2024 Preliminary Attendee List

Attendee List

Savannah 2024 Attendee & Exhibit Staff

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Preliminary as of February 28, 2024

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  Company State First Name Last Initial Job Title Registration Date Badge
1 ACD VA Jenni J Sr. Director, Membership 02/16/2024 Exhibit Staff
2 Adjuvants Unlimited OK Dan K Vice President 02/09/2024 Attendee
3 Adjuvants Unlimited OK Tom M Commercial Development Manager 02/09/2024 Attendee
4 Adjuvants Unlimited GA Michael P Director, Commercial Development 02/24/2024 Attendee
5 Advanced Chemical Concepts MI Christopher M Chemist / Production Manager 10/12/2023 Attendee
6 Advanced Chemical Concepts MI John R Vice President of Sales & Marketing 10/12/2023 Attendee
7 Advanced Chemical Concepts MI Matthew R Senior R&D Metalworking 10/12/2023 Attendee
8 Advanced Chemical Concepts MI Craig T President 10/12/2023 Attendee
9 Aether Industries Limited India Aman D Director 09/13/2023 Exhibit Staff
10 Aether Industries Limited India Michelle P US Business Development Manager 09/13/2023 Exhibit Staff
11 Aether Industries Limited India Raymond R US Business Development Leader 09/13/2023 Exhibit Staff
12 Aether Industries Limited India Jim R US Business Development Leader 09/13/2023 Exhibit Staff
13 AllChem Industries TN Jim W Southeast Sales Manager 10/17/2023 Attendee
14 Almamet USA Inc. PA Josef L Director International Sales 02/09/2024 Attendee
15 Amalgamated Research LLC ID Irma A Project Manager 10/18/2023 Exhibit Staff
16 Amalgamated Research, LLC ID Olivia G Research Chemical Engineer 10/18/2023 Exhibit Staff
17 Andritz Separation Tec, Inc. TX Steve J Sales Manager 10/12/2023 Exhibit Staff
18 Andritz Separation, Inc. TX Michael G VP of Capital Sales 10/12/2023 Exhibit Staff
19 Andritz Separation, Inc. TX Patrick J Capital & Aftermarket Manager 10/12/2023 Exhibit Staff
20 Andritz Separation, Inc. TX John W Service Sales Manager 10/12/2023 Exhibit Staff
21 Archer Daniels Midland IL Jessica M Account Manager Industrial Oils 01/25/2024 Exhibit Staff
22 Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) IL Eric V SR. Account Manager 01/30/2024 Exhibit Staff
23 Atticus LLC NC Darryl M Senior Manager, Procurement, Raw Materials 02/14/2024 Attendee
24 Augusta Fiberglass, Inc. SC Nathan C Regional Sales 02/23/2024 Attendee
25 Augusta Fiberglass, Inc. SC Steve M Regional Sales 02/23/2024 Attendee
26 AVN Corporation WV JACK D CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER 10/12/2023 Exhibit Staff
27 AVN Corporation WV STEVE H CHAIRMAN & CEO 10/12/2023 Exhibit Staff
28 AVN Corporation WV Rob N Director of Manufacturing 10/12/2023 Exhibit Staff
29 AVN Corporation WV Jeremy R Business Development Manager 10/12/2023 Exhibit Staff
30 BASF Corporation IL Jeffery B Account Manager 01/19/2024 Attendee
31 BASF Corporation NC John C Sr. Manufacturing Services Supervisor 02/09/2024 Attendee
32 BASF Corporation NC ROBERT K Global Sourcing 02/27/2024 Attendee
33 BASF Corporation NJ Quyen N Account Manager 01/18/2024 Attendee
34 Bericap AR Stanley Z Technical Sales Manager 02/19/2024 Attendee
35 Berndorf Band Group IL Andy C Sales Executive 09/20/2023 Exhibit Staff
36 Berndorf Band Group IL Stan D Sales Executive 09/20/2023 Exhibit Staff
37 BPS, Inc. AR Larry B Business Development Manager 11/30/2023 Exhibit Staff
38 Brenntag Mid-South TN Chris R Industry Specialist 01/12/2024 Attendee
39 Brenntag Mid-South, Inc. IL Monroe B Industry Specialist 01/09/2024 Attendee
40 Briar Chemicals Limited United Kingdom Alex H Commercial Manager 02/05/2024 Attendee
41 Briar Chemicals Limited United Kingdom Marie W Business Development Executive 02/05/2024 Attendee
42 Bulk Connection NC Charles K Director Business Development 02/27/2024 Attendee
43 C Three Logistics, LLC NJ JoAnne B Vice President 09/04/2023 Attendee
44 CABB Jayhawk Fine Chemicals KS Jeff C Business Director, CM 10/17/2023 Attendee
45 Carolina Eastern-Crop Excel. SC Jim T Director 10/11/2023 Attendee
46 CCL Label AR David T National Accounts Manager 01/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
47 Chemformation TX Joe B CEO 02/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
48 Chemformation TX Paul B President 02/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
49 Chemformation TX Holly M EVP 02/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
50 ChemTreat VA Clyde R Global Category Manager 11/10/2023 Attendee
51 Coface NA NJ Lou G Vice President, Sales 02/13/2024 Exhibit Staff
52 Comi Polaris Systems NC Jessica A CEO 02/22/2024 Exhibit Staff
53 Comi Polaris Systems NC Hussain F Sales Manager 02/22/2024 Exhibit Staff
54 Comi Polaris Systems NC Tom M Service Manager 02/22/2024 Exhibit Staff
55 Concept AgriTek MO Donald H Procurement Manager 02/09/2024 Attendee
56 Connection Chemical LP NH Fred G Business Manager Organics 10/11/2023 Attendee
57 Cremer NA OH Dean B Manager Methyl Esters/Key Accounts 02/09/2024 Attendee
58 Cremer North America KY Justin F Account Manager 01/03/2024 Attendee
59 CROSSOVER LOGISTICS (USA) TX Charlie K Sales Director 01/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
60 CROSSOVER LOGISTICS (USA) TX Duane S Managing Director 01/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
61 Crucible Chemical SC Mark C President 01/30/2024 Attendee
62 Crucible Chemical SC Alex W Sales Director 01/30/2024 Attendee
63 Custom Agronomics FL Sasha P R&D Manager 02/15/2024 Attendee
64 Datacor NJ Dan M VP of Sales 02/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
65 Datacor NJ Sean O Chairman 02/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
66 Dhanima Inc TX Haresh C President 10/04/2023 Attendee
67 Dooley Chemicals TN Greg G President 10/11/2023 Attendee
68 Drexel Chemical Company TN Ernie T Procurement Manager 02/02/2024 Attendee
69 Encore Container SC Ashley M Sales Manager 10/11/2023 Attendee
70 Envirozyme OH Jon P National Sales Manager 02/22/2024 Attendee
71 Envirozyme OH John R VP of Sales 02/22/2024 Attendee
72 Ethox Chemicals SC Will D Business Manager 08/28/2023 Exhibit Staff
73 Ethox Chemicals SC John H Commercial Development Manager 02/13/2024 Exhibit Staff
74 Ethox Chemicals SC Phil H President 02/13/2024 Exhibit Staff
75 Ethox Chemicals SC John M Technical Sales 02/13/2024 Exhibit Staff
76 Ethox Chemicals SC Chip P VP, Technical 02/16/2024 Attendee
77 Ethox Chemicals SC Brad S Business Director 02/13/2024 Exhibit Staff
78 Ethox Chemicals SC Kurt W Account Executive 02/13/2024 Exhibit Staff
79 Ethox Chemicals SC Chris W VP Sales 08/25/2023 Exhibit Staff
80 Exacto WI Eva M Director of Strategy & Operations 02/27/2024 Attendee
81 Federal Mfg, LLC WI Nick B Regional Sales Manager 02/16/2024 Exhibit Staff
82 Federal Mfg, LLC WI Mark K National Sales Manager 02/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
83 GBS Corp OH Matt S Account Executive 02/21/2024 Attendee
84 Global Ordinance TN Ed L Consultant 02/27/2024 Attendee
85 GORE-TEX Professional MD Jim E Business Development 11/15/2023 Exhibit Staff
86 Gowan Company AZ Nihal B Formulations Manager 02/16/2024 Attendee
87 Gowan USA, LLC AZ Ines B Packaging Buyer - US Supply Chain 02/12/2024 Attendee
88 Gowan USA, LLC AZ Leigh L Global Buyer, Inert Materials 02/12/2024 Attendee
89 Gravitas Chemical WA Brian B Owner 10/20/2023 Attendee
90 Greif Inc. OH Tammy D Account Manager-sales 02/20/2024 Exhibit Staff
91 Greif, Inc. OH Misty F Account Manager 02/16/2024 Exhibit Staff
92 Greif, Inc. OH Jesse L Director of Sales & Marketing, East Region 02/16/2024 Exhibit Staff
93 Gulf Chemical Intl Corp. TX Dr. Nawal S Vice President - Business Development 02/12/2024 Attendee
94 HeiQ Chemtex NC David B Technical Vice President 02/09/2024 Attendee
95 Heniff Logistics, LLC IL Brian F President 01/10/2024 Attendee
96 Heniff Logistics, LLC IL Dave L Sales Manager 01/10/2024 Attendee
97 Honeywell Process Solutions NJ Zach M Business Development Manager 01/26/2024 Attendee
98 Hoover Treated Wood Products GA Jeffrey D Director of Licensees and Chemical 02/16/2024 Attendee
99 Huntington Bank SC Toby R Managing Director - Metals, Chemicals, Industrials 02/09/2024 Attendee
100 ICL Phosphate Specialties AL Brian C Account Executive 02/22/2024 Attendee
101 IGC Partners Brazil John A Partner 12/14/2023 Attendee
102 IGC Partners Brazil Rafael B Partner 12/14/2023 Attendee
103 IGC Partners Brazil Flavia S Partner 12/14/2023 Attendee
104 Independent Chemical Corp NY Marc U Director of Sales and Procurement 02/08/2024 Attendee
105 Independent Chemical Corp. NY Jonathan S President 02/08/2024 Attendee
106 IndSpyre Solutions GA Harrison F General Manager 10/16/2023 Attendee
107 Innospec VA Jonathan S Global Business Director 01/30/2024 Attendee
108 Intrepid Web Solutions MA Craig A Owner 02/22/2024 Attendee
110 IPAC-INC VA Piotr G Chemist 02/12/2024 Attendee
111 IPACKCHEM USA, LLC KY Iqbal D VP Sales & Marketing North America 10/27/2023 Exhibit Staff
112 IPACKCHEM USA, LLC KY Iqbal D Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer 10/27/2023 Exhibit Staff
113 IPACKCHEM USA, LLC KY Nathan E Director of IT & Brand Management 10/27/2023 Exhibit Staff
114 IPCO US LLC NJ Shannon B Aftermarket Sales Engineer 01/27/2024 Exhibit Staff
115 ISK Biosciences OH Anthony C Supply Chain Manager 02/09/2024 Attendee
116 Jaguar Transport MO Jeff S VP Business Development 10/06/2023 Exhibit Staff
117 Jaguar Transport KY Sam T VP Business Development 10/02/2023 Exhibit Staff
118 JAIN CHEM LTD. SC Brad R CHEMIST 02/19/2024 Exhibit Staff
119 JAIN CHEM LTD. SC Remy S COO 02/19/2024 Exhibit Staff
121 Kiewit Industrial Group Inc. KS Jeff J Senior Business Development Director 02/27/2024 Attendee
122 Krofta Technologies MA Haley S Chemical Coordinator 02/13/2024 Attendee
123 Lawter, Inc. FL David H Procurement & Logistics Mgr, NA 02/06/2024 Attendee
124 LCI Corporation NC Alva G Process Engineer, Granulation 02/21/2024 Exhibit Staff
125 LCI Corporation NC Matthias M Thermal Separations Sales Manager 09/28/2023 Exhibit Staff
126 LCI Corporation NC Lauren P LCI Granulation Sales Manager 09/28/2023 Exhibit Staff
127 Lehan Chemical Brokerage LLC VA Brian L President 11/07/2023 Attendee
128 Lehan Chemical Brokerage LLC VA Karl L Vice President 11/07/2023 Attendee
129 Lehan Chemical Brokerage LLC VA Erik L VP of Sales 11/07/2023 Attendee
130 Lehan Chemical Brokerage LLC VA Linda L Owner 11/07/2023 Attendee
131 Lehan Chemical Brokerage LLC VA Adele L Spouse 11/07/2023 Attendee
132 Lehan Chemical Brokerage LLC VA Kori L Spouse 11/14/2023 Attendee
133 Magnum INTL, Inc IN Troy C President 10/27/2023 Exhibit Staff
134 Magnum INTL, Inc IN Eric H Sales 10/27/2023 Exhibit Staff
135 Mapei Corp FL Angela T Category Manager for Finished Goods 02/16/2024 Attendee
136 MBA Energy & Industrial LLC TX Reid A Business Development 01/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
137 MBA Energy & Industrial LLC TX Cory M Principal 01/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
138 Membrane Process & Controls WI Bill W Director of ASME Products 10/10/2023 Exhibit Staff
139 MGM Marketing, Inc. KS Cody S Ingredient Merchandiser 12/29/2023 Attendee
140 Milliken & Company SC Al K Global Procurement Spealist 10/18/2023 Attendee
141 Milliken & Company SC Matt M Sourcing Manager 11/27/2023 Attendee
142 Milliken & Company WI Ryan M Global Product Leader 01/17/2024 Attendee
143 Milliken & Company SC Mike M Vice President Sourcing, Chemical Division 10/02/2023 Attendee
144 Milliken Chemical SC Bubba P Lead Account Manager 01/15/2024 Attendee
145 MIXCO Lotus Mixers Inc FL Robert N VP Tech 10/05/2023 Exhibit Staff
146 Mount Vernon Chemicals NC Michael Z President 10/24/2023 Attendee
147 MUFG Bank, Ltd. IL Alexander D Vice President 02/07/2024 Attendee
148 MUFG Bank, Ltd. NY Arnold S Managing Director 02/07/2024 Attendee
149 MUNZING NJ Dan D Key Account Manager 02/27/2024 Exhibit Staff
150 MUNZING NJ Greg O Industry Specialist 02/27/2024 Exhibit Staff
151 Myers Ind | Elkhart Plastics IN Cullen J Senior Sales Director 10/11/2023 Exhibit Staff
152 Myers Ind | Elkhart Plastics IN Dwayne L Account Manager, IBC Division 10/11/2023 Exhibit Staff
153 Myers Ind | Elkhart Plastics IN Dale O Account Executive, IBC Division 10/11/2023 Exhibit Staff
154 Nachurs Alpine Solutions OH Jeff B CEO 02/04/2024 Attendee
155 Nation Ford Chemical SC Brooke D CTO 08/29/2023 Exhibit Staff
156 Nauset Mountain, LLC NC Jeff E Principal 11/02/2023 Attendee
157 North Coast Container OH Greg R VP of Sales - East 02/27/2024 Attendee
158 North Coast Container IL Holly S Director of Business Development 02/27/2024 Attendee
159 Octochem Inc. IL John C Business Development Mgr. 02/13/2024 Exhibit Staff
160 OctoChem, Inc. IL Mark L CEO 02/13/2024 Exhibit Staff
161 Ohio Chemistry Tech Council OH Jenn K President 01/25/2024 Attendee
162 Oil-Dri Corp of America KY Brett W Sales Representative 02/16/2024 Attendee
163 Perry Videx NJ Pete D Sales 09/08/2023 Exhibit Staff
164 Perry Videx NJ Mike R Sales 09/08/2023 Exhibit Staff
165 Platte River Equity CO Kris W Managing Director 10/12/2023 Attendee
166 Pragna Pharma Pvt. Ltd. India JIGNESH P DIRECTOR 09/30/2023 Exhibit Staff
167 Pulcra Chemicals SC James C Inside Sales 02/02/2024 Attendee
168 Pulcra Chemicals LLC SC Makenzie K Purchasing Specialist 02/06/2024 Attendee
169 QML RI Rob C Business Development Manager 02/12/2024 Attendee
170 QML Inc. MA Brenden S Business Development 02/19/2024 Attendee
171 Rail Safe Training IA Russell Y Director of Program Development 02/05/2024 Attendee
172 Rainbow Ecoscience MN David A Director, Product Development 01/23/2024 Attendee
173 Redox Inc CA NICK O CEO / GENERAL MANAGER 12/21/2023 Exhibit Staff
174 REDOX INC CA JEREMY R SALES MANAGER 12/21/2023 Exhibit Staff
175 Redox Inc TX DANIEL R SENIOR BUSINESS MANAGER 12/21/2023 Exhibit Staff
176 RMPDS CO Mario V RMPDS Health Manager 02/13/2024 Attendee
177 Sabin Metal Corporation NY Dan F Sales Manager 01/19/2024 Attendee
178 Safe Foods Chemical AR Robby C Purchasing Manager 02/22/2024 Attendee
179 Safe Foods Chemical AR Melynda P Sr Buyer 02/22/2024 Attendee
180 SBM Life Science NC Ronald L Tolling Director 02/26/2024 Attendee
181 Schirm USA, Inc. TX Chad K President & CEO 08/31/2023 Exhibit Staff
182 Schirm USA, Inc. TX Rebecca R Chief Operations Officer 08/31/2023 Exhibit Staff
183 SCT GA Frank W VP Business Development 10/12/2023 Attendee
184 Shrieve Chemical Products, I TX VERONICA M PURCHASING MANAGER 02/21/2024 Attendee
185 Siebtechnik Tema, Inc. OH Chad M Sales Manager 10/30/2023 Exhibit Staff
186 Siebtechnik-Tema OH Jeff S Sales Engineer 10/30/2023 Exhibit Staff
187 Sipcam Agro Solutions LLC NC Chris C Dir. of Innovation, Production & Quality Control 02/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
188 Sipcam Agro Solutions LLC NC Bryan G Plant Manager 02/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
189 Sipcam Agro Solutions LLC NC Richard J Third-Party Tolling Manager 02/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
190 Sipcam Agro Solutions LLC NC Brent M CEO/COO 02/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
191 Sipcam Agro Solutions LLC NC Don W Director of Operations 02/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
192 Sipcam Agro Solutions LLC NC Jaime Y Customer Service Manage 02/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
193 SNF Holding Company GA Mindy G Sr. Buyer 01/30/2024 Attendee
194 SNF Holding Company GA Mallory M Sr. Procurement Manager 01/30/2024 Attendee
195 SNF Holding Company GA Steven S Director of Procurement 01/30/2024 Attendee
196 SOCMA VA Amber T Sr. Director, Industry Relations 01/11/2024 Exhibit Staff
197 Southern Chemical & Textile GA Jack D Vice President of Sales 02/16/2024 Attendee
198 Specialty & Agro Chemicals America PA Tom L Owner 01/10/2024 Attendee
199 Stepan Company IL Brian F Global Sales Director Agricultural Solutions 01/26/2024 Attendee
200 Steri Technologies NY Garrett B Director – Sales & Business Development 01/19/2024 Exhibit Staff
201 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Tex B Tolling Production Manager 02/21/2024 Attendee
202 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Andrew J Tolling Production Manager 02/21/2024 Attendee
203 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Amanda P Tolling Production Manager 02/21/2024 Attendee
204 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Laramie S Tolling Production Manager 02/21/2024 Attendee
205 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Adam V Tolling Team Lead 02/21/2024 Attendee
206 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Felisha V North America Tolling Manager 02/21/2024 Attendee
207 TechTevo Chemical LLC GA Azhar A Technology Manager 02/07/2024 Attendee
208 The Whitaker Company SC Rick S Sales 01/24/2024 Attendee
209 Trecora TX David A Business Manager - Specialty Products 01/10/2024 Attendee
210 Tricor Metals OH Steve B Market Manager 11/27/2023 Exhibit Staff
211 Tricor Metals OH Chuck Y Business Development Manager 11/27/2023 Exhibit Staff
212 Twin Rivers Technologies MA Michaela G Account Manager 11/09/2023 Attendee
213 Twin Rivers Technologies MA Carl O Director of Sales 10/11/2023 Attendee
214 Univar Solutions GA Zackery B Account Manager - Southern Georgia 02/20/2024 Attendee
215 Univar Solutions TN Sherry P Sr. Sales Account Manager 02/23/2024 Attendee
217 VALENTINE CHEMICALS, LLC LA William S President 09/05/2023 Attendee
218 Valudor Products, LLC CA Rosco S Product Manager, Industrial Chemicals 11/22/2023 Exhibit Staff
219 Valudor Products, LLC CA Angie S VP Commercial 11/22/2023 Exhibit Staff
220 VAN HORN METZ PA RANDY B Regional Sales Manager 11/30/2023 Attendee
221 Van Horn Metz & Co., Inc. PA BARRETT F President 11/30/2023 Attendee
222 VanDeMark Chemical Inc. NY Maria H Chief Commercial Officer 12/12/2023 Exhibit Staff
223 VanDeMark Chemical Inc. NY Boudewijn V Chief Executive Officer 12/12/2023 Exhibit Staff
224 Verdesian Life Sciences KS Bob B VP Procurement 02/23/2024 Attendee
225 VLS Environmental Solutions TX Logan F Account Manager 01/30/2024 Attendee
226 Wacker Chemical Corp MI Michael G Senior Business Director 12/20/2023 Attendee
227 Wacker Chemical Corp MI Drake N Chemist 12/20/2023 Attendee
228 Wacker Chemical Corp MI Raj P Marketing Manager 12/20/2023 Attendee
229 Webb Chemical MI JOHN H Sales Manager 01/26/2024 Attendee
230 Webb Chemical Service Corp MI Kari M Account Manager 10/12/2023 Attendee
231 WeylChem US SC Todd C Sales & New Business Development Director 02/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
232 WeylChem US SC Kevin D VP of Commercial and Technology 02/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
233 WeylChem US SC Mike J New Business Development Director 02/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
234 WeylChem US SC Mark M Chief Executive Officer, Weylchem US 02/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
235 WeylChem US SC Will M Buyer 02/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
236 WeylChem US SC Andreas M CEO & President Weylchem Group of Companies 02/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
237 WeylChem US SC Cameron Y Sales and New Business Development Director 02/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
238 Weylchem US Inc SC Lori M Inside Sales Account Manager 02/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
239 Wilson Chemical Solutions IN Robert W EHS Manager 02/06/2024 Exhibit Staff
240 Zschimmer & Schwarz GA Daniella G Sales Manager- Industrial Specialties 10/11/2023 Attendee
241 Zschimmer & Schwarz GA Tony M Head of Business Unit Industrial Specialties 10/11/2023 Attendee
242 Zschimmer & Schwarz GA Stephen M Sales Manager- Industrial Specialties 10/11/2023 Attendee

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