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Gaylord Chemical Company

Chemical - Specialty Chemical Manufacturing
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Gaylord Chemical is the world’s preeminent producer of Dimethyl Sulfide, Dimethyl Sulfoxide, and Procipient®. US based and operated since 1962.

GEA Mechanical Equipment US

Equipment - Chemical Process
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Leading provider of centrifuges, dryers, evaporators and crystallizers. Experience includes production of fertilizers, polymer solutions, bio-insecticides, bio-based chemicals and catalyst recovery.

Genesis Custom Chemical Blending

Chemical - Contract Mftg., Toll Processing, Formulation, R&D Services
Exhibit Space Number

Chemical contract manufacturer providing water and oil-based custom chemical technologies that differentiate you from the competition, offering private labeling, liquid blending, and packaging services.

GFS Chemicals

Chemical - Specialty Chemical Manufacturing
Exhibit Space Number

ISO 9001:2008 certified US manufacturer of specialty organics, high purity inorganics and analytical reagents, serving customers worldwide from R&D through scale up and full scale production since 1928


Packaging, Chemical Containers
Exhibit Space Number

Bulk packaging experts with strong global manufacturing partnerships. We work to deliver high quality product to our customers and ensure their operations run seamlessly. 


Packaging, Chemical Containers
Exhibit Space Number

World leader in industrial packaging products and services, including steel, plastic, fibre, flexible and corrugated containers, plus blending and filling services for a wide range of industries

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