
World Metal LLC TX Bruce Burniece Business Manager 06/16/17
Worldchem LLC NH Fred George President 06/16/17
WST AL Jep Price Director of Product Management 08/23/17
WTS, Inc. TN Billy Mitchell Director 08/01/17
WV Development Office WV Tiffany Ellis-Williams Manager, Business Development 07/19/17
Xcelpros IL Kiran Bhavaraju CEO 09/08/17
Xcelpros GA Thomas Fellows Solution Sales Specialist 09/08/17
Xcelpros IL John Lischefska Manager 09/08/17
Xenonarc WA David Podraza Director – Client Solutions 09/08/17
Xerox Research Centre of Canada ON Matt Heuft Business Development Manager 08/14/17
YH&J LLC PA Yujian You Executive 06/16/17
Yokogawa Corporation of America GA Robert Beland Sales 06/29/17
Yokogawa Corporation of America GA Russ Graybill Director Product Marketing 06/20/17
Yokogawa Corporation of America TX James Lysaght Account Manager 10/18/16
Yokogawa Corporation of America GA Ron Norton Regional Sales Manager 06/28/17
Zinc Oxide LLC CA Rob Kaplan Sales Manager 08/24/17
Zschimmer & Schwarz, Inc. GA Stephen McKnight Sales Manager 07/24/17
Zschimmer-Schwarz Inc SC Lloyd Barringer Jr Sales 09/08/17